Chapter 343 – Without Any Resistance

Ji Mo Ya did not have any external injuries; it was his internal injuries that caused him to fall unconscious. She went into the Storage Room in a hurry and with the help of the ancient bowl, she found a Replenishing Jade Ophiocordyceps. It possessed the property of recovering the body and was especially effective in treating internal injuries.

She did not know if it would be enough or not; she ground it into pieces, cooked a soup with it, and fed it to Ji Mo Ya.

When she has more time, she would prepare some medicinal foods for him to consume and slowly recuperate.

After drinking the soup made from Replenishing Jade Ophiocordyceps, Ji Mo Ya’s breathing also got calmer. Huan Qing Yan decided to give him a bath (Cuppa: *smirk*); he was a person who liked to stay clean, now that he was covered in blood and dirt, how could he feel comfortable?

After collecting some of the hotspring’s water, she roughly wiped through his body. Ji Mo Ya’s choice of clothing had always seemed to make him look slightly skinny, but when she took off his clothes, hiding underneath was a muscular and lean body, causing Huan Qing Yan to nearly have a nosebleed when she saw it.

Most importantly, for some unknown reasons, she had a fatal attraction to his blood.

She dared not get too close to him as she was deeply worried that she would lose control and drink his blood. His injuries were already too heavy. If blood loss was added, it would without a doubt be fatal to him.

After roughly washing him halfway, she dared not continue any further.

Since she could not continue washing, she wrapped him up in a blanket before staying beside him, staring at him as though she could not have enough of it.

She still found it unbelievable that a day like this had happened.

Under her devilish claws, the man god was groped and washed by her without any resistance…

This was something that she could only imagine in the past, yet it had happened.

The reincarnated girl within her mind had wanted to speak but eventually stopped herself in the end.

Huan Qing Yan also did not wish to communicate with her in the current situation; she only wanted to stay beside Ji Mo Ya and guard him, hoping nothing would happen to him.

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After calming down, she remembered their conversation before they entered the dimension, those words of love said by Ji Mo Ya, left a rich aftertaste inside her…

The man god likes her! He said that he was thinking of her every single moment!

This fact had caused her happiness meter to explode; as she stared and enjoyed the view, the feeling of drowsiness began to assault her.

With great sadness and great happiness, she leaned against Ji Mo Ya and fell into a deep sleep.


Five Black Mountain Range.

The earth moved and the mountains swayed; the Silver Wolf King gritted his teeth as it sacrificed a drop of its essence blood and transformed into a huge heavenly wolf; with a stomp of its leg, the mountain range shook and trembled.

Earlier on, it did not use such an extreme method because it felt that Ji Mo Ya could not drag things out for long and his formation should not be able to last long, so there was no need to use such a big skill and waste its essence blood.

When things progressed to the later stage, seeing that the formation was about to break, it felt that spending a few more days to wait for the formation to fall apart from within made no difference since it had already endured for so long. Ji Mo Ya, that brat, had nowhere to escape now, after all.

In the end, the members of Surging Wave Academia had arrived and spoilt his plan!

Its target this time was Ji Mo Ya, so despite those human cultivators escaping; it could not be bothered to chase after them.

However, Ji Mo Ya’s presence suddenly disappeared; despite being proficient in tracking, the Silver Wolf King discovered that it could not detect him within a radius of a hundred miles…

Only then did the Silver Wolf King finally panic!

It was not easy for a demon to nurture a drop of essence blood; each drop consumed would lead to a sharp drop in their cultivation, but it could not be bothered about that detail any longer.

It could not slip up when things had reached this point.

If it failed the mission, not only would it be hard for it to explain, its reputation would also be badly damaged. If it completes the mission, only great benefits awaited.

It can only stake it!

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“That brat should be heavily injured, it would be impossible for him to escape so quickly, so it is highly likely that he is hiding somewhere around here…”

The Silver Wolf King swore to excavate the whole Five Black Mountain Range to find Ji Mo Ya.

Unfortunately, despite digging through several mountains and searching every single nook and crevice, all it managed to find were rocks and earth…. Nothing that could hide a person could be found…


Huan Qing Yan woke up as she felt the waves of tremors.

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