Chapter 66: A Person’s First Kiss

As Zheng Mo looked at Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s face getting closer, her face instantly became red. Even her breathing quickened and her body slightly shuddered because she didn’t know what to do but look into Su Ke’s eyes.

“It’s an act!” Su Ke said these two words under his breath, his gaze hinting at the presence of the woman behind her. This was just to make it more realistic.

Zheng Mo’s brain was a mess though. The woman called Shang Yue had bothered her for over half a year already, always being the mouthpiece for Lu Hua like there was a profit to be had. It was very troublesome. Anyways, she could use this chance to make her give up and leave her alone.

Thinking until here, Zheng Mo found herself even more agitated ever since Su Ke embraced her shoulders. It was a bit callous, but she just needed to close her eyes and be done with it while Su Ke brought his face closer to hers.

Su Ke actually wanted to go all the way and ruthlessly dealt a blow to the woman that called him a loser. While looking at Zheng Mo’s delicate face with her flaming cheeks and tender lips, her eyes were closed tightly and her eyelashes trembled, making her look like someone going to war.

Faced with this look, a small flame slowly grew in Su Ke’s heart. His heart was already beating past its limit, so when he smelled Zheng Mo’s fragrance, his whole body heated up and his eyes focused on her tender and fragrant lips as he gulped down his saliva.
“Hong!” Su Ke then tasted something slightly refreshing and soft on his lips causing an electric current-like feeling to pass through his body and make him go numb.

At the same time when Zheng Mo suddenly trembled, she immediately opened her eyes and blankly stared at Su Ke. Unknowingly, she had gripped Su Ke’s arm very tightly.
Su Ke could see the panic in Zheng Mo’s eyes, causing him to feel like he was in the wrong, so he weakly said, “Sorry, I took the act too far!”

Zheng Mo was suddenly like a startled rabbit with none of the boldness from before. Su Ke then felt a pain in his arm because she gripped it even harder in revenge. He could only silently endure it though.

Suddenly, Su Ke heard the beep that indicated he completed a task from the system. Looks like he had unintentionally completed one. He never thought that he would be able to complete this task so easily either. This was another accidental blessing!

Zheng Mo’s heart was thumping in her chest as she looked at Su Ke’s genuine anxious behaviour. However, in order to put on an act for Shang Yue, she could only ruthlessly pinch Su Ke’s arm. After that though, Shang Yu wasn’t even behind them when she turned around; it was empty.

Su Ke, you pervert!” Without Shang Yue there, Zheng Mo finally exploded and waved her clenched fist around before rushing at Su Ke.
The kiss was rather short, so Su Ke was unable to remember how it felt. It was his first kiss, but he didn’t think it would be like Zhu Ba Jie eating ginseng and leaving behind no taste. When he saw the intense look in Zheng Mo’s eyes, his first reaction was to quickly escape from the situation.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry!” Su Ke tried to comfort Zheng Mo as he retreated backward.

“Go die you b**stard! That was my first kiss!” Zheng Mo finally blew her top when she saw how Su Ke was dodging her and hiding like a loach. She was so angry that she just stood there and pointed at Su Ke, “Hurry up and come here to die! If not, don’t blame me for the consequences!”

“Eh! Big Sister, please forgive me! It was also my genuine first kiss in eighteen years!” Su Ke stopped dodging and retreating, obediently walking in Zheng Mo’s vicinity. He did take advantage of her, so being slightly insulted is what he deserved.
“Come!” Su Ke’s humble apology as he grimaced looked like he was about to experience a severe punishment.

“Heng! For you!” Zheng Mo saw that Su Ke looked so angry that her teeth ached. Her first kiss was taken from her and over just like that. She then threw the iPhone box at Su Ke while her chest rose and fell as she breathed, causing a magnificent scene to unfold. Su Ke caught the phone and watched Zheng Mo flip out. She then turned around, wanting to head back to school. Such an outrage. He didn’t think that this lass would stay angry at him.

“Big sister, wait, wait!” Su Ke quickly caught up and pulled on Zheng Mo’s hand, which seemed boneless, delicate, and very comfortable to hold.

“What are you doing?” Zheng Mo’s face was gloomy as she stared at Su Ke, trying to contain her anger. Luckily, Su Ke didn’t see the tears clinging to her eyes.

“Big Sister, I’m starving!” Su Ke could only act pitiful.

“You deserve to starve, hurry up and move!” Zheng Mo didn’t think about moving at all as she pouted. She didn’t know why she didn’t shake off Su Ke’s grip on her hand though.

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In response, Su Ke also had an idea. “I was wrong! Please, my lady, have mercy and forgive me this once! I will definitely work like an animal to pay you back!” After he finished speaking, he pulled Zheng Mo towards him. “Let’s go, I’m really starving. We can go eat Ma La soup!”

Zheng Mo sat on the opposite of Su Ke and watched him devour the food. Her mind was chaotic and she didn’t know her own state. Of course she was angry! Not by much though. She gave away her first kiss to someone that was only 18! She was already 22; an old cow eating young grass, but wasn’t that also unskilled?

The young man in front of her was looking more and more pleasing to the eye. He had short and orderly hair, delicate cheeks, clear eyes, and a straight nose. He sometimes acted like an inexperienced shy maiden, while he was shameless, experienced, and repulsive in others.

Su Ke picked up the only meatball on the plate and strongly chewed it, finally quenching the hunger in his stomach. He then looked up at Zheng Mo before saying, “Little Mo, aren’t I still quite handsome?”

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“Handsome my *ss, you’re like an unripe eggplant!” Zheng Mo then glanced at him and her face changed. “Wei, what did you call me?”
“Eh, nothing. Big Sis, pass me your phone and take this one!” Su Ke put down his chopsticks before continuing,

“What do you want to do?” Zheng Mo could sense something, so she pushed the iPhone 4s box towards him. “I don’t want your phone. It’s not like I don’t have one and don’t have the money to buy my own!”

“Aiyo, don’t make such a fuss. You’re my girlfriend. Giving you a phone is what I should do. If not, the next time that Shang Yue finds you, once she sees that the phone you have is still the same, it’ll be a big blow to my pride! Aren’t you scared that Lu Hua won’t let you go?” Su Ke said as he pushed the box into her hands.

Su Ke saw that Zheng Mo was almost convinced, so he quickly urged her on. “Hurry up! At the least, just use it for a little while and then return it!”

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