Chapter 55: The Forced Engagement

“Limitless Palace.” Fang Wenxuan said nervously.

“Limitless Palace? That’s impossible. People from Limitless Palace have already hidden themselves from the world a long time ago. It’s impossible for them to appear here in the secular world,” Guan Shiyan quickly denied Fang Wenxuan’s answer.

The Limitless Palace and Huashan Valley had withdrawn from the secular world thousands of years ago and hidden themselves in the cultivation world. Even if it’s in the cultivation world, it’s unlikely to spot even one of their disciples walking around. How is it possible for them to appear in this secular world?

“Martial Uncle, it’s real. I didn’t lie to you. The culprit was in the Foundation Establishment Realm and he’s only 18 years old. Such a person is definitely from the cultivation world. Besides, from the arrogance of cultivators, it’s impossible for them impersonate someone from other sects. Not to mention it’s a Foundation Establishment Realm expert.” Fang Wenxuan analyzed. He had crashed head on with Cheng Yu, but that happened in the secular world. He also wasn’t stupid as he achieved the middle stage of Qi Training Realm at his age and that could be counted as not bad.

“Foundation Establishment Realm at 18 years old? Could he really be from the Limitless Palace? Could it be that they are going to make a comeback to the cultivation and secular world? Since the other person is from Limitless Palace, why would you go and provoke him?” Guan Shiyan wrinkled his eyebrows.

“It’s all because of that slut! She actually went out and drank with some other guy. She even got drunk and got carried back by him. Therefore, I had a fight with him.” Fang Wenxuan clenched his teeth and said.

“I don’t understand why you like her so much. You have to know, you are a cultivator and she’s just a commoner. Her life expectancy is just dozens of years. If you marry her, what will happen after she dies? At that point in time, it will only bring you sorrow and affect your cultivation.” Guan Shiyan said resentfully.

“I don’t know as well. In any case, after I met her several years ago, I fell in love with her and wanted to marry her.”

“Since it’s like this, you might as well bring her back to Kunlun. At that point, would she dare to reject you?”

“That wouldn’t do. I promised them previously that only after we are engaged for three years would I marry her. Besides, I want her to marry me willingly and follow me back to Kunlun.” Fang Wenxuan said firmly. This was the first woman he fell in love with. If he were to force her, it would definitely be very embarrassing.

“Hmph! Soft-hearted! I can tell that the woman has no feelings for you. I am just worried that before she has even fallen in love with you, she would have already become someone else’s woman. Didn’t you say a man brought her home? Besides, that woman was also drunk. Do you think that he will let go of such a good opportunity?”

When he heard Guan Shiyan’s words, Fang Wenxuan frowned. He recalled what had happened tonight, where Lan Ya was kissed when she was in that youngster’s bosom. His heart was filled with resentfulness.

“Ok! I shall listen to Martial Uncle. After we celebrate that old man’s birthday, I shall bring that slut back to Kunlun!” Fang Wenxuan clenched both his fist and said.

“Haha! That’s right! You are a cultivator, pursuing the heavenly law should be your goal. Why would you delay your progression just because of a woman?” Guan Shiyan patted Fang Wenxuan’s back as he laughed and exited out of the room.

“Young Master Fang, are you alright?” When he saw them walk out, Lan Jinsong rushed forward and asked.

“I am alright. Uncle Lan, I have something that I wish to discuss with you,” Fang Wenxuan said to Lan Jinsong.

“Oh? Ok. Let’s go to the living room then.”

The three of them sat on the living room sofa. Lan Jinsong asked, “May I know what Young Master Fang wishes to talk about?”

“It’s like this. I am here with my Martial Uncle this time because my father requested us to come over and celebrate uncle’s birthday.” Fang Wenxuan thought and replied.

“Haha! I am really grateful to Elder Xuan Yang for that. I, Lan Jinsong, just reached 50. I didn’t expect two honorable guests would come here just to celebrate my birthday with me. It makes me feel extremely flattered.” Lan Jinsong said politely.

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“Mr. Lan is too polite. You have helped Kunlun handle the medical herb business in the secular world for more than 20 years. After all these years, you contributed quite a lot for the Kunlun Sect. This time, my senior brother specially requested me to pass you this longevity pill.[1] It will help you extend your life by 10 years with good health. It could be said as a form of repayment for Mr. Lan’s contributions for all these years.” Guan Shiyan took out a small brocade box and putted it on the tea table in front of Lan Jinsong.

“This is too much! This is an immortal pill. I don’t deserve such a precious gift,” Lan Jinsong declined shockingly. Lan Jinsong had been helping Kunlun handle their affairs for more than 20 years. More or less he gained some superficial knowledge and knew what this immortal pill could do.

“Mr. Lan doesn’t have to think of it that way. Since my senior brother has taken out this pill, it meant that he has recognized the effort Mr. Lan has put in for the Kunlun Sect all these years. You should accept it.”

“I thank the elder for this gift then. I request elder to also help me express my gratitude to Elder Xuan Yang.” Lan Jinsong said excitedly.

This was an immortal pill that could extend a person’s life. How could he not be excited by it? All these years, he had contributed so much to the Kunlun Sect and had gotten some ordinary pills. However, this longevity pill he just received was the only treasure he had gotten after so many years.

All these years, he was able to establish a name for himself due to having Kunlun Sect as his backing. Although he was in the upper echelon of Yunhai, that was just on the surface. In reality, he was just a puppet for the Kunlun Sect. The majority of the profits from the medical herbs were all given to the Kunlun Sect.

