Volume 1, Chapter 4-3: Surrounded on All Sides

The second I saw Rose on the same ship as us, I knew my fate was decided. As things are, I’ll be immediately brought back to the Brad mansion.

…no, couldn’t I still try running away?

We’re on a ship that is a closed circle. If I were to try to run away from her while still on this ship, I’m sure I’d be dead before we even made it to our destination.

Well…even if I just give up now, the result will be the same. In any case, there’s only one thing I can think of. So, I looked straight at Rose.


“Yes? Why do you look so serious all of a sudden?”

“Show me your status window.”

“…eh? My status window? I don’t mind, but….”

She probably didn’t mind because I did this before. Rose let her guard down and opened her window for me.

As soon as her status window was opened, I placed myself between her and her window and started frantically stroking it. At the same time, Rose let out a cute, “Hyan!?”

“Y-Yuzuki onii-san, wh-what did you just do to me?”

“What do you mean? I haven’t done anything.”

“Liar. Just now, my body started aching, umm….”

Her voice gradually trailed off. Actually, I’ve turned my back to Rose so, as far as she knows, it’s impossible for me to be doing anything to her body.

…well, it’s possible for me to mess with her using her status window, but Rose doesn’t know that.

That being said, I began touching her status window once more.

I began slowly this time as to not surprise Rose….and, slowly, I began to move my hand over her entire status window.

“Hya~..ahn. Ha~…kuu…n~…hya~”

Rose let out several sweet moans.

While stroking her status window with one hand, I turned to look at her with an innocent expression on my face.

“…Rose, your face is so red…is something wrong?”

“Fueh~!? T-That’s — ahn~, i-it’s nothing. Hya~…ah….n~~~”

Rose was being overwhelmed by the feeling of every inch of her body being attacked.

Because Rose doesn’t know that I’m the one causing her to feel like this, she feels embarrassed and is trying to hide how good she feels.

She’s biting her lip to suppress her sweet moans and her entire body is trembling.

“Hya — n~ W-Why…this feeling. W-When Yuzuki onii-san touches my status window it feels amazing…hya~!”

…she’s pretty sharp.

Even if she’s noticed, I doubt she’ll be able to convince herself that’s why. Rather, I won’t give her that chance. And I started rubbing her status window even faster.

“Hya~…fu…fu….ahn. A-Anyway, Yuzuki onii-san, you should know you can’t…hya…you can’t escape.”

“…hmm, Rose are you coming?”

“Fueh!? Cumming!? Why would you ask that!?”

“No, I was just wondering how you managed to come on this ship.” (TN: These past few sentences and the next few lines of dialogue had/have a play on words in Japanese. Coming/Cumming. Doesn’t work quite as well in English)

“Ah, the ship, right. I’m the daughter of the Countess. All I had to do was mention my name and I was allowed onboard.”

She’s really struggling to hold herself back now. She’s constantly rubbing in between her legs. She’s making really perverted sounds. Because she’s wearing a skirt, it’s getting soaked from her rubbing her crotch. Her entire body is trembling and it looks like she’s going to collapse at any moment.

“I didn’t think coming would be so easy for you. It’s like just knowing I’m here caused you to come right away.”

“Of course I’d come here to stop Yuzuki onii-san…ahn — wait, o-onii-san, you really are doing something to me aren’t you!? Does it have something to do with my status wind- hya!?”

I really couldn’t allow her to figure out what I was doing to her.

I noticed that Rose was attempting to close her status window…but she was too late. I started stroking her status window even faster.

“Wh-What’s going on…hya~ this isn’t good. Ah…ah…ahnn~. E-Even though I’m in public I can’t — Ah….hnnn~!”

Rose let out a muffled scream and collapsed to the ground. After that, I quietly grabbed onto Claudia’s hand.


Claudia was confused but I quickly covered her mouth and motioned for us to run.

“W-wait, Master!? Are you really going to leave Rose like that!? No matter what’s happening isn’t that a little much!?”

“I know it was terrible of me, but we really didn’t have many options.”

I looked back while we were running to see that red-headed swordswoman and other guards rush to Rose’s aid.

So, Rose will be okay, but, at the same time, I realized that we wouldn’t be okay.

“We have to find somewhere to hide!”

We followed a staircase below deck and found a hallway full of doors on either side.

The first place I thought of was…one of the cabins. No, if we enter a cabin with other passengers inside we won’t be able to hide.

If we hope to escape, then…the cargo hold? Or maybe I should find Lang and explain the situation to him and hope that he agrees to hide us.

As I was considering our options, I could hear the sound of the door leading to the staircase opening above us.

