Chapter 84: The Search Party

A couple of guards somehow spot her running into the forest, “Where are you going?”

Mo Qi Qi’s heart jumps up in shock. Without turning around, she nervously replies them, “I need to pee really badly….”

Since there is quite a distance between them, the guards do not recognize her and simply leaves her be.

Mo Qi Qi quickly runs deeper into the forest.

After she has run for a while, she pats her chest in relief, “How dangerous! Lucky they didn’t discover me! Hehe, who would have thought that my escape would run this smoothly? If I continue running tonight, they will never catch up to me!” She takes off the guard’s uniform but keeps the man’s clothings on her. She begins walking around, hoping she can leave this forest by tonight.

The sky very quickly turns dark. It had been grey throughout the day, and now, even at night, the sky seems to be filled with rain clouds. Not long later, rain begins pouring down.

Mo Qi Qi covers her head before looking at the sky in resentment, “Please do not toy with me like this, God! It wasn’t easy for me to run away, and now this…. Do you want me to die?”

She looks around. Since the sun has set, she cannot see her surrounding clearly. She wonders if there are people living in this forest. If she cannot find a place to stay for the night, she is going to get sick for sure!

Mo Qi Qi runs towards a tree to take cover and not long later, “Ah!”

By the time she regains her bearing, she discovers that she is inside a large pit. There are leaves and branches under the pit. This must be an animal trap set by hunters!

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She wants to cry. Never mind the rain, she actually fell into a pit! Why is she so unlucky? What if another animal also falls into this pit? Wouldn’t she become a feast then? No, she must climb her way up!

Easier said than done! The pit is pretty deep and the rain makes everything slippery. After failing a couple of times, she sits on the ground mournfully, “Wuwu, don’t tell me I will die here tonight?”

The camp on the other hand, is in a furore.

Mo Qi Qi was already gone by the time Ban Xiang returns. She looks for her around the camp, but cannot find her. She then thought that Mo Qi Qi has gone to the surrounding shrubbery to pick herbs, but she is also nowhere to be found over there. When it starts raining, Ban Xiang grows worried and report everything to Jun Qian Che.

When Jun Qian Che hears her, his heartbeat picks up. “Zhen never gave her the permission to pick herbs! What are you standing there for? Hurry and dispatch people to look for her!” he angrily says.

Guards and soldiers begin searching for Mo Qi Qi.

Jun Qian Che feels very uneasy sitting inside the tent, he picks up an umbrella and joins the search party.

The forest is soon full of the sound of people calling for her: “Your Ladyship—–“

Everyone braves the heavy rain to look for Mo Qi Qi, including Jun Qian Che, “Mo Qi Qi——”

Mo Qi Qi, on the other hand, stares at the sky in tears. Droplets of rain slaps her in the face. She quickly wipes them and gets up, trying to climb up once again. No matter what, she cannot just sit here and wait for her death.

She tries to climb up for a couple more times. When she fails again, she helplessly begins shouting for help, “Help! Help! Anyone out there?” She hopes that someone will pass this place and save her. If she had known this would happen, she would not have run tonight.

“Your Ladyship! Your Ladyship—–“ the sound of people calling for her is swallowed by the sound of the rain.

Jun Qian Che ignores his identity and continues looking for her, “Mo Qi Qi———–“

Mo Qi Qi can pick up the sound of people calling for her. Her heart is filled with delight, “Someone is looking for me? S***, Jun Qian Che must have found out that I am gone. He must have sent people to chase after me. No, I must not let them find me!” But, after thinking about it, she did not tell anyone that she wanted to run. If they discover her, she can simply tell them that she has been looking for herbs for the 7th Wang and accidentally fell into an animal trap. She will only get scolded by Jun Qian Che at most, he will not kill her. it is more important to escape this pit. If water starts pooling inside the pit, wouldn’t she drown to death?

With that in mind, she jumps up and yells, “Help! I am here!”

Jun Qian Che’s hearing is very good. He stops in his steps, trying to hear better. The rain is too noisy for him to pinpoint to source of her voice accurately.

“Help! Help! I am here!” that voice can be heard again.

Jun Qian Che quickly moves closer to the source of that voice.

“Help! Help me!” that voice is becoming clearer to his ears. That is indeed Mo Qi Qi’s voice.

Jun Qian Che’s heart begins to relax as a relieved smile can be seen on his face. He quickly makes his move towards that voice.

“Help! Help!” Seems like Mo Qi Qi has gotten tired. Her voice has turned soft.

By then, Jun Qian Che has gotten really close to the pit that he can hear her voice clearly despite the rain. As he makes his way closer to the pit, a flash of silver pass by him. He stops in his steps.

