Chapter 124: How to Get the Emperor’s Favor

The little eunuch leads two women outside the Emperor’s resting chamber.  Remembering what he had to experience the previous time, he does not have the guts to enter this time.  “Both of you can get in on your own.  If His Majesty asks, tell him that it is the Empress’ intention.”

The two women follow his instruction.  Although they fear the Emperor, the thoughts of being able to serve the Emperor helps them overcome said fear.

Jun Qian Che is lying on his bed with his eyes closed, contemplating things.

The two ladies quietly walk towards the dragon bed.

Jun Qian Che has very good hearing.  Although the two ladies do not make a sound as they walk, he can hear their breathing.  He immediately opens his eyes.

The two ladies are each wearing a thin cloak.  They smile as they curtsy, “Greeting, Your Majesty.”

Before Jun Qian Che even gets to say anything, they drop their cloaks, revealing their naked bodies. 

Jun Qian Che looks away before coldly saying, “Get lost.”

The beauties are unwilling to leave.  It is not easy for them to step foot inside the palace, if they get to serve the Emperor, they will be able to soar high.  And so, they gather their courage to approach him, “Your Majesty, please let these servants serve you for the night.”

Jun Qian Che waves them off and puts down the canopy of his bed, keeping the ladies out.  “If you don’t leave now, zhen will order people to sell you to a brothel.  You will serve countless of men over there.”

When the two beauties hear that, they wrap the cloaks around their bodies in fear before bolting out.

The only reason they were able to gulp down their feminine shyness to be willing to serve the Emperor is only because he is handsome and can give them glory.  However, despite everything, they are still young maidens.  They do not want to serve men in a brothel.  All in all, Jun Qian Che’s threat works very well.

Once the ladies left, Jun Qian Che pinches the space between his eyebrows.  His heart is bitter.  Mo Qi Qi sure is persistent.  Now that the people sent have been sent, he can now sleep in peace.

As for the two ladies, they weep beautifully in Feng Yang Palace, relaying everything that happened in Yu Jing Palace to Mo Qi Qi.

Mo Qi Qi’s heart aches for them as she comforts them.  She orders people to reward them with silver and beautiful dresses before sending them out of the palace.

Afterwards, Mo Qi Qi lost her desire to sleep.  She really cannot understand Jun Qian Che.  Two such beautiful women stood in front of him, utterly naked and he was utterly unmoved.  Is he even a man?  Is his self-control really that strong?  Hmph, she refuse to believe that!  If his self-control really is great, he wouldn’t have forced her that night!  That being said, he definitely has needs over there.  Perhaps, it is her method that is wrong.

Did he reject those women because they were from outside?  His heart was uneasy, hence he refused to touch them.

If that is the case, she can simply let the harem’s concubines serve him!  But first, she needs to groom them a little.  The spirit to fight for the Emperor’s favor has been weak lately, she needs to encourage them first.

If his own women serve him, Jun Qian Che’s heart should be at peace.

And so, the next day, Feng Yang Palace is bustling once again.

The concubines gather in the courtyard, watching Mo Qi Qi who is standing in front of a table curiously.  Why did she call them over?  And what is that beautiful box on top of the table?

Mo Qi Qi looks at the crowd, beaming brightly.  Her voice is gentle as she speaks, “Dear meimeis, bengong bet that you have heard of the news that bengong had been sending His Majesty beautiful women.”

When they hear that, the concubines’ faces become downcasted.  They resent her a little for doing that.

Mo Qi Qi does not wish to become everybody’s target because of what she had done, so she quickly and sweetly explains herself, “Bengong think that meimeis have misunderstood bengongBengong did not send those beauties to His Majesty to wrestle you out of your seats.  Bengong bet that meimeis have also heard that His Majesty did not bed a single one of them.”

The ladies nod.

Mo Qi Qi can see that their spirits are lifting, “To tell the truth, that is all part of bengong’s plan.”

The concubines look at each other in shock.

Mo Qi Qi continues speaking, “Meimeis, could it be that you really does not understand bengongBengong loves His Majesty so much, is it possible that bengong would invite women from outside to fight over His Majesty’s love?  Bengong only did all that to kill those desires that those women from outside harbored.  All of you know that His Majesty is handsome and extraordinary, so many maidens plotted so many tricks just to try and enter the palace to be His Majesty’s woman.    It is tedious to block their attempts one by one, so might as well strike first!  Pick a couple of women from outside to serve His Majesty.  If His Majesty did not like them, they would naturally get sent back out.   Once they get sent back out, they would admit that they could not get His Majesty’s attention.  The news would naturally spread and all the other young maidens would grow to realize that His Majesty does not like common girls.  They will slowly let go of their desire to enter the palace.  Besides, the ladies that bengong picked looked pretty upon one glance, but they were definitely not His Majesty’s type, so bengong was sure he wouldn’t bed them.”

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“So it is like that,” comprehension dawns upon the concubines’ faces.

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Mo Qi Qi continues her little speech, “Although bengong does not want outsiders to get His Majesty’s love, bengong will not mind if it’s bengong’s meimeis from the palace.  As your sister, bengong hopes that you will all get to serve His Majesty.  Hopefully, one day, you will be as lucky as bengong so as to carry His Majesty’s child.  His Majesty has been on the throne for 2 years and he haven’t have any children.  A lot of unsavory rumors used to spread because of this.  Although the rumors are pretty much squashed now, since bengong is pregnant, having just one child in the middle of the huge palace will be too lonely.  So, bengong hopes that meimeis will be able to get His Majesty’s favor and bear your own children.”

When the concubines hear that, they almost weep, “Who does not want to get His Majesty’s love, to bear His Majesty’s child?  However, none of us is as lucky as Your Ladyship.  His Majesty rarely visits the harem, and even if he does, he only visits Yang Guifei.  Never mind getting His Majesty’s favor, we cannot even get a glimpse of his face!”

Mo Qi Qi puts on an ached expression when she hears their complaints, “Bengong’s heart aches for you all.  Bengong does not wish to be selfish and hogs all the bliss; bengong cannot bear to see you all unhappy.  So, bengong came up with an idea.  Why don’t you take the initiative to go to His Majesty and serve him?  Seize your own chance and invite His Majesty’s imperial favor!”

“This—-“ the concubines exchanges looks.  None of them has the guts to do that.

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