Chapter 373: Lightning God Forbidden Area vanished


Beauty transcending the mortal world. Other than these four words, Long Yi couldn’t think of any other words to describe Si Bi’s beauty. Long Yi blankly stared at this devastatingly beautiful face without makeup and thought involuntarily, “Is this Si Bi? That saintess Si Bi with an angel’s face on the right and devil’s face on the left?”

Now, he only saw an exquisite and beautiful face without a single blemish, and just like a washed and starched, clear, cloudless sky, her face was so pure and fresh that it could anyone intoxicated. Her fine jade nose, pink lips, blackened eyebrows and that faint body fragrance similar to the fragrance of a musk deer, everything was in a perfect harmony, bringing out the best in each other. With such a perfect combination of the flawless features on her face, it made Si Bi seem like a goddess.

That blood-red birthmark on the left side of her beautiful face had completely disappeared as if it never existed in the first place, and it was replaced by smooth and tender jade-like skin. Unable to believe what he was seeing, Long Yi reached out his hands to caress Si Bi’s face. The only thing he felt was the fine and smooth tactile sensation on the tip of his finger. That birthmark that bothered both Si Bi and him for a long time had truly disappeared. Hereafter, she will no longer have a knot in her heart because of this reason. Currently, if anyone was to compare Si Bi to Long Ling’er and his sister, Wuhen, Si Bi wouldn’t lose out in terms of looks. She was in no way inferior to them and she was even pretty enough to make women under the heaven go mad with jealousy.

After caressing her face for a good while, Long Yi reluctantly moved his hand away. Now, his heart was full of satisfaction as he carried Si Bi in his arms and laid her onto the big bed. After placing Si Bi down on the bed, he remembered seeing his cousin Kexin just before he passed out, however, she was nowhere to be seen. He looked all around the Lightning God Temple, but there was not even a trace of her. As such, Long Yi could only give up looking for her as he returned back to the altar.

Looking around the altar, his gaze landed on the broken skeleton which was lying at the edge of the altar. The moment he laid his eyes on the skeleton, Long Yi felt a stinging pain in his heart. He sat next to Long Two and used Restoration Magic as he tried to reassemble Long Two’s skeleton. However, Long Two received too much damage and had too many injuries… There was simply no way to restore Long Two back to its normal state.

“Long Two, I’m sorry.” Long Yi muttered. Recalling how Long Two had repeatedly stood in front of him to defend him from the lightning god guardians’ attacks, he felt sour and astringent in his heart.

Long Yi stared at the pile of skeleton blankly for some time… Long Yi’s didn’t notice, but when he was staring at Long Two’s destroyed body, that faint shadow had appeared inside his sea of consciousness. The shadow looked all around, sizing up Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. When it saw the new state of Long Yi’s sea of consciousness, it began to laugh strangely before talking to itself, “Wonderful, wonderful, if he obtained the power of the remaining three spirit tablets as well, then that would be perfect! Even I don’t know how powerful he will become after fusing all seven divine powers, kekeke, I’m truly looking forward to it…”

The appearance of the shadow in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness would naturally be unable to escape his senses. He looked at Long Two for a little while before using his thoughts to ask, “Old fellow, can Long Two be saved?”

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“Since this skeleton is broken to such a degree, it is useless even if you use Dark Condensed Magic. What a pity, a skeleton that managed to develop a consciousness… This is something hard to encounter even once in ten thousand years…” The shadow shook its head in regret and said.

“Is there really no other way?” Long Yi was unwilling to give up. Long Yi was adamant about saving Long Two.

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The shadow pondered for a little while before suggesting, “It’s not like there is no way, the Dark Spirit Crystal Soul this skeleton had fused with has yet to be completely destroyed. However, if things remain as it is, the Dark Spirit Crystal Soul will be destroyed as time goes by. You just need to repair its body using those six demonic dragon horns you obtained from that three-headed demonic dragon.”

“No problem, aren’t they just six dragon horns?” Long Yi agreed without any hesitation. He had once thought of using these six demonic dragon horns to forge himself a powerful weapon, but as soon as he heard that the six demonic dragon horns were able to save Long Two from being completely destroyed, he instantly gave up on forging a weapon. In any case, he still had the Lightning God armor and weapon, although he couldn’t use them yet, he would definitely be able to use them in the future.

