Chapter 65: The Scent of an Apple

With a slender body and a height of about 1.7 meters, the woman in front of him seemed like a dancer. She wore a purple off-the-shoulder top edged with frills that ended under her arms, revealing the snow-white expanse of her shoulders. Her erect chest was firmly wrapped up, rendering them immovable.

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On her chest, there were frills threaded with silver, covering the top of her boobs. The covered and exposed parts contrasted very well, making her look even sexier. Her deep cleavage also disappeared inside, making the lights and shadows dance off her boobs, creating a very sexy vision.

Her long hair was pulled over her shoulder with a diamond-encrusted headband that reflected the light off the silver threads on her top. Her features could be described as pretty, but she was also slightly wan and there were bags under her eyes like she didn’t get enough sleep. I wonder what she did last night?

What made Su Ke2Su KeMain Character unhappy the most was that this woman was very condescending and called him a loser. He was depressed for a moment, not knowing why Zheng Mo had this kind of friend. When he glanced at her, she also looked unhappy.

Zheng Mo then shot a look at the woman who randomly appeared and turned her head, ignoring the other woman. “Su Ke, let’s go eat! You must be starving!”
“Wei, Zheng Mo, why are you so anxious to leave!? The iPhone 4 that my boyfriend bought for me feels really nice to use!” When she said this, the woman took out a white handphone from her purse that had a rectangular screen and an Apple logo.

“Look!” Seeing that Zheng Mo wanted to leave, Wei pushed her phone into her hands. “This is over 4000, so it’s quite hard to buy!! My boyfriend even said that he would get me the 4s when it comes out! The iPhone 4 will be useless to me then!”

Zheng Mo’s mouth curved down even more and she couldn’t stand it anymore. She then looked at the phone in her hand and half-heartedly said, “En, your boyfriend’s pretty good since he gave you such an expensive handphone!” While saying so, she passed it back to the woman.

“He he, that’s right. If you had gotten together with Lu Hua, you could have received whatever you wanted. I really don’t know why you want this poor kid. Looking at his clothes, you can tell that he bought them from some street stalls! The clothes I’m wearing right now are worth a few thousand and also gifts from my boyfriend!”

“Wei! Who are you? So what if Zheng Mo is willing to be my girlfriend? You’re just afraid that I’ll treat Zheng Mo as a treasure. Your boyfriend treats you like clothes; he’ll wear you when he wants to, and he’ll discard you when he wants to!” Su Ke was very angry. His stomach was already empty and this woman refused to let them go. The only thing she didn’t do was point directly at him.

“A loser is a loser!” The woman’s face obviously changed as she immediately retorted. “Zheng Mo has an old handphone because you don’t even know how to give her a new one! Even if you can’t buy her an iPhone 4, you can still buy a cheaper one! Beggar!” There was obviously a sense of humiliation and anger when the woman’s voice became shrill.

“Wei! Shang Yue, don’t you think that’s a bit too much!?” Zheng Mo Furrowed her eyebrows. She actually wanted to ignore her, but who knew that she would become even worse and scold Su Ke?
“I think there’s a problem with your eyes. Have you seen that BMW? My boyfriend’s family has one!” At this moment, Su Ke found out that the woman was called Shang Yue. Her name wasn’t bad, but the person herself is vain and very materialistic.

Su Ke still turned to where Shang Yue was pointing and was stunned. The car was getting more and more familiar while it was definitely getting closer to him.
Zheng Mo and Shang Yue were doubtful. Looking at the black BMW slowing down and actually stopping in front of them, she was even more surprised.

The driver side door suddenly opened and a walked out. He was wearing green military clothes and had muscled arms with a pair of sunglasses resting on his nose. He was also wearing combat boots despite the hot weather, and while he walked directly towards them, there seemed to be a blowing breeze.

“Brother Meng?” Su Ke, under the gazes of both Shang Yue and Zheng Mo, walked over and greeted the man.

“I’m glad you haven’t left yet. Boss specifically entrusted me to give this to you. If you want to treat her like a big sister, then you must accept because it makes communicating more convenient!” Ma Meng didn’t even pay attention to the two beauties, not even a glance.

He then passed a small box over to Su Ke before turning around to leave without any delay. His task being the main focus was the military way.
“Oh!” Su Ke was stunned. Ma Meng just drove away after that, disappearing once more. At this time, he finally looked at the box and noticed that it was colored white with

a picture of a phone on it. It actually looked like the phone that Shang Yue had. When he turned it over, he saw the Apple logo and then some English words printed on the side: iPhone 4s.

Zheng Mo and Shang Yue saw the man leave his BMW before briefly talking with Su Ke and handing him a box before leaving.
“A 4s, this should be the $s that woman mentioned!” Su Ke mumbled inwardly. His eyes lit then up and he immediately turned towards Zheng Mo’s direction.

“Little Mo, I asked some people to send the phone over. It’s the model that woman was talking about! For you!” Su Ke was smiling widely as he placed the box into Zheng Mo’s hands. He then naturally placed his arms across her shoulders and spoke to Shang Yue, “The iPhone 4 is history! Just get rid of it,! It’s so embarrassing to have in your hands!”

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Zheng Mo looked at the box in her hands and suddenly realized that Su Ke’s arm was around her shoulders. His masculine scent suddenly wafted over, causing her shoulders to suddenly feel hot before she twisted her body.

Su Ke then stared into Zheng Mo’s eyes and moved closer. Zheng Mo knew that Su Ke was finding his ‘face’, so she naturally didn’t reject; she even followed up with a sweet smile while saying, “Darling, you treat me so well!”

“That’s because you’re my one and only treasure. It’s tragic, but some women only get a phone after being played with.Speaking honestly though, there isn’t any loss!” Su Ke then glanced at Shang Yue after he finished..

The woman was struck dumb. How could a poor boy that was shabbily dressed become a young master that gets delivers from a bodyguard looking person driving a BMW?

Looking at the phone in Zheng Mo’s hands and comparing it to her own precious iPhone 4, she felt bitter. It’s what she deserved after she treated Su Ke that way, but she even offered up her *ss to get hers. Thinking until here while feeling throbbing pain from the tear, her face became even more white and powerless.

“Hei Hei! If Bae is happy, that’s all I need! Come! Let’s kiss!” Su Ke seemed to have entered a lustful state as he stared at her delicate and pretty cheeks that seemed to possess a lustre. Her smile and glittering narrow eyes also caused people to become intoxicated. She was pouting as Su Ke stood close to her.

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