Volume 2, Chapter 10 Part 1: Learning Skills

We were in the room at the inn in Bandol that we had rented. Inside the large room, I was lying on the bed with two people leaning over me.

“…umm, why did you push me down?”

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“That’s because Yuzuki onii-san was talking about abandoning us back there.”

“…did I ever say anything like that?”

Since they’ve been acting strange ever since we left the Guild, I assumed it had something to do with me talking to Sylphy-san. However, I never remember saying I would abandon them.

“Master, you did tell Sylphy-san it would be better if she wasn’t a virgin, right?”

Claudia said this with a pouty look on her face.

“O-Oh…. You meant that.”

“It’s not enough that you have Rose and I service you every night, but if you were to ever cheat….”

“…if I did?”

“We’d cut it off.”

“Please, not that! Anything but that!”

I begged then without paying any mind to my own shame or dignity.

My fear resistance may be high but I couldn’t imagine a more terrifying act being done to me!

Generally speaking, Claudia still isn’t technically a yandere and it’s hard for me to imagine her doing that to me. As for Rose…well, I don’t think much needs to be said about her.

In this world, there is magic that’s capable of regenerating lost limbs so….

They could tie me up and cut off my third leg without me losing it permanently….

“I-It’s just a misunderstanding.”

In order to clear up this misunderstanding, I told them that I needed a virgin’s blood in order for the Thread of Purity to work properly and this was why Sylphy-san cut her arm.

“I see. So that was why Sylphy-san suddenly cut her arm.”

“..I never expected her to do something like that.”

We were surrounded by people and I didn’t even need that much blood.

“What are you talking about, Master? Sylphy-san is an extreme yandere. If you tell her you need something and it’s something she can give you, she’ll do anything to make that happen.”

“No, well, that is true.”

I’ve recently been noticing that both Claudia and Rose are becoming more forceful.

“Anyway, if that misunderstanding has been cleared up, can you let me go?”

“I’d rather take this opportunity to serve you, Master.”

“Have you forgotten why we came here?”

“It definitely wasn’t so you could cheat on us with Sylphy-san.”

“I already told you I wasn’t cheating.”

This may seem odd to say considering I have two sex slaves, but I really do want to live a peaceful and normal life. I never want to live a life where I have to hide secrets from everyone around me.

In the first place, if we waste time here and aren’t able to pay of Wells-san’s debt, Claudia will be taken from me. Even if she wants to have fun right now, that’s clearly the wrong choice.

So, with this in mind, I tried to convince Claudia.

“You should’ve gained a good amount of SP from the monsters we defeated in the dungeon. Is it okay if I take a look at your status window to see if you can master sewing?”

“In other words, you want to tease my status window at first, and once I’m at my limit we can get on to the real action?”

“…f-for the time being, just show my your status window.”

I ignored the latter part of her sentence and opened her status window.

Claudia moved away from me and sat on the edge of the bed. Rose did the same.

Now that I was no longer being restrained, I sat up and faced Claudia’s status window while my back was against Claudia’s.

[SP]  976 SP

“You have 976 SP right now. For now, we can level up your sewing skill to rank B.”

“Yes. Master, if you’d be so kind as to raise my skill.”

“All right.”

I said this and increased her rank by manipulating her status window.

“A~…nn~ This feeling…Master, I can feel…something coming….”

She leaned back against me and a sweet moan leaked out of her mouth.

“All right, your sewing skill is now rank B.”

“…eh? You’re already done?”

“Yeah. It was a lot quicker this time because I knew what I needed to rank up.”

“Umm…are you sure you don’t need to check anything else?”

“I think we’re good for now.”

“T-then, we should raise my sewing rank to A!”

“That’s not possible. You need 600 SP for that and you only have 476.”

“No way….”

She looked disappointed. She always calls me perverted but her mind is obviously filled with perverted thoughts.

Well…I’m not going to complain about that.