“Since that is the case, I will help you once. However, you must return to Lost City’s dark space as soon as possible.” The shadow mentioned the dark space once again.

“Don’t be fussy. I have not forgotten the matter I promised you.” Long Yi grinned and said. However, in his heart, he was making lots of guesses on why the shadow wanted him to go to that dark space so badly. This shadow knew the existence of that dark space, but how did he know it? Could it be……

Long Yi shook his head, that shouldn’t be the case.

Next, Long Yi threw Long Two’s broken-down skeleton and six demonic dragon horns into his dark dimension space as he began the restoration of Long Two’s body while listening to the instruction of that shadow.


“Big sister Wushuang, can you sense our husband?” Nalan Ruyue anxiously looked towards Wushuang. They had been waiting here for a very long time, but they were unable to spot any movements at all.

Wushuang shook her head and said nothing, but her complexion was much better compared to before. Not long ago, her heart suddenly shrunk. She thought that she had heard a painful groan coming from Long Yi in her head. However, the most terrifying matter to her wasn’t Long Yi’s groan, it was that the connection between her and Long Yi broke off all of a sudden, which made her feel absolutely terrified. At that time, her heart completely collapsed as she knew that Long Yi had definitely run into danger. After sensing that the connection between the two of them were lost, she felt extremely stressed and her nerves were taut. Only after feeling that the connection between herself and Long Yi had been reestablished, Wushuang relaxed.

Not far away, Liu Xu who was wearing her skintight scale armor stood with her hands folded in front of her chest. Pang Niu was dozing off as she was wrapped around Liu Xu’s shoulders. As for Barbarian Bull, he was sitting near the door, repeatedly wiping his Greenstone rule.

After a good while, little Pang Niu yawned and woke up from her sleep.

“Niu’er, let’s go back with your big sister, I don’t know when that fellow will come out.” Liu Xu patted the little head of Pang Niu and said. Liu Xu didn’t know when, but she had also begun to address her sister as Niu’er.

“No, I want to wait for my father to come out.” Niu’er didn’t agree with her sister and earnestly looked at the door of the Lightning God Temple.

Liu Xu coldly snorted and stood there, jealous. In her heart, she had already cursed Long Yi thousands, if not ten thousands of times. Her only family member was unexpectedly closer to him than herself, so how could she feel good about it?

At this time, the silverish-purple mist in the entire Lightning God Space suddenly changed into purple light. With a flash, the purple light sped into the Lightning God Temple. The moment the purple light entered the temple, the door of the Lightning God Temple which was originally sealed slowly opened with a creak.

Finally, Long Yi appeared in front of Wushuang and others surrounded by a silverish-purple radiance. He still had his signature bad smile on his face and his black hair was flowing off the top of his head. Even though Long Yi looked the same to them, they felt as though he had been separated from them for a very long time.

“Boss, you finally came out! Are you alright?” Barbarian Bull who was sitting beside the door sprang to his feet the moment Long Yi appeared. His bull eyes were full of excitement and a faint glow was also visible.

Long Yi patted the shoulder of Barbarian Bull and said with a smile, “What kind of person do you think I, your boss am? This trifling Lightning god Temple can be regarded as a fart in front of me.” Long Yi boasted. Long Yi had no idea what the Lightning God would have thought if he heard these words. In fact, the Lightning God might regret passing on the Lightning God inheritance to Long Yi.

Barbarian Bull continuously nodded his head. He had already divinized Long Yi in his heart, and he subconsciously felt that there was nothing in this world Long Yi was incapable of.

“My husband.” Nalan Ruyue dashed over, bringing the sweet fragrance of a young woman with her and rushed into his bosom. She didn’t care if there were anyone watching them, the only thing she knew was that Long Yi came out of the Lightning God Temple safely.

Long Yi stroke the back of Nalan Ruyue as he looked towards Wushuang. Even without exchanging words, they knew what the other was thinking.

“Big sister Ruyue, aren’t you done yet? Father has yet to hug me!” Niu’er’s immature voice resounded in everyone’s ears. She had already endured for a long time, but now, Niu’er was no longer able to keep quiet after seeing that Long Yi was safe.

