Chapter 342 – Amorous Infatuation

Earlier on, he viewed death lightly, leaving everything to fate. Now, he possessed a strong desire to survive.

Survive, so that he can be together with her.

No matter the cost…

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The ancient bowl was held within Ji Mo Ya’s hand as it slowly transformed into an ordinary rock.

In this new state, there would be no worry of it breaking into pieces or being spotted by others.

The sounds of battle in the sky were also getting more and more intense.

Ji Mo Ya secured the transformed ancient bowl within a crack within a rock before telling Huan Qing Yan, “Try now.”


Huan Qing Yan swallowed her saliva nervously. She must bring Ji Mo Ya in with her, she must! He was her man god, the person she liked the most, she must bring him in with her…

Her strong will filled up her mind.

She felt her head feeling heavy while her limbs feeling light, and in a blink, she discovered herself to be within the dimension.

She anxiously looked to her side…

Ji Mo Ya was there!

Wuu wuu wuu, Ji Mo Ya had also entered!

Ji Mo Ya was maintaining his posture of half hugging her, an expression of being pleasantly surprised was evident on his face. He casually swept his gaze at his surroundings before retracting it and focused on Huan Qing Yan.

The two exchanged their gazes; relief, excitement, their long-repressed love for each other, everything was released at that instant when relief washed over them.

Noticing the wolf-like hungry eyes that Ji Mo Ya was using while looking at her had caused Huan Qing Yan to faintly blush, she had wanted to turn her face away, but Ji Mo Ya had the upper hand and assaulted her cherry little lips…

It was intense yet berserk.

It was as though everything that ever mattered, was being vent through this kiss.

The lips and tongue that possessed Ji Mo Ya’s unique scent sucked tightly; his tongue was like a torrential rain, leaving her with no place to hide; she had no other choice but to respond as the sweetness within her mouth was being sucked away. The suction had caused Huan Qing Yan’s body to go soft, causing her to lean powerlessly against Ji Mo Ya, allowing him to do as he pleased.

It was unknown how long had passed, time seemed to have stopped before Ji Mo Ya finally released Huan Qing Yan’s lips.

Huan Qing Yan had long gone soft and powerless, her cheeks flushed a charming red and her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she panted.

Ji Mo Ya’s originally calm breathing immediately turned heavy. His eyes gazed down, a fair and slender hand landed on one of the peaks in front of him and began to rub and squeeze…

Huan Qing Yan felt a shiver running through her body, she stared at Ji Mo Ya with her eyes slightly teared; it contained traces of gentleness, traces of panic, as well as some traces of amorous infatuation. Her gaze caused Ji Mo Ya’s lower region to tighten; his hand looked as though it had gone out of control as it slid into her robe.

A soft, warm, jade-like sensation was felt, causing Ji Mo Ya to suck in a deep breath. He lowered his head and once again connected their lips…


Between the panting and gasping, Huan Qing Yan finally managed to say, “So vicious again, are you really a noble young master? You should be called a wolf instead!”

She firmly pushed back Ji Mo Ya, causing Ji Mo Ya to fall onto the grass.

Yet after he landed on the grass, he did not get up as he had fainted.

He originally had serious internal injuries and none of his internal organs were left undamaged; he had not shown any pained expression all this time because he did not want Huan Qing Yan to worry.

Now, with his heavy heart released, plus the intense kissing, he could no longer hold on and fainted in relief.

His mouth curled as it contained traces of a contented smile at being able to steal kisses.

Huan Qing Yan did not know and jumped in shock. She quickly checked his pulse, and only after confirming that he had fainted did her anxious heart finally settle down.

She touched her puffy lips, as she wondered if she should get angry or smile, “You deserve it, who told you to take advantage of me when you are already so heavily injured. Even kissing me so viciously!”

After spending some effort, she managed to bring him into the Resting Lounge of the wooden building to rest.

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