He is well-practised in martial arts and has been on the battlefield before, so he is especially sensitive to hidden weapons. He narrows his eyes as he tries to sense any kind of movement from his surrounding. Although the sound of raindrops hitting the dead leaves is very loud, he can sense a different kind of movement underneath the rain; someone is here.

If his guess is right, he is currently surrounded by assassins. He is all by himself right now, the assassins must be planning to take this chance to attack him while he is without his guards.

Mo Qi Qi is just in front, he must not let them know that she is there lest they try to hurt her. She is not in grave danger as of now, the most important thing is to lead the assassins away from her before saving her.

With that in mind, Jun Qian Che turns around and walks to the opposite direction.

The assassins quietly follow him.

After a while, the assassins finally lose their patience and block Jun Qian Che’s way.

Jun Qian Che looks at the assassins surrounding him, sneering coldly, “You finally came out.”

“You noticed us?” the leader amongst the assassins says.

Jun Qian Che looks at them in disdain, “Let’s see if the likes of you can really kill zhen.”

“You dog emperor! We will send you to your grave today! Let’s see who can save you now!”

Jun Qian Che shakes his head at them ridiculingly, “Then, zhen will have to see whether or not you people have that ability.”

“Alright, let’s go brothers! End this dog emperor’s life!” Those bunch of assassins immediately lunge at Jun Qian Che at that cue.

Jun Qian Che calmly swerves the umbrella in his hand. An assassin’s sword immediately slices the umbrella into two.

He flies up and starts taking on the assassins mid-air.

The fight goes on amidst the rain. Jun Qian Che twists an assassin’s wrist and takes away his sword.

With a sword in hand, Jun Qian Che becomes even more invincible. Although he is being attacked by more than 10 people at one time, he does not seem panicked at all.

With a swing of his sword, even raindrops breaks into smaller droplets. He leaps mid-air and circles around, creating a really beautiful view.

Mo Qi Qi, on the other hand, is anxiously waiting for help. She is completely weak at the moment that even her voice has gone coarse, “Help! Help—–“

“Qi Qi!” A familiar voice can be heard.

When Mo Qi Qi hears that voice, her eyes light up as hope begins to fill her, “Here! I am here!”

A white silhouette can be seen looking at her from above. When that person sees her, he smiles in relief, “Qi Qi!”

Mo Qi Qi’s nose feels sour when she sees that man. She begins to weep happily, “Yue Hen, it is really you! I thought I was hallucinating!”

“Don’t be scared, Qi Qi! I will pull you up!” Jun Yue Hen looks for a strong and sturdy vine and throws it to her. “Grab hold of the vine, Qi Qi! I will pull you up!”

“Alright!” Mo Qi Qi nods. Once she securely ties the vine around her waist, Jun Yue Hen begins pulling her up.

After a lot of effort, she finally manages to climb out of the pit. She sighs in relief, “I finally managed to climb up! I thought I would die down there!”

Jun Yue Hen wipes the traces of muds marring her face dotingly, “How did you fall into the pit?”

“Hehe, I accidentally fell!” Mo Qi Qi scratches her head.

“Qi Qi, why are you here on the first place?” Jun Yue Hen curiously looks at her.

She continues scratching her head, “This——“ If she tells him that she had planned to run away on her own without telling him, he will be hurt for sure.

“Actually, Yue Hen, I——“ Mo Qi Qi’s words remain stuck inside her throat when she sees blood seeping from Jun Yue Hen’s shoulder, “Yue Hen, your wound is bleeding again. You must have used too much force when you were pulling me out earlier! I am so sorry! You shouldn’t have come out on the first place! It is currently raining, what if your wound gets infected?”

When he sees how worried she is, Jun Yue Hen smiles warmly, “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

“How could you even smile right now? Let’s go back and get it looked at by physicians!” She picks up an umbrella that Jun Yue Hen has tossed on the ground and leads him back to the camp.

In another part of the forest, Jun Qian Che is still duelling with those assassins. Although there are dozens of assassins there, they are not on Jun Qian Che’s level. The leader looks at his fallen comrades. If they don’t leave now, all of them will die under Jun Qian Che’s hand. He sends a look towards his companions. An injured assassin who is lying on the ground then throws a needle towards Jun Qian Che.

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Jun Qian Che can sense something off coming from behind him. He tries to dodge but it is too late. The needle pierces through his arm.

“You wretched thing!” Jun Qian Che yells at the assassin before aiming his sword at the man, ending his life.

He can feel his arm turning numb.

The rest of the assassins take that chance to run away.

He does not chase after them because he is worried about Mo Qi Qi. He ignores the needle inside his arm and quickly runs towards the place where Mo Qi Qi is trapped.

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