Chapter 21- They Sure Grow Fast!

KMega6KMegacharacter spent all day building up the camp and making plans for the assault on the fortress. The fortress was normally nothing more than an lookout and marshal spot to keep bandits from nesting in the area. However, the empire saw it as an important stronghold to prevent the allied nations from flanking their forces, so they put a division there after conquering it.

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However, unknown to KMega and those of the remaining Eastguard forces, the Empire lost more of their division then they expected to while taking the stronghold from it’s desperate fighters. To top it off, they lost another large group when they poked a dragon4dragonspecies’s lair unknowingly. This left the fortress severely undermanned. The prisoners they took who couldn’t be sent enmass to the empire as slaves were also sent there. The stationed soldiers there have already put down two revolts, leading to even more casualties.


Terrar was at Jork fortress as a mercenary. After his death at the hands of the dragon, he has become an enemy of Eastguard and his reputation has become worse than crap. He was left with no choice but to abandon his original plans of gaining a noble’s favor at the cost of the dragon egg and abandon the country. He was forced to become a sell sword for the empire. The work suited him and he built a reputation. When the war with Eastguard came, he received huge returns from experience and loot. One such item was a drake fang necklace that gave him a good stat boost, but there was a penalty because the true owner was still alive. A gain in some insignificant curse stat meant nothing to him compared to the bonuses he gained.


Still, he wasn’t foolish enough to wear such a valuable item all the time, so he only wore it when there was no risk of losing it. When he wasn’t wearing it, he put it in his cash box. A cash box is a  secure personal storage space that can never have it’s items taken out by another player as long as they aren’t quest related. The loot he received from the battles he was apart of has already filled it to capacity. Because of this, he needed to get to his fence (black market dealer) to unload it and get the coin he was hoping for. Until the relief forces came and his contract was over, he had to endure with all the armor of the dead he had in his inventory weighing him down.



When KMega logged back in, he looked at the young dragonoid in wonder. The infant he saw last time had turned into a young girl about the age of ten. Not only could she speak fluently, but she was also very skilled. She was skilled in every craft and job; magic, chores, maintenance, alchemy, blessings and so much more. To top it off, the soldiers loved her carefree innocence. While he was gone, several hundred more soldiers came and were bewildered by the charming youth.


When she finally saw KMega wake up, she rushed over to him and gave him a hug before exclaiming.

“Big brother!” (Young Dragonoid Girl)

Her announcement was an alarm to all the nearby soldiers.

KMega then held her close as one soldier moved forward.

“Sir, are you the kin of dragons?” (Soldier)

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This was obviously a chance to change his race.

“Some time ago, a man stole a dragon’s egg. Through his actions, a town was destroyed with me in it.” (KMega)

KMega nostalgically thought about his first death.

“Me and this dragonid have been destined together by some greater power.” (KMega)


[Account title ‘dragon’s wife’ has been acquired! When two dragons souls join together, they become eternal mates. They are destined to reincarnate together in their future lives as siblings or lovers. Because your first Green corporation game character was female, this title designation has been given. From now on, all Green corporation games you play will have your character have at least one dragon ancestor.]


KMega was in disbelief. Because of a dare when he was nine, he now had the title of ‘wife’.

He was annoyed to a small degree, but then a teenage thought crossed his mind. If he played as a female character…. His thoughts only lasted for a moment though.

He had waited long enough risking an imperial ambush. He figured that if he didn’t act soon, they would be spotted and attacked with an equal number of enemies.

“Have all the preparations been completed?” (KMega)

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