“Uncle Lan, this time I have another matter I wish to discuss with you.” Fang Wenxuan opened his mouth and said. It would be best to strike while the iron was still hot. Since he had just received a precious gift from them, it would be the optimal time to discuss his issue.

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“May I know what is your issue, Young Master Fang? If it’s something within my means, I will definitely perform it well.” After getting the longevity pill, Lan Jinsong’s mood was very good.

“It’s like this, I have been engaged with Lan Ya for a year. We came to an agreement previously that after 3 years of engagement, I would bring her back to Kunlun Sect. However, you should also know that I will not be able to come down from the Kunlun Mountain often. As this is not beneficial for our relationship, I hope uncle would allow me to bring Lan Ya back to Kunlun Mountain. This way, it would be easier to foster our relationship and I also hope that she would always stay by my side in the future.”

After he heard what Fang Wenxuan said, Lan Jinsong’s complexion kept changing. Lan Ya had always been his greatest regret. Her mother had died early causing their relationship to slowly drift apart. As a result, she moved out from here. In addition, last year he suddenly betrothed her to Fang Wenxuan. This caused her to hate him even more.

When he called her yesterday and told her that Fang Wenxuan came over, he had told her to come and accompany him. In the end, she didn’t come, but when Fang Wenxuan went to look for her, he actually came back with serious injuries. Lan Jinsong didn’t even know what had actually happened and if it was related to his daughter.

Now, Fang Wenzuan proposed to bring his daughter back to Kunlun Mountain. Regarding this matter, he could not decide for her. Truthfully, he wasn’t willing to marry his daughter to Fang Wenxuan. Although Fang Wenxuan was a cultivator, Lan Jinsong was just a commoner. It can be said that they were from two different worlds.

Perhaps, others may think that this was the first step to immortality. However, Lan Jinsong knew that wasn’t so. Lan Ya was his only daughter. He always wished his daughter would be able to live her life in peace and free of worries.

The moment she got married to an immortal family, how could he, as a commoner, care what happened in the immortal family? Even if his own daughter suffered, he would not be able to do anything to them. It may seem like the current Fang Wenxuan was extremely polite to him, but what if he were to fall out with him. Would he still care about him, his father-in-law?

The engagement previously was forced on them. He had been in Yunhai for more than 10 years, in the upper echelon of society, and he was someone who had made a name for himself. How could he be willing to revert back to his previous self. He had no choice, but to sacrifice his daughter and promise them to engage his daughter to Fang Wenxuan. Although they had the agreement of three years, it seemed like they were going to go back on the original deal.

Lan Jinsong said awkwardly, “Young Master Fang, regarding this issue, I would approve it. However, you also know that Lan Ya does not bother about my opinions anymore. As she has already moved out, I can no longer manage her and she will no longer listen to me. Therefore, I hope that Young Master Fang would be able to attain Lan Ya’s approval regarding this matter.”

“Haha! It’s alright. Although Mr. Lan has no objections, we will definitely get Ms. Lan’s consent with this matter. You should be able to tell that our young master has fallen in love with Ms. Lan. I believe Mr. Lan should feel assured to leave her with us.” When he heard the words from Lan Jinsong that contained slight objections, Guan Shiyuan who was sitting beside them laughed. What he meant was “once we have gotten your approval, we will just take Lan Ya back. She doesn’t have a choice!”

“Haha! Of course. The adoration shown by Young Master Fang, I am definitely able to see. I also believe that if she were to enter the Kunlun Sect, it would be her fortune. In addition to young master’s love, I’m assured,” Lan Jinsong laughed and said. But no matter how you saw his expression, it looked very unnatural as it looked forced.

At this moment, Lan Jinsong felt that he had fallen into a difficult situation. He knew that his daughter disliked Fang Wenxuan and also knew that because of the engagement, she was always very unhappy with him.

But since they wished to bring her away now, he really had no other choice. Calling the police? This kind of problem, the police wouldn’t even dare to interfere. If the Kunlun Sect were truly angered, he would definitely be turned into a pile of bones. Their way of handling things, he had witnessed before. All these years, how they created a smooth journey for his success, he definitely experienced their atrocities. Otherwise, how could he be so afraid of what they would be do to him?
It’s finally the weekend! Cheng Yu was prepared to bring Keke out today to go shopping. He pulled Keke out, and Zhao Yunfang ran out together with her, ”Cousin, are you bringing Keke out? I want to go as well!”

“Ok. Drive your previous Ferrari there. Let’s bring Keke around together.”

“Yay!” The little girl ran towards the garage excitedly.

An hour later, the trio arrived at Yang Ruoxue’s home. Yesterday night, Cheng Yu made an appointment with her. He would also bring his little sister to visit her. The moment Keke stepped into the house, Yang Ruoxue was already attracted to her.

Keke possessed a spiritual body. Her body was filled with spiritual Qi. Anyone who saw her would feel extremely comfortable and would have an impulse to carry her.

“Cheng Yu, when did you have such a cute little sister? Could she be your illegitimate daughter?!” Yang Ruoxue carried Keke and sat on the sofa. Nanny Zhang brought out a pile of snacks and placed them on the tea table. Zhao Yunfang sat down beside Yang Ruoxue and started to open up the snacks and passed them over to Keke.

[1] – TL Note – The longevity pill mention here is not the same longevity pill Cheng Yu refined. It is Kunlun’s version.Image result for beelzebub gif

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