Chapter 64: A Capable Ye Jian

Xia Jinyuan took a look before withdrawing from the infirmary. Outside, he spoke coldly to Battalion Commander Yang, “The situation there is temporarily stable at the moment. Tell me what’s the situation here.”

“Jian lass had seen our suspicious target at the entrance of Chunyang Hotel. He had a Hongkou accent and is wounded.” Battalion Commander Yang briefly passed the information he had to him, “As for a more detailed explanation, we’ll need to wait until the wounded is awake.”

Looking back at the infirmary with his deep and dark eyes, he asked with his thin lips pursed together, “When did she learn how to handle gunshot wounds?” She was quite skilled in there, as if she had handled them frequently.

“Captain Xia’s referring to Jian lass, right? That lass is very quick-witted, and her memory is also good. In this short period that she had stayed in the camp, I reckoned she learned it in the military.” Battalion Commander Yang was somewhat fearful of the one in front of him who was exuding a strong amount of chilliness. A mighty strong amount of displeasure could be seen on Captain Xia’s face, and he quickly added, “The medic also said that she was not a problem because she was easily able to identify all the medical equipment in there, so he let her in.”

Xia Jinyuan, with a scowl on his face, looked at the battalion commander who was somewhat nervous, “Truly a quick-witted lass.”

The watch was already pointing twenty-three to nine. Putting his combat helmet back on, he buckled it tightly before speaking to the battalion commander, “Strengthen the patrol for tonight. That lass, don’t let her run out.”

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“If I don’t run out, then how will you know who is who?” Coming out from the infirmary, Ye Jian took off her surgical mask and smiled at the figure who had already walked into the darkness, “Of course, if you do know, then there’ll really be no need for me to run out.”

This lass… After testing her at school, was she treating him like a prick?

Xia Jinyuan turned and smiled at the little prick whose lips made a beautiful upward arc, “Lass, then can you tell me? Their height, appearance, characteristics, all those that we need to know.”

It was better to play along with her. For this little missy who liked to keep her reputation, a man like him shall be a gentleman and offer her his generosity.

Ye Jian cared not for it and spoke to Battalion Commander Yang, “Uncle Yang, may I trouble you to wait a moment. I’ll be back in five minutes.”

With that, she ran in the direction of her sleeping quarter.

She switched on the light and lay down the instruments needed for illustration before closing her eyes briefly as she tried to recall the scene at the entrance of the hotel that was around eight o’clock in the evening.

The speeding motorcycle with dazzling headlights, the smirks on the attendants, those gloomy men…, and that accent when he yelled, “Out of the way.”

Her mind fixed on the faces of the five people in her memories before she began drawing on her school’s workbook.

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Face shape, facial features…, even their hairstyle, Ye Jian drew them all out.

She was quick with her drawings. There were no signs of her stopping a while to think, nor did she have to stop to erase any mistakes. In two minutes, she was done with a drawing.

A pair of slender hands quietly picked up the completed drawing which she placed to a side. The owner of the hands carefully scrutinized the picture without disturbing Ye Jian.

Xia Jinyuan’s eyes slowly sank a little. Looking at the little girl who looked extremely serious beneath the table lamp, he smiled slightly.

This lass, truly was good looking. Her eyelashes were thick and dark like a crow’s feather. When she wasn’t speaking, she looked beautiful and elegant, with a quick-witted temperament.

But when she opened her mouth, her eyes would be extremely cold, quite unlike an average fourteen-year-old girl.

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