Chapter 152: Jibei Ocean

Morning, three days later.

The trio, Qin Tian, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan left Evil Demon city.
The elder that led the way for Qin Tian in the black pagoda saw them off. It was something city leader Ziyue had specially commanded. The motive was clear, Qin Tian was the city leader’s important guest, those that have thoughts about him should reconsider.
Killing Flowing Cloud sect’s Yao Qing naturally gave Qin Tian a number of items, making many want to deal with him. Now however, they dispelled that thought, not daring to take action.
The trio set off, going along the only route towards Jibei ocean.
The surroundings along the route were just whiteness all over, not a shadow of someone else could be seen.
A gust of wind blew past.
The trio increased their speed and rushed across the route.
The distance to Jibei ocean from Evil Demon City was 3000km, with land covered by snow. Even by raising one’s speed, half a day’s time would still be needed.
“Other than entering Jibei ocean to search for the mysterious flame, I’ve also agreed to help the city leader regarding something.” While moving, Qin Tian told his brothers. He did not want to hide it from his brothers, moreover with them having experienced a life and death situation with him.
Meng Fanyi was taken aback, before replying, “No matter what, we will follow you and rampage around, haha……”
“Jibei ocean is filled with countless monsters. However, there is a tribe within too. For generations, they live in the ocean. The deepest parts of the ocean is their grounds.” Qin Tian halted for a moment and continued, “Their patriarch, Luo Hou, has a cultivation of peak universe realm, with a fleshy body at the absolute realm undying stage……”
“Our task is to kill him?!”
Meng Fanyi was thoroughly shocked. Fleshy body at the absolute realm of the undying stage. Such existence is simply an existence that defies the heavens. To think that there was actually such a powerful existence in the ocean.
Hei Yan frowned, he too was stunned. Both of them stared at Qin Tian, waiting for the continuation.
“We need to save someone, Evil Demon city leader’s younger sister, Hongyue.”
“Oh, I thought we had to kill that whatever Luo Hou. It’s only to save someone. Scared the wits out of me, haha……” Meng Fanyi pretended to heaved a sigh of relief though his heart slowly became more anxious.

Entering the tribe to rescue someone, not including the peak universe realm Luo Hou, just the tribe’s strong cultivators would be able to destroy them.
And, the tribe is located at the deepest parts of the ocean. At that place, only the most ferocious ocean monsters live there, existence beyond rank ten could even be found. Wanting to enter was not difficult, but trying to bring someone away……the danger cannot be imagined.
Qin Tian did not have any knowledge regarding the ocean tribe. Just from Ziyue’s words, he only trusted 3 parts of it. Ziyue has chased away thousands of years ago, as for what the situation is there right now, she definitely does not know.
Rescue her younger sister Hongyue?
As simple as that?
Definitely not.
There should be something untold. While Ziyue spoke, Qin Tian had already guessed it, just that he did not dare to think about it, afraid Ziyue would find out.
Still, no matter what, the black pagoda must become his.
Qin Tian must get the half-god treasure. It would be a great assistance to him, he cannot miss the chance.
As for how to enter the tribe, he had his own plans.
However, there was one thing he needed to do first, rushed to the ascension realm!
“Brother Fanyi and Heiyan, you both have a space escape talisman. No matter under what situation, as long as your life is threatened, escape.” Qin Tian said sternly and continued, “Remember, even if I am going to die, ignore me and go.”
The danger of the task is unknown.
Although the system graded it as S grade, whether it was miraculously changed, no one knows.

Such a situation had never occurred before, but Qin Tian did not dare to abandon the idea of that happening. As the system evaluated it to be an S grade task, Luo Hou that ultimate BOSS should not appear. However, this is not a game, time cannot rewind even if he dies.
He did not want his own problems to endanger the lives of his peers.
“What are you saying!” Hei Yan snorted, “If you are in danger, I will save you even if I need to sacrifice this life of mine. Run? I won’t do it.”
Hei Yan was now a lot better than before, his personality was also returning to what it originally was.
Qin Tian was secretly happy.
“Brother Qin, rest assured, we will not let you die…bah…bah…what a crow’s beak ah.” Meng Fanyi laughed and increased his pace.
Hei Yan followed closely.
Qin Tian was touched. However, if danger were to really occur, he will safeguard their lives no matter what.
At midday, they finally reached Jibei ocean.
The ocean breeze blew past their faces like sharp knives.
Waves hit the shore like a demon coming up from hell, wanting to swallow them.
Standing at the shore, Qin Tian took a deep breath.


Following the waves, a leopard-like ocean monster rushed out, aiming at Qin Tian.
It’s body contained much strength and is ten times the size of normal leopards. It’s two fangs shined bright as they bite towards Qin Tian’s neck.

Ocean leopard Monster, rank four, adept at staying hidden and sneak attacks, extremely strong killing power.

Qin Tian took a small step back in shock and sneered. He raised his hand and darkness force flowed out, revolving around the leopard. In a blink of an eye, it vanished.
“Congratulations for gaining 3000 experience points, 200 Qigong value and 1 survival point……”
Qin Tian smiled in excitement.
Meng Fanyi was shocked at what he saw. If that happened to him, he would have retreated and avoided before counterattacking.
The ocean leopard Monster has high killing power and fast speed. Furthermore, it is proficient in sneak attacks.
Qin Tian dealt with the sneak attack so easily, instant killing it. And that darkness force……
Meng Fanyi felt that it was a little familiar. He stared at Qin Tian, feeling that he was more and more unable to see through how strong Qin Tian was.
Qin Tian took a step forward full of excitement.

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