Chapter 22- KMega Vs Terrar

Over the next day, they made their final preparations and readied themselves for the night assault. They made ladders, a battering ram, and mobile walls for the siege. KMega6KMegacharacter knew that one good mage could take all of that out, but still. He wasn’t planning on walking away from this in a game point of view. He had to admit that it was fun being a knight for a short while.

While thinking about such things, it was now time to begin the assault as he led the thirteen hundred soldiers.

By the time he started streaming, it was 1AM in game.


As quietly as they could, they made their way to the fortress undetected surprisingly easy. This of course is because another revolt was taking place inside.

After easily dispatching a scant guard that was asleep at his post while watching the gate, they were undetectable.

To KMega’s surprise soon after, he heard people screaming and fighting inside the fortress. He then pushed his own soldiers stealth to the limit as they silenced the guards one by one and walked towards the gate.


This video would later be called the ‘bandit in the night’. This is because how stealthy the small army was when they seized the fortress. There was no mercy from the Eastguard soldiers either. By morning, the fortress would be theirs with only a few serious fights taking place.

This one will also become one of KMega’s top ten Sword Kingdom videos.


KMega reached the dungeons after working his way through the empire’s soldiers. He could only take a small force though because they had to clear the bodies away. A mercenary had also alerted the others to their presence. Instantly, the one sided struggle became a pincer attack.

The empire didn’t stand a chance, but they weren’t going to die without a fight. The last remaining hundred imperials locked themselves up, ready to fight as KMega led the charge with his greatsword.


[The god of war is pleased with your actions. Stats temporarily restored. There is no penalty.]

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KMega knew the blessings weren’t random. It was rare for a player to be blessed so many times though. They don’t normally even occur more then three times for a character unless they’re a devoted follower of that said religion. He wondered if it was some kind of bug.

It wasn’t though, he just met the prerequisite conditions for a blessing instead.


He received his first blessing in the last battle after he saved an npc with high loyalty and affinity towards him while putting himself in great peril. The second one had the condition of him doing something great in battle after becoming enraged. This time though, it was because he was retaking the land he was a knight of. On top of that, he was conducting a rescue mission.


As KMega led the push further into the enemy soldiers, a mercenary intercepted him. Unexpectedly, he managed to stop KMega’s greatsword with just an earth spell shield.

“Who the hell are you?! Some Eastguard knight that ran away?” (Terrar)

KMega sneered as his curse stat was raised by one while he remembered not running from the last battle, but still losing.

“I will never run away from a fight! I am the Last Knight of Eastguard!” (KMega)

After declaring his intentions, the knight’s oath class buff activated and doubled his stats.

It only lasted ten seconds, but that was more then enough for KMega to push the mercenary to the side and crush him with his next attack.

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A moment later, after the mercenary died, his inventory was flooded with armor and weapons from the Eastguard soldiers.

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