“Mou~, Yuzuki onii-san is so stupid! Do you know how embarrassing that was!?”

Rose’s sad and angry voice could be heard echoing out from the stairwell behind us. She’s clearly angry. If she manages to catch us I’ll definitely reach the bad end, so my only choice is to escape.

I decided against going down the corridor to any of the cabins and instead decided to throw one of my shirts down the hall and turned back to hide underneath the staircase Rose would be coming down.

My hope is that Rose will think I entered one of the cabins and, while she’s inside one of them looking for us, we can escape up the staircase and find somewhere else to hide.

As we held our breath we waited as the sounds of rushing footsteps could be heard above us.

“Hmm, this shirt is…*sniff* it must be Yuzuki onii-san.”

Why does she know my smell!?

Calm down. There was a chance that Rose would check under the stairs if she didn’t notice my shirt, but now that she’s seen it she’s sure to check inside one of the cabins.

“…hmm~ still, Yuzuki onii-san’s freshest smell is coming from…the stairs. So that means Yuzuki onii-san is hiding under the stairs!”

I couldn’t stop myself from gasping after hearing her words. Rose was staring straight into my eyes from in front of the stairs.

“How can you possibly know that!?”

“Fufu~, you tried to throw me off with this shirt covered in your smell, but of course I wouldn’t fall for that. I can find onii-san’s scent wherever you hide.”

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“What kind of strange ability is that!?”

I wanted to think that Rose simply knew where I was the entire time and was just humouring me by going over to my shirt, but now she’s talking about the freshness of my smell. Does that mean my smell ferments over time? That’s a disgusting thought.

I don’t have time to waste thinking about this — we got up and ran around the corner of the hallway. From behind me, I could hear Rose yelling, “It’s useless. Lili and the others are blocking the exits. You can’t escape!”

Ah…our small closed circle has become even smaller.

Even worse —

“Fufu, onii-san’s smell is coming from this direction.”

“Why can you follow my scent!?”

Even if we’re able to run away, she’ll just follow my scent. Maybe I can stop and talk with her to create a chance for us to escape…

“Why do you think I know your scent so well? Don’t you remember us sweating in bed together?”


I let out another shocked gasp and at the same time —

“Master, just now…what did she mean?”

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I could hear Claudia’s cold voice coming from my side and a strong pressure coming from that direction at the same time. I immediately fell silent. I could feel a cold sweat all over my body.

However, as I was still silent, Claudia changed her gaze towards Rose.

“Rose-sama, what did you mean by what you just said?”

“Oh, what could you possibly be imagining? Maybe Yuzuki onii-san and I having sex over and over again?”

“…is this true, Master?”

Claudia’s scornful stare was incredibly painful.

Before I even knew what was happening, I had somehow managed to make Claudia into an enemy as well.

Will this be okay? Is Claudia going to turn into a Yandere? Suddenly, she feels like her Master cheated on her — not good.


“No, that’s, umm…i-it’s a misunderstanding. I mean, it is true that we did it.”

“…it’s true, is it?”

“N-No, I mean, umm, it was only one time!”

“…so, it’s true that you did it once with her, right?”

“N-N-No, you’re misunderstanding! It was when I was imprisoned in a room! Besides, she removed my limbs and I couldn’t even fight back! I was basically raped!”

It really wasn’t my fault! I’m the victim here! I can only beg for Claudia’s mercy.

“That’s not right, Yuzuki onii-san. Didn’t you ask me, again and again, to keep moving on my own because you couldn’t?”

With impeccable timing, Rose, who had remained silent up until now, suddenly decided to chime in.

It looks like she’s reminiscing about that day. Her eyes were halfway closed, and she was pressing her hand against her cheek while smiling.

It’s the smiling face of a girl that’s gone into full Yandere mode.

And —

“Hee~…so that’s how it is~”

The girl that was standing next to me was smiling while clearly furious.

…this is bad. This is seriously bad. There’s nothing I can do to stop it at this point. Because I really don’t have any excuse for what happened with Rose.

“No, that’s not…will you listen to what I have to say?”

Don’t worry. I understand completely, Master.”


“Of course. You like being tied up and raped by girls, right?”

“How did you come to that conclusion!?”

“You don’t have to hide it from me. I can also grant you that wish.”

“I told you, that’s not it! …wait, you’re saying it will come true!?”

“But, I don’t think I can safely remove your arms and legs…could you do that yourself? If so, once you’ve become a daruma, I’ll be sure to love you a lot.”

“No, like I’m trying to say…well…umm…”

— and I ran away.

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