Volume 2, Chapter 9: Thread of Purity

Because I’m trying to keep it secret that I can manipulate other people’s status windows, I told Wells-san that I would be giving Claudia secret training.

And so, we travelled to the Guild in Bandol.

By the way, Rose accompanied us.

She’s not aware of my ability…. Though she does know I managed to learn the ability needed to resurrect Claudia, and she was starting to pick up on the fact that I was manipulating her status window back on the ship.

I wonder what she’s thinking. She agreed to come with us to help and didn’t even ask a single question.

We took our first steps into the top floor of the dungeon.

“Well then…should we head straight to the fourth or fifth floor?”

If it were just me, I could easily teleport down to the sixth floor. However, Rose and Claudia don’t possess the titles you get for defeating the floor bosses.

So, I decided to buy a map at the entrance to make traversing these first few floors as quickly as possible.



Our dungeon adventure had already begun

I glanced nervously over at Rose…. Rose’s magic is too powerful. She’s killing everything she comes across in a single attack.

Considering the express purpose of us being here is to raise Claudia’s level, and the fact that Rose is able to beat all of these enemies by herself, I’ve become somewhat useless.

Claudia’s main way of gaining SP is by using her support magic. Originally, Rose and I were fighting the enemies with Claudia using her support magic on us. By doing this, the SP we earned from each fallen monster would be split three ways.

So, I’ve basically fallen back to let Rose handle all of the enemies…. She’s way too strong.

I’ve only just now found out that she can use more than just wind magic. She’s been using various types of magic depending on what’s most effective against the enemy. But, no matter what enemy appeared before her, they were all torn to shreds.

And now —


She said this at the entrance of the fifth-floor boss room. It’s a spell that I haven’t seen her use yet. As the magic circle began to form beneath her, she entered the boss room.

Once the Boss Garum noticed Rose, he immediately let out his roar to summon his Garum minions. The four summoned Garum and the Boss all rushed forward to attack Rose.

“…it’s useless.”

Rose unleashed her Tempest. A wild storm erupted from her hand and tore through the Boss Garum and his minions. Every enemy that was within the range of the storm was ripped to pieces.

“Rose-sama, you’re amazing!”

“Thank you, but this is all thanks to your support magic.”

…I…I had a deadly fight with this thing that cost me my life. I looked on with disbelief as Rose and Claudia high-fived.

But, that magic she just used…. I opened my status window and used the help function to search for the Tempest spell.

[Tempest] – 600 SP

Create a storm directly in front of you. Any enemies caught inside the storm will be torn apart by blades of wind.

Base power: 480. Time required for the magic circle to form: 20 seconds. Range: 20 metres. Area: 10 metres.

E +5%, D +10%, C +15%, B +20%, A +25%, AA +35%, AAA +45%, S +60%, SS +75%, SSS +100%

At rank E, the user can cast the spell while moving and the range is increased by 10 metres. At rank A, it will be difficult to interrupt the user and the casting time will be shortened.

At rank S, the area will be increased by 10 metres. At Rank SSS, the range and area will be increased by an additional 5 metres.

The base SP required to learn it is 600. It’s probably considered to be an advanced spell. The power difference between it and a spell that costs 100 SP is staggering.

“Hey…Rose, what rank is your Tempest skill?”

“It’s rank A.”


A skill with a base cost of 600 would increase her overall ability score by 12,600.

Her overall ability score when we first met was 26,800, but the last time I looked at her status it was 46,500. Even though she hasn’t been training in the dungeon, her level has increased dramatically.

Could it be that? As a result of doing many things with me, her score has increased.

But Claudia hasn’t grown nearly as much. Is there a difference in their rates of growth? Or is it because Rose is more aggressive than Claudia?

…both could be possible as well.

“Yuzuki onii-san, Yuzuki onii-san!”

Rose suddenly began tugging on my arm.

“What is it?”

“Look! The boss dropped a manastone but something else appeared too!”

“Hmm, could it be a rare item?”

Just as Rose said, along with the manastone, something that resembled a string appeared after the Boss Garum’s body had disappeared into light particles.

I walked over to it and picked it up.

“Oh? I thought it was a string but is this a bundle of thread?”

“…thread? Is it just normal thread?”

