Chapter 20- Is She a Pet or What?

[You have just witnessed the lvl 586 red dragon4dragonspecies queen breathe her last breath. Her soul will not cast vengeance on you for using her body as you see fit.]

Only allowed on


[Beta Test Quest updated! Care for the soul bound humanoid dragon. Notice! You’re a legal adult so your preferences have been automatically changed to abide by this quest. If you cancel this change, the quest is cancelled and all rewards will disappear.]


Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

Several more messages appeared before KMega6KMegacharacter after the initial one about the adult features being turned on. There was a legal notice, lore change, event updates, and much more. More than twenty confirm messages appeared and blocked his stream feed. To those watching, he was just looking at the dead dragon. KMega then closed his eyes with a headache because he was tired of reading.

Suddenly, another message appeared.


[Please name your companion!]


As he was reading it, the glowing rock split in two and a small child emerged from it and started crying. He quickly put a block on his stream as he walked towards the infant. He then noticed that unlike its mother; the child was humanoid, while her arms, legs, back, and sensitive areas had red scales. She also had a tail and horns on her head. Her hands were in the outline of human hands, but each digit resembled a dragon’s talon. The same could be said for her feet.


After cleaning her up and wrapping a cloth around her, he looked at the dragon’s mother as he removed the block on his stream. He understood why he had to die back then. Any mother worth anything would have done the same. KMega chose not to do anything to her as he left the cave. He then set down the young dragon a safe distance away as he turned back towards the cave and climbed on the hill over it. With his great sword in hand, he jumped with all his might and used meteor strike right over the mouth of the cave.


[You have sealed the cave of the deceased dragon queen. This dragon will never become undead. The dragon corpse will also return to the world. A rare flower will bloom here for those noble of heart and mind. Fire dragon’s tear has been acquired! If fed to a dragon, their health will be restored and any ailment will vanish. Can also be used to resurrect a downed companion. This item doesn’t expire.]


There was more than one reason why he sealed off the entrance to the cave. For starters, he was  still suffering from the trauma of losing an npc he had built a relationship with. A level six hundred field boss is also something that is too high leveled for him to do anything with. Even if he did have enough time to do something, he didn’t have the means to do anything with the dragon. He also didn’t want anyone else claiming the dragon. It was only for a few moments, but he did have respect for the dragon. The epic drop was also just a bonus for his actions.



By the time they arrived back at camp, everyone else noticed his disappearance.

When they saw him carrying a strange infant after he returned, everyone was curious.

KMega was tired because of everything that’s happened today, but he still gave her a warm bath and some goat milk to drink.

He then commanded the other soldiers to care of her before he logged out.

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