Chapter 65: Always Full of Surprises

Her level of drawing was also what surprised him. To be able to draw the person’s face in detail with only just one glance in the night… It was utterly amazing!

“This portrait is the man with the Hongkou accent. He’s wounded, and the area should be around his waist. When he got off the motorcycle, he seemed to be pressing the right side of his waist.” Ye Jian handed the sketch into his hands, “There are still three more. Give me a moment.”

Returning back to her concentration mode, her eyes turned cold. As she began sketching again with her pencil, there was like a chill which flashed past her, “I’ve done some examination on our wounded. A QSZ92 semi-automatic pistol. A total of fifteen bullets were shot and only one managed to hit the target.”

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“If that one bullet was the one which hit the man with the Hongkou accent… then that person must still be in the hotel and will not be leaving anytime soon for the time being.”

The semi-automatic pistol, QSZ92, uses a 9mm DAP92 steel jacket bullet. It has a short effective shot density, where within a distance of 50 meters, it can pierce through a 1.3mm thick steel helmet and a 50mm thick pine board while other types of pistols could not pierce through a steel board.

Based on that information, if the other party was really shot by the gun, then what he needed now was to stop the bleeding before being transferred elsewhere!

Xia Jinyuan’s sharp eyes had already gone back and forth a few times from Ye Jian’s face, and a little later, he raised a brow and laughed, “It seems you must have learned a lot in the military to know all these.”

“There are still two more portraits to be done. Can you be done in four minutes? How about that?” Against her cold and calm eyes, Xia Jinyuan decided to change his tone of questioning to avoid her having another poor opinion of him.

Having lived for twenty years already, it had always been others who act by Young Master Xia’s expression and had it come to him that he would one day have to act judging by a little missy’s expression.

His gloomy tone instantly swept by, and Ye Jian found it somewhat uncomfortable. She looked at him in the eyes before retracting back her gaze. “I only got the side view of their faces, but I’ll try to see if I can come up with their front faces.”

“Since that man was your target, why don’t you guys have his information? Or even some pictures?”

Her pencil did not stop and it made a rustling sound on the paper. The questions directed at one person kept coming at him one after another, “Although I don’t know how you guys handled it, with the target now alarmed and a comrade injured, this is a grave mistake made by the one above making the decision.”

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The portraits were finally completed, but Xia Jinyuan who stood by the side remained unusually silent. If not for his powerful aura which could not be ignored, Ye Jian would have thought he had already left.

“You are right. It was my mistake. I thought we could snag the fish, but in the end… something like this will not happen again!” His voice was gloomy as he spoke, and it gradually sank deeper and deeper. Receiving the sketches and the portraits that were formed after, Xia Jinyuan was once again surprised by Ye Jian. “Every time I meet you, you’re always bound to give me a surprise.”

Rolling up the papers, he exposed a stern look at her and ordered, “Tonight may not be a peaceful night, so stay in the camp and don’t leave.”

Ye Jian placed her pencil down and stared at him without diverting her gaze before asking worriedly with a frown, “How will you guys be entering the hotel? Liao Jian’s father is already there.”

“Rest assured, we will arrange it. There will not be a second time where our comrades return injured.” Xia Jinyuan looked at Ye Jian firmly with his dagger-like eyes before giving her his promise.

Once again using his eyes to signal her not to leave the camp, he turned and left the sleeping quarter.

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