“Yeah, that’s what it looks like. It appears to be useless, but…is it actually good?”

Using my appraisal skill, I was able to tell that it was an A rank item. Because my appraisal skill is such a low rank, that was all I was able to tell.

“I don’t really know what effects it has. You two should just hold on to it until we can get it appraised at the Guild.”

“I agree that we should get it appraised, but why did you say ‘you two’?”

“I haven’t really done much for this item to be mine.”

Actually, if I check my status window, I haven’t gained a single SP since we entered the dungeon. And that’s primarily due to the fact that I’ve just been standing in the back.

“That’s not true at all. Because you’re here with us, you can protect us if anything unexpected happens. That’s the only reason I’m able to fight with such confidence.”

“Don’t say that you’re doing nothing. You’ve been protecting our rear. That’s the only reason I’ve been able to use my support magic without fear of being attacked from behind.”

Rose and Claudia said this.

“Both of you…thank you very much.”

I thought I was being completely useless in this system we were using, but that thought never even occurred to these two. I was touched hearing them say this.

— No, umm, just because the SP is distributed systematically, doesn’t mean you’re useless, Yuzuki-kun. I know you’re working hard.

Medea-nee tried to come up with an excuse for me in the log window.

— It’s not an excuse! I know better than anyone how hard you work, Yuzuki-kun!

Yeah, yeah. Thank you, Medea-nee.

With a bitter smile, I thanked Medea and turned my attention back to the other two.

“For the time being, should we go get this item appraised and then we can talk about how we should fight as a group of three.”

They both nodded.

“Then, I’ll hold on to the thread until we get back to the Guild.”

While putting the item in my item box, I decided to check the time.

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It was now around 6 p.m. It was about time for Yandere-time to start, so we better return at once. We went down to the altar on the sixth floor and returned to the entrance.

“Welcome back, Yuzuki-kun. And to you two as well, Rose and Claudia.”

“I’m sorry about this Sylphy-san, but can we check our manastones immediately?”

I took the manastones out of my item box and placed them on the counter.

“This is a pretty large amount. I thought Rose and Claudia weren’t suited for fighting, but they seemed to have been a big help.”

Sylphy-san said this as she sorted through the manastones.

“Why would you think that?”

“Even if there were two of you, I wouldn’t expect you to be able to get this many manastones after only one trip into the dungeon.”

“You’re actually not wrong about that, but not all of us even needed to fight in order to get this amount.”

Sylphy-san didn’t seem to understand my meaning and curiously titled her head.

“Are you saying that even though these two are strong, they didn’t even participate in the fighting?”

“No, it’s actually the opposite. I remained in the back while Rose fought in the front with her magic and Claudia supported her.”

We used Claudia’s Sanctuary skill to avoid fighting most of the weaker monsters, but even while doing this, Rose used more than a hundred spells in the dungeon.

What kind of skill composition does she have to be able to cast magic repeatedly…. I’ll have to check later.

“If she’s so strong, how about Rose registers at the Guild as well? She’ll need to pay the registration fee, but it would be better if she joined too.”

Sylphy-san asked Rose this.

“If it means I get to spend more time with Yuzuki-kun, then I’ll join.”

“Ah, then, I’ll also join as well.”

The both of them seemed to be motivated.

When I first met Claudia, she was hesitant to enter the dungeon, but today she seemed to enjoy herself.

Is this because her curse of weakness has been removed? Or is it because she knows I have the Resurrection skill?

Well, whatever the reason, it would be better if they both registered.

So, it was decided that they would go find another receptionist to register them with the Guild while Sylphy-san continued assessing our manastones.

By the way, because of my SSS rank skill, To be Loved to Death by Yanderes, I’m not allowed to approach any guild receptionist besides Sylphy-san. But this restriction isn’t applied to Rose or Claudia.

There’s no problem with them going to another receptionist. However…because everyone here knows that they’re my companions, they all consider those two to be severe yanderes.

The adventurers in the Guild all kept their distance from them.

“Yuzuki-kun, you look happy.”

“Eh? Do you think so?”

“Yes. When we first met, you looked like a man on the run. Now, it feels like every day for you is fun.”

“…well, that’s probably because I’m doing what I want to do.”

My dream of making clothes that I gave up on in my previous life.

