Chapter 153: Taixu Sword Intent

The ocean monsters in the Jibei ocean is extremely dense.

Like many types of fishes, most like to be in groups.
With just a foot in the water, when the waves were rushing towards the shore, tens of ocean leopard monsters attacked.

However, everything within the radius of a kilometre could not escape the sight of Qin Tian. The ocean leopard monsters hidden among the waves were the same. At the moment when they attacked, Qin Tian moved. He leaped into the skies and took out a crescent sword.
Instant kill.
Seeing what was happening, Meng Fanyi who was at the shore felt his blood boiled in excitement and attacked.
Hei Yan frowned slightly before attacking too.

In Jibei ocean, the rank four ocean leopard monsters are considered low rank monsters. They usually hide near the shore and attack sneakily. Though they have great killing power and high speed, it was simply just weak as compared to other ocean monsters.
After warming up for a while, the trio had killed tens of ocean leopard monsters.
Qin Tian revealed a sinister smile while running into the waves, “Kill……”
Qin Tian stepped into the ocean, with Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan following closely behind.
The strength of the Water Avoidance Pearl was showcased. They did not feel restricted, perfectly normal like on land. Even some of their abilities seemed to be more powerful.
“A rank five Monster is coming.”
“Fanyi, be prepared.”
“Brother Hei, take care of our backs.”
The feelings of excitement could be seen from his speech. Darkness force revolved around his purple crescent sword as killing intent rose.
Meng Fanyi trained in the Taixu swordsmanship for many days already and wanted to test out its strength. Not waiting for Qin Tian’s command, his Qigong surged and his sword slashed down. A simple action produced a great power.
Ten years ago, Meng Fanyi was a peak spirit refining cultivator, a step away from the ascension realm.
In order to showcase the real might of Taixu swordsmanship, one would need Ascension force. Only by using ascension force would it be worthy of the word ‘Taixu’.

[TLN: Taixu=太虚, ascension=入虚]   
However, even Meng Fanyi himself could not believe the power he was showing.
As he slashed down, the aura he was exuding changed, as if he was the only person left in the firmament. He had lost himself within the boundless wonders of the sword. His body exuded the same aura as the sword. That slash was just too beautiful!
The rank five Monster roared as a force gathered around its paws while it dashed to attack.
“Liē, liē, liē.”
The rank five Monster was split into halves, even the hardest part of it, the core, was halved.
Meng Fanyi’s sword strike drew upon the power of heaven and earth – understanding the Essence of the Sword Dao.
“F**k, can’t you aim properly. That was a core! See what you’ve done, ai……”
Qin Tian grumbled with a smile on his face.
Meng Fanyi was excited beyond measure, he had lost himself completely. This was his first time forming such a powerful sword intent after tens of years.
Meng Fanyi widened his eyes and frowned. Very quickly, he was enlightened. “Taixu…Taixu…Taixu force… Taixu swordsmanship…I understand.”
“I understand! Taixu swordsmanship, I finally understood!”
Meng Fanyi felt like a child receiving candy, elation filled him.
“Looks like you’ve broken through.” Qin Tian laughed inwardly.
“Taixu swordsmanship in Flowing Cloud sect is top grade among the other immortal abilities. It comes from Flowing Cloud ancestor, extremely powerful. Only top geniuses would be qualified to learn, if not for Yao Qing’s Grandfather being a revered elder, he would not be able to learn it.”
Hei Yan walked forward and said. When he said the two words ‘Yao Qing’, his face sank, filled with hatred.
“Thank you, Brother Qin. No, I’ll call you Boss Qin from now onwards.”
Meng Fanyi spoke incoherently, so excited that he did not know what to say, “Thank you, Boss Qin, thank you……”
Immortal grade abilities are just too precious, especially something like Taixu swordsmanship. To Meng Fanyi, Taixu swordsmanship is a priceless treasure. Qin Tian’s selflessness touched him greatly. 

“What’s there to thank me for? It’s not like I cultivate in Sword arts.”
“Moreover, you’re accompanying me into Jibei ocean, a place where 9 of 10 people dies. Taixu swordsmanship is what you deserve.”
Qin Tian took nothing of it.
Knowing that it would be dangerous, yet still accompanying, willing to brace the dangers together. Such people are worth it to have as brothers.
Meng Fanyi felt touched.
“Another one has come.” Qin Tian frowned as he stared deep into the ocean.
“I’ll go!”
Meng Fanyi rushed forward.
In the ocean, darkness filled the surroundings. Light from the surface could not penetrate deep.
The trio were all spirit refining cultivators, their sight was less than a hundred metres. Within, ocean monsters were many. There was no lack of rank five monsters. And, this was just the beginning of the ocean, tens of metres inside only.
At the hundredth metre, thousandth metre, ten thousandth metre, sea monsters would get more. The deeper one get, the ranks of ocean monsters would get higher.
Very quickly, Meng Fanyi returned, holding onto a bloody core. “Finished.”


“Good. From now on, let’s do our best and rush deep into the ocean.”
At the shallow waters, monsters are low rank and the experience given is not that good. Qin Tian’s aim is the monsters deep in the ocean where groups of rank five are many.
Qin Tian suddenly shouted, “Follow the turbulent current. Saves time ……”
Hence, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan rushed inside.
There are countless turbulent currents in the ocean, with killing intent hidden around them. A bit of carelessness may lead to death.
And, there is a type of Monster that may stay dormant in the turbulent current for many years, Rock Monster.
Shaped like a rock, it has a body as hard as iron. They live in the turbulent currents and have no fixed shape. They have no eyes and ears but have a brain that could sense very well even at a distance of ten kilometres. They can differentiate the living from the non-living. They only swallow living things……

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Following a turbulent current is the fastest way to reach deep into the ocean.

When the trio entered the turbulent current, a group of rock monsters sensed it.  

In the ocean, dangers are all around.
Sea monsters come in all kinds of shape and sizes. A monster could appear at any time.

The trio were all spirit refining cultivators. In this dangerous ocean area, they cannot help but be cautious.
Qin Tian asked himself. There should be a group of powerful auras here, so why can’t he see any?
“Careful, there’s a group of ocean monsters around us.”
Qin Tian activated his Qigong and controlled the speed of his rush.

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