Chapter 54: Scheming Boy


Ban Xiang looks out to the sky outside, “Your Ladyship, if you want to run away with the 7th king, you must hasten.  If you waste any more time, you will get discovered.”

At that moment, a little maid rushes into Mo Qi Qi’s chamber with a delighted face, “Your Ladyship, there is a good news!  The guards outside Feng Yang Palace have been sent away!  His Majesty has retracted the order of your house-arrest!  Dong Fei’s case has been solved, she was murdered by her two maids.  They hated her because she was cruel to them.  They took advantage of you punishing her as a cover and murdered her.  They buried her in the rose garden.  If the corpse is discovered, the blame would lie on you.  The emperor has ordered the prime minister to investigate everything and has announced your innocence.”

Mo Qi Qi is stunned.

Ban Xiang happily exclaims, “This is great, Your Ladyship!  Congratulation, Your Ladyship!  Your misfortune has started to turn into a blessing!”

Mo Qi Qi continues standing there in a daze; she finds this hard to believe.  What is going on?  From what the 7th king said, it will be hard to divert the blame from her.  Jun Qian Che should know all that, why didn’t he convict her?

“The emperor has arrived!” A voice announced from outside, pulling Mo Qi Qi back from her daze.

Jun Qian Che is wearing a black robe embroidered with golden threads.  He walks in with large strides, looking so overbearing and dominant.

Mo Qi Qi immediately curtsies, “Greeting, Your Majesty.”

“Get up,” Jun Qian Che looks at her, his two hands tucked on his back.

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“Yes, Your Majesty.”  She stands up and smiles happily at him while asking, “It is so late, why is Your Majesty here?”

Jun Qian Che replies, “To see if the empress is still here.”

Mo Qi Qi is shocked as she maintains her smile, “Your Majesty knows how to crack a joke.  It is night, if chenqie is not in here, where else should chenqie be?” Don’t tell her this jerk knows about her plan to run away with the 7th king?  No way; if he knows, he would have ordered her execution long ago instead of talking so calmly to her like this.  She should stop scaring herself.

“You must have known by now, about Dong Fei’s case.” Jun Qian Che walks past Mo Qi Qi and sits on one of the main seats.

Mo Qi Qi turns around to face him and obediently nods, “Yes.”

“Now that this matter has ended, the empress can put her worry to rest.” Jun Qian Che drinks the tea that Ban Xiang has just served.

Mo Qi Qi smiles as a tangle forms in her heart.  What does he mean by that?  Is he hinting at the truth?  If she continues to pretend that she doesn’t know anything, will it piss him off?  Honestly, even she doesn’t know if Dong Fei was really murdered by the previous owner.  Jun Qian Che has basically helped her; should she be good and admit fault?  But if she does, what if he takes this chance to threaten her?  Such dilemmas.

After making a long consideration, Mo Qi Qi decides to be honest, “Your Majesty, chenqie heard that Dong Fei died because of her miscarriage and her injury from the Art of San Zhi.  Back then, chenqie didn’t know that she was carrying the dragon seed and had caused her to have a miscarriage, that really was chenqie’s fault.  And then, that injury from the Art of San Zhi—”

“That is enough.  The investigation shows that she was harmed by her two maids.  It has nothing to do with you, remember that.”

Mo Qi Qi is stunned.  She curtsies in front of him, “Yes, chenqie will remember that.”  What Jun Qian Che means by that is, it does not matter if she harmed Dong Fei.  He will not pursue the matter.  Since when has he become so benevolent?  Does he have any other motive?  Oh, she gets it now!  It must be because of Mo Clan’s influence.  He hopes that he will receive Mo Clan’s loyalty if he spares her.  He also wants her to be thankful to him and in turn, speaks in favour of him in front of Duke Zhen.  Hehe, Jun Qian Che is such a scheming boy.

After saying that, the two of them falls into a silence.

The gear in Mo Qi Qi’s brain turns, hoping to find excuses to make Jun Qian Che leave, but too many things has happened today and her brain has been fried.

This time, Jun Qian Che surprisingly breaks the silence, “Zhen is tired from reading memorials all day.  Why don’t you play zhen a song?”

Tired?  This iceberg face knows how to feel tired?  Doesn’t he know that for other people, he is the source of that tiredness?

“Hehe, Your Majesty, since you are tired, you should go back and rest.  You should not stay up all night listening to songs.”  Asking this miss to play guqin is as good as asking for direction from a blind person; like asking to borrow a comb from a monk.

Jun Qian Che looks at Mo Qi Qi, his voice turning a lot icier, “The empress is not willing to play for zhen?”

Mo Qi Qi really wants to answer ‘yes’ but she finds Jun Qian Che really intimidating.  She can only turn her back on her own heart, “No, Your Majesty!  How can I not be willing to play you a song?  It is because——- It is because chenqie accidentally spilled hot tea on chenqie’s hand this afternoon.  It hurts, so chenqie is not capable of playing anything at the moment.  Why don’t I dance instead?” Mo Qi Qi immediately warms up her neck.  She learned to study dance in her past life, so she is very good at dancing.  As for musical instrument, she is pretty much illiterate.

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Hearing about her hands unwittingly makes Jun Qian Che a little worried.  His face remains cold and his voice is as icy as ever when he speaks, “Come here.”

“Huh?” Mo Qi Qi looks scared, “Your Majesty, chenqie cannot play you a song because chenqie’s hand is injured.  Don’t tell chenqie this deserves a capital punishment?”  Don’t tell her this jerk wants to use this excuse to punish her?

Jun Qian Che is too lazy to waste any more words with her.  He pulls her over and lets her sit next to him.  He lifts her hand and discovers a red mark at the back of her left hand.

Mo Qi Qi was not lying.  She was too worried by what the 7th king told her and had accidentally spilled tea on her own hand.  Lucky the water was not scalding hot.

“You are so useless.  You can’t even drink tea without injuring yourself,” Jun Qian Che coldly scolds her.

Hearing that, Mo Qi Qi becomes furious, “Yes, chenqie is useless!  Not as good as Yang meimei. Since it is like that, why do you come here?  If you are here to anger chenqie, you have achieved your purpose!  Now leave!”

Jun Qian Che narrows his eyes.  He stands up before snappily saying, “Unreasonable!”  And then, he flings his sleeves and walk away.

Mo Qi Qi sticks her tongue out at Jun Qian Che’s back.

Ban Xiang helplessly sighs, “Your Ladyship, why can’t you speak with His Majesty properly?”

“I could not speak to him properly?!  He was the one who was finding fault!  Never mind, let’s not talk about that spoilsport!  I am sleepy; prepare the bath water.  After that, I am going to bed.” Mo Qi Qi walks into her inner chamber.  Dong Fei’s case has ended.  No matter why Jun Qian Che did what he did, she is safe for now.  Now that her heart has eased down, sleepiness and fatigue immediately kicks in.

After bathing, Mo Qi Qi sits in front of her vanity to comb her hair.

At that time, Eunuch Lin suddenly comes over, “This servant greets Your Ladyship.”

“Eunuch Lin, why are you here instead of serving the emperor?” Mo Qi Qi finds this weird.

Eunuch Lin takes out a porcelain bottle, “Your Ladyship, His Majesty knew that you injured your hand, so he sent this servant to send this medicine to you.  This medicine will be really useful to treat the wound in your hand.”


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