Nalan Ruyue awkwardly left Long Yi’s embrace as she stared at Niu’er. In the blink of an eye, Niu’er was hanging on Long Yi’s neck with her face in his chest. She rubbed her small head against his chest as she refused to let go of Long Yi.

“Ya…… you all……” Nalan Ruyue retreated and exclaimed. She suddenly saw three women behind Long Yi, Naturally, they were Si Bi, Leng Youyou, and Feng Ling. However, she didn’t manage to recognize a single one of them. As a matter of fact, Si Bi and her were saintesses of the Light Church, and they had seen each other before. However, every time they met, Si Bi was wearing a hood, which didn’t allow Nalan Ruyue to see her face. As such, even though another one of the Light Church’s saintess was standing in front of her, she was unable to recognize her. Not to mention that Si BI had changed into an outstanding beauty. Even though Si Bi was wearing a priestess robe, no one dared to confirm her identity as she looked really different from before.

Long Yi moved sideways and allowed everyone to look at the three women who were standing behind him.

“Wushuang…… you came back? My husband, why didn’t you tell me?” Leng Youyou was pleasantly surprised to see Wushuang and she immediately rushed over to her.

Wushuang was startled and she looked towards Long Yi for help. Her memories were still lost and she wasn’t able to recognize who was Leng Youyou.

Long Yi walked over with a wry smile and explained the situation. After that, he introduced both Feng Ling and Si Bi to everyone. However, for an unknown reason, Feng Ling was in low spirits ever since she woke up. She hugged Long Yi and had cried bitterly for a long time.

After learning that the beautiful woman wearing a priestess robe was actually Si Bi, Nalan Ruyue didn’t dare to believe her eyes. Who didn’t know that Saintess Si Bi of the Proud Moon Empire had a large blood-red birthmark on the left side of her cheek? However, when she looked at Si Bi currently, both the left and right side of her face was spotlessly white, without any blemish, which made her face seem like the most beautiful jade in this world. If she were to honestly compare herself with Si Bi who was standing in front of her, she had to admit that Si Bi was indeed prettier than herself.

Even Si Bi was unwilling to believe that the birthmark on her face had disappeared. As such, it was not surprising that other people were shocked when they looked at her. When she woke up on the soft bed Long Yi had taken out, she saw Long Yi staring at her with a warm smile from the bedside. At that time, she felt that the world was beautiful like never before, being able to keep her life and see her beloved in front of her as soon as she woke up, she was incomparably satisfied. However, she was shocked when Long Yi took out a magic mirror and showed her the changes to her face. Seeing the delicate and goddess-like appearance reflected on the magic mirror, Si Bi trembled and raised her little hands to touch her face, unable to believe what she was seeing. At that moment, she wept. She practically thought that she was dreaming and didn’t even dare to blink her eyes fearing that everything would disappear like a soap bubble as soon as she blinked.

Suddenly, the entire Lightning God Space began to rumble and fluctuate. Then the huge Lightning God Temple began to fade and dissipate and waves after waves of space distortion appeared in front of them.

It was not only the Lightning God Space, this situation appeared in the entire Lightning God Forbidden Area. The scenery inside began to vanish into thin air and everyone inside the Lightning God Forbidden Area felt like their heads were spinning.

The entrance of the Lightning God Forbidden Area also undergone a huge change the moment the Lightning God Temple disappeared. The boulder where the four words, ‘Lightning God Forbidden Area’ written in large words suddenly disintegrated, changing into powder. After the boulder disappeared, a silverish-purple mist emerged from the entrance of the Lightning God Forbidden Area and blocked the already dim light coming from the hazy moon.

Fortunately, this mist slowly dissipated quickly and everything settled down in a short period of time. All the people stationed in front of the Lightning God Forbidden Area were stunned. The entrance of the Lightning God Forbidden Area disappeared, and rows of towering trees grew out from the ground. Now, this place was covered densely with leafy shade and was full of overgrown bushes with brambles. Wasn’t this just a pristine forest now?

“Someone has definitely completed the mission of the Lightning God Forbidden Area.” Someone realized what had happened and quickly shouted. As a result, they competed to notify others, and some adventurers groups began to rush into the pristine forest in the front. All of them were blind with greed and wanted to snatch the spoils of war from the troops what had completed the mission.

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