Chapter 64: I’m a Loser?

Two red dollar bills were then unhurriedly placed in front of Su Ke2Su KeMain Character. He had no idea what to use 20 thousand dollars for because he’s never had that much. His parents’ annual salary was about this much!

It would be a lie if he said that his heart didn’t feel moved. His heartbeat and breathing sped up, while his hand slowly reaching forward. There was actually an almost unnoticeable shudder as he gulped down his saliva before Ke finally reached the money.

Liu Fei Hong just stared at Su Ke, while her gloomy expression just faded away. There was no choice but to acknowledge that this woman’s self-control was rather high since she could cover up her anger so quickly. She was smiling slightly right now, while her eyes held an indescribable feeling.

Suddenly, Su Ke’s hand dropped halfway before lightly turning the lazy susan on the table. The lazy susan moved slowly, then the 20 thousand dollars left him behind just like that. “Sister Fei Hong, I can’t accept the money. I think you misunderstood me. I was willing to accompany Liu Qing Qing because we’re friends!”

“Maybe you think that I can buy her things and make her happy with the money,, but you need to know that’s not what Qing Qing needs, she just needs the company!”

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Su Ke’s spoke these righteous words as he stood up and continued “Sorry, I have some business to attend to so I must leave first. Thank you Sister Fei Hong for your hospitality!”

It seems like the woman in front of him was no longer that easily triggered gang leader. Su Ke never thought about whether what he said would enrage her, but he did feel a bit uncomfortable in his heart.

“Su Ke, wait! Since you already called me sister, I won’t treat you unfairly. This money has no other meaning to me anyway, and I can’t just let you help for no pay. This is a sister’s request!” Liu Fei Hong also stood up before walking over to Su Ke for the first time.

Her fashionable short hair parted through the center, and she had a very nimble angular face that reflected her tough personality. She also wore a black shirt and pants that seemed to conceal her chest. When she reached Su Ke, it allowed him to feel her charisma.

She smelled slightly fragrant, while her eyes held a trace of regret. Su Ke froze and his gaze was drawn to her chest. Looks like her undergarments are also black! After he mulled over his inappropriate thought, he finally reacted.

“Sister Fei Hong, I already agreed to your request. At the same time, this is also a friend’s responsibility,” Su Ke then paused before continuing, “If Sister Fei Hong has the time to do so, then maybe you can accompany her more and talk!”

“Ah!” Liu Fei Hong opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out.

“This is my business card with my number on it. If Qing Qing has any problems, you can call me anytime. Of course, you can also call me if you any have problems of your own. Now, let’s eat! The main dish hasn’t even been served yet!”

“Maybe not, Sister Fei Hong. I actually have some business to attend to. You sent two goons to kidnap me today! I couldn’t even resist, I was like a trapped chicken!” Su Ke smiled bitterly. Just thinking about being so helpless while in their grasp made him feel discouraged.

“Oh, them. They’re all retired soldiers, so of course your tricks are useless. The video of you catching that thief wasn’t bad though!” Liu Fei Hong was like a big brother as she pinched his arm and smiled lightly, “You don’t have that much meat here either!”

“Eh, stop joking. My whole body is made of muscles!” Su Ke clenched his fists and flexed his arms, eliciting a laugh from Liu Fei Hong once again.

“If you have something to do, then I won’t hold you back; I’ll just treat you next time. I’ll have Ma Meng send you back now!” Liu Fei Hong was very efficient. Right after she finished speaking, she opened the door and headed out, causing Su Ke to have no other option but to follow.

“Ma Meng is just at the entrance, so I won’t see you off. I actually also have business to settle!” Liu Fei Hong spoke into the ears of a worker who was standing outside the door before turning her head and gesturing goodbye.

Looking at Su Ke’s fading silhouette, Liu Fei Hong went back into her room and picked up the phone before dialing a number.

“Brother Meng, do you mind sending me to Lang Fang institution? Su Ke sat in the car from before, while the driver was also the same.

“En!” Ma Meng was also in the same attire as earlier; a military green vest and black sunglasses. Su Ke was inwardly wondered how the gangsters could dress like soldiers!

Ma Meng drove fast and steady. While Su Ke was faced with regret about the table of delicacies from just now, the car had already stopped in front of the institution.

Su Ke then left the car and thanked Ma Meng, “Thanks Brother Meng!” Watching the car drive away, Su Ke rubbed his empty stomach, feeling a moment of depression. It’s so wasteful since he ate so much just now.J

Su Ke then dialed a number on his phone before eagerly waiting by the entrance,“Wei, Zheng Mo!”

“It’s Su Ke. I’m at your school’s entrance, so hurry and come pick me up!”

“Big sister, aren’t you a bit too slow?” Su Ke was expecting a lot, only tolerating the wait until his stomach gave off hunger sounds. Finally, he saw Zheng Mo walking out so he hurried to catch up.

“Wei, some people are girls okay. Before leaving, I have to look in the mirror no matter what. I don’t have any makeup either, so you better ask for Buddha’s protection!” Zheng Mo had released her ponytail, causing her hair to reach her butt. She also wore a striped faculty shirt with the bottom tied into a bow.

When she walked, it showed a hint of her soft pink and slim waist. What was most memorable though was seeing just a glimpse of her sexily exposed navel that looked like a small light bowl.

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She was also wearing a pair of hot pants that revealed her thighs and a pair of slippers. She enticed and attracted countless people as she walked

“I still haven’t eaten yet Big Sister! My stomach is going to eat itself! If you’re late for another minute, I’m afraid that I might already be taken away in an ambulance!” Su Ke looked helpless, while one hand rubbed his stomach.

“Let’s go, Big Sister will take you out for a big meal!” Zheng Mo was very straightforward. She immediately pointed at the restaurant opposite them and asked, “How about that one called taste if pure? Definitely can’t go wrong with that!”

Su Ke turned around and looked at where Zheng Mo was pointing to, then his head filled up with black lines. “Big sis, that place sells Mala soup! I want to eat meat!”

Suddenly, a beauty popped up out of nowhere while panting as she rushed over and stood next to Zheng Mo before asking,“Zheng Mo, who is this fella?” She then looked him up and down, and after seeing his discomfort, turned to Zheng Mo.

“Is he your boyfriend? He looks quite inexperienced! Did you reject Lu Hua’s proposal because of him? You can tell with one look that he’s a loser! How can he match up against Lu Hua!?” While speaking, the woman was frowning with a disdainful gaze and clicked her tongue incessantly.

“D*mn, I’m a loser?” Su Ke was depressed for a moment before wondering where this bull**** was even coming from. Even Su Ke was about to lose control and curse back.

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