“You’re doing what you want to do, huh.”

Sylphy-san’s voice grew cold as she said this and her gaze slowly drifted over to Rose and Claudia.

“Of course, because you’re young, you’d be doing something like that  — I shouldn’t be telling you what to do.”

“I-It’s not like that! I meant that I’m finally doing something that I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a child! It’s not at all what you’re imagining, Sylphy-san!”

“But, remember that you’re also an adventurer. Don’t do it till the point that you’re exhausted and get in trouble in the dungeon. If it gets too difficult for you…your onee-san is always here to help you manage it.”

She said she was going to manage it, but what exactly is she managing?

“For now, I’m going to stick with you just misunderstanding the situation.”

“Sure, sure. If that’s what you want.”

…I’m trying to tell her it’s a misunderstanding, but she doesn’t believe me at all.

“…well, my assessment of the manastones is finished. Is that everything?”

“That’s all of the manastones.”

“…all of the manastones?”

“Yeah, we actually found a rare drop as well. This thread here…can you appraise it?”

“This thread…wow, you really found something rare. This is the Thread of Purity.”

“The Thread of Purity? How is it used?”

“When this thread is used to embroider a magic circle on a piece of clothing, that clothing then becomes a magic item.”

“Eh!? Doesn’t that mean this is an incredibly valuable item?”

Does this mean we’ll earn the money we need in an instant? I was excited to see how much Sylphy-san would give me, but she presented me with a single gold coin.

“I was expecting more.”

“Oh? It’s a gold coin for a bundle of thread. Isn’t that more than enough?”

Well…in this world, a single gold coin would allow you to live comfortably for a few months.

“By the way, the magic circle is what forms when you use magic, right? Does that mean I can inscribe whatever spell I wish?”

“No, there is a specific magic circle for the Thread of Purity. It’s actually…The Divine Circle of Protection. Its effect slightly reduces the damage taken.”

Reduces damage…?

If that’s the case, I should put that on the clothes either Rose or Claudia wears.

“So, how would I go about making that?”

“I don’t mind teaching you, but it will have no effect if you don’t have the inscription magic skill.”

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“So that means if I have that skill, I’ll be able to make it? Can you teach me?”

It seems like a useful skill to have, so I asked this immediately.

“Yuzuki-kun…you’re clearly hiding something. First, you were able to learn the Resurrect skill when you needed it, now this…. Well, I’m not going to dig any further.”

My face stiffened as she said this. Sylphy-san seemed to notice this and showed a lonely smile.

…it seems that Sylphy-san is the type of yandere that will do whatever she can to support me.

Maybe she if she thinks I don’t trust her, she’ll try to hold me captive in her dungeon. It might be better if I just tell her.

“Alright. The next time I see you, I’ll tell you the truth.”


“Well…I know you’re someone that I can trust, and if you know my secret, you’ll be able to offer me better advice.”

Just like Rose, Sylphy-san is a decent person considering her yandere trait.

Especially, considering she’s my onee-san receptionist.

Thinking about our relationship in the future, it’s probably for the best that I tell her the truth.

I still haven’t told Rose the truth though. Somehow, I feel that if I told tell her, I’ll reach a bad end.

“Yuzuki-kun, thank you for trusting me.”

“There’s no need for you to thank me. I trust you because you’re always looking out for me.”

“Fufu~, thank you. I’ll teach you how to use the Thread of Purity. And if you manage to learn inscription magic, I think I’ll understand your secret a little more.”

“…I see.”

In general, there are two ways of learning new skills in this world.

The first way is to just practice the skill you want to learn.

For example, if you want to learn, and then raise, your swordsmanship skill, just pick up a sword and start using it.

Another way to learn skills is by earning a large amount of experience at once.

This can be done by fighting against a strong enemy. You may learn skills once you defeat them that you didn’t expect.

When learning a skill with the first method, you’d require some basic knowledge of whatever skill you’re trying to learn. Even while using the second method, that same rule would still apply.

And inscription magic follows this rule as well.

“The first step needed before you’re able to use the Thread of Purity is simple…you just need to soak the thread in the blood of a virgin.”

“…the blood of a virgin?”

“Yes. But I’m sure that won’t be a problem for you, right Yuzuki-kun?”