“…umm, what are you two talking about?”

Rose was sitting by herself on the other side of the bed as she asked this. She looks cute when she curiously tilts her head.

“I haven’t told you this yet Rose, but I’m actually able to interact with my own status window and the status windows of people that are close to me. I’m able to use their SP so they can learn skills.”

“…oh~, is that how you were able to learn the Resurrect ability?”

“Correct. Did you already have your suspicions?”

I thought she didn’t look surprised and asked her this.

“Pretty much. It’s usually impossible to learn Resurrection by just killing monsters. Besides, you were messing with my status window before, remember?”

“Yeah…umm, sorry about that.”

In an attempt to escape from Rose while we were on the ship, I accessed her status window. I remembered that I never apologized to her and decided to do that now.

“It’s fine, I forgive you. In fact, Yuzuki onii-san, you can do that whenever you want and at any time.”


All I wanted was a peaceful life with a normal girl. That’s what I wanted, but…recently I’ve started to think that this life isn’t so bad either.

…I’m being caught up in their pace.

“So you said you’re able to use SP so the other person can learn skills…. Does that mean I should be able to learn any skill I wish?”

“I can look through your status window and learn it for you if it’s possible.”

“Would you mind learning some skills for me?”

“I don’t mind, but…just wait a moment.”

When I turned back to face Claudia, I could see her fidgeting.

“Uuuuu…. Master, you can’t just leave me half-finished like this….”

“I know, but I think you’ll be able to get over it.”

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“Eh? How so? Are you going to keep messing up my status window?”

“No, I’d like you to confirm your increased sewing skill. Could you try sewing something?”

“Uuuuu~…I understand.”

I handed Claudia a sewing kit while she said, “Master is the devil,” or something equally rude. She got off the bed and sat down at a nearby table.

“Umm, thank you for waiting, Rose.”

“…Yuzuki onii-san, you’re usually kind but I can see you can also be cruel.”

“Well…I won’t deny that but right now I think confirming her sewing skills is more important.”

Increasing Claudia’s sewing skill is necessary to save Claudia and her family’s shop. I can’t afford to give into my desires here.

“I’m really interested to see what kind of skills I can learn. What do I need to do?”

“Please, show me your status window.”

“Okay then… status open.”

As Rose said this, her status opened in front of her.

I need to position myself between Rose and her status window in order to use it properly — and Rose decided to sit on my lap.


“You can use my status window like this, right?”

“Well, there shouldn’t be any problem, but….”

For me to use her status window, it’s almost like I’m hugging her from behind. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to last with her sitting in my lap and moaning every time I touch her status window.

…okay, let’s see how this goes.

[Name]: Rose [Overall Ability Score]: 84,200

[Base Skills]
Strength: F / Stamina: E / Intelligence: C / Dexterity: A / Magical Power: AA / Willpower: A / Luck: B

Curse: F / Poison: C / Stun: D / Sleep: C

[Combat Skills]: None

[Magic Skills]
Attack Magic Mastery: B / Recovery Magic Mastery: C / Air Magic (Ranged): AA / Wind Slash: A / Tempest: A / Healing: C / Rejuvenation: D / Cure Poison: C / Dispel: C / Sleep: B

[Technical Skills]
Etiquette: B / Territory Management: E / Olfaction: AA / Sexual Technique: A

[Hereditary Skills]
Offensive Magic / Recovery Magic / Practical Skills

[Special Skill]
Magical Power Increase: C / Magic Range Increase: E / No Chant: B

[Rare Skill]
Demon’s Eye Contract: B

[Bad Status]
Yandere: A

Yuzuki’s Sex Slave

[SP]: 1828 SP

…this girl is terrifying.

If we’re talking purely about the Overall Ability Score, then I’m superior to her, but…I’m completely inferior to her in regards to basically every other skill category. Considering my OAS is being increased dramatically by my SSS rank skill, I feel like I’m losing to her.


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