Sylphy-san glanced over at the two girls registering. They are two beautiful girls that adore me. If I were to ask them to shed blood for me, they’d do it without question.

…However, they’ve both lost their purity already.

I averted my eyes from Sylphy-san without saying anything.

“…Yuzuki-kun, you told me it was just a misunderstanding earlier, right?”

“No, umm…of course it was.”


Ah, Sylphy-san’s eyes are terrifying!

“Umm…then, are you a virgin, Sylphy-san?”

At the risk of being accused of sexual harassment, I did my best to change the subject. And Sylphy-san’s cheeks blushed slightly.

“Are you saying you want to take my virginity?”

“No, I just need your blood.”

“And by that you mean, I’m going to bleed when you take my virginity.”

“…no, it has nothing to do with your virginity. I just need your blood.”

…well, could I use the blood created when she loses her virginity? Would that still count?

Because it’s blood spilt the moment she loses her virginity I feel like it would, but…at the same time I feel like it shouldn’t.

Either way, that’s not what I’m asking of Sylphy-san.

It’s useless.

I’ll have to ask Rose to get someone’s blood — except, while trying to put the Thread of Purity back into my item box, Sylphy-san reached out and grabbed my hand.


“You’re going to rely on someone else, aren’t you?”

“Eh? No, t-that’s not the case at all.”

Her personality seemed to change and I could feel cold sweat running down my back. I checked the time in my log window…. Just as I expected, it’s 19:00. Yandere-time.

“I can’t let that happen. You belong exclusively to me, Yuzuki-kun. I won’t allow you to rely on anyone else. I will be the one to supply you with the blood of a virgin.”

Saying this, Sylphy-san reached into a drawer and took out a knife. She then drew the blade across her forearm.

“Oi, Sylphy-san!? You’re cutting too much, that’s too much! Please, stop and let me heal you with magic!”

The blood overflowed from her arm and spilt out onto the table.

“Please, give me the Thread of Purity first. I’m fine.”

“No, you should let me heal you first.”

“If you don’t give me it, I cut myself for no reason.”

“Alright, I understand.”

I’m just wasting time by trying to argue with her. I quickly pulled out the thread and handed it to Sylphy-san, who dragged it through the pooling blood on the desk.

…as the thread entered the blood, it seemed to draw in all of the surrounding blood.

“…that should be enough.”

“Alright, thank you. Now please hurry up and let me heal you.”

I grabbed her lacerated arm and healed her with my magic. The skin began to stitch itself back together and there was no scar left where the wound had been. I was able to let out a sigh of relief.

“Hah…please, don’t do anything like that again.”

“Fufu~, this is only natural for a receptionist.”

She placed her hand against her cheek and showed a broad smile. However, her hand was covered in blood, so she was now wearing a fresh coat of blood makeup.

“I think that’s going too far, despite what you may think.”

The surrounding people also just witnessed Sylphy-san rip open her arm.

Rose and Claudia also witnessed this, but they were the only ones that remained calm. Rather, shouldn’t those two have some kind of reaction?

“But I’m no ordinary receptionist. I’m Yuzuki-kun’s personal receptionist. So, I’ll be sure to protect my chastity so I can continue to be of use to you.”

“…I’d feel better if you were to lose your virginity.”

What I had imagined was her pricking her finger a little. I never wanted her to cut her arm so deep.

“Oh, if it’s you Yuzuki-kun, I’m ready at any time.”

“…I was joking. But, I don’t want to see you get hurt, so don’t ever do something like that again.”

After I said this, Sylphy-san’s elf ears moved slightly and began to turn a faint shade of pink.

“Yuzuki-kun, are you worried about me even though I’m a yandere?”

“I’m worried because you’re my personal receptionist. If you were to get hurt because of me, I’d feel terrible.”

“…Yuzuki-kun, thank you. I’ll be careful from now on!”

Since she’s an elf, she should be older than me, but…she showed a lovely smile that I couldn’t even imagine on a girl around my age.

I’m not sure if this is for the best, but…it’s fine as long as she seems happy. Or at least that’s what I thought. I didn’t even notice Rose and Claudia’s cold stares.

— And, because of this, the moment we returned to the inn, Claudia and Rose pushed me down on the bed.

How do I say this? This world really is the world of a yandere goddess….


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