Chapter 8: A Beautiful Misunderstanding


The next day, when Chen Yue found out Su Le actually went to Wei Chu’s place, her expression was so fierce it looked like Su Le owed her a lot of money.

When Chen Yue found out Su Le went there empty handed and came back with a full stomach, she really wanted to strangle Su Le. “You are really, really sure you didn’t already privately know Senior Wei?” asked Chen Yue, still unwilling to let it go, as she bit into a big apple.

Sitting at the computer desk, Su Le nodded without turning to look at Chen Yue. Her face remained focused on her laptop screen, as she started to write about the male lead and female lead’s argument scene. Unexpectedly, Chen Yue was silent, which was unlike her, causing Su Le to turned around to look at her. “What’s wrong?” Su Le asked after drinking some coffee from a cup on the desk.

Chen Yue bit into the apple two more times before throwing it into the bin and went to sit by Su Le, “What do you think of Senior Wei?”

“Rich, handsome and attractive,” Su Le replied as she saved her file and opened up the discussion forum. “You’re interested in him?” She asked while scrolling through.

Chen Yue stayed silent for while before she stood up and sighed, “I’m crazy to discuss this type of thing with you. Be good, carry on writing your novels and browsing the net.” She left after speaking.

Su Le stared at the door, puzzled. What was that supposed to mean?

When Su Le was still working, she was so busy she felt like dying, but now that she was unemployed, she played until she was so bored she like felt like dying as well.

For two days, Su Le had remained at home before she finally decided to leave the apartment and attend an interview at a company. No matter what the results were, it was still better than staying at home. After all, people can end up developing social anxiety disorder from staying at home for too long.


Su Le arrived at the beverage company’s headquarters to attend an interview. The education requirement for this job was having an undergraduate degree or above. Once Su Le arrived at the waiting room, she unexpectedly discovered there were about thirty odd candidates already waiting, also the majority of the candidates were pretty women. Su Le looked down at her own 6cm high heels before looking at the others who were all wearing at least 8cm high heels. She suddenly felt like she was shorter than everyone else.

When she entered the interview room, there were two interviewers – one male and one female. From the beginning, Su Le was not very bothered if she managed to get this job or not, so at the moment she was not nervous. In the interview, they asked some typical questions like if one can bear hardships, work overtime, go on business trips and a few other questions.

“Our company products are classified, as normal consumer goods are different from luxury goods. I looked at your CV, your previous job was working at a multinational company, why did you resign?”

“Mainly because the company was not suitable for me.” Su Le laughed, “It’s like when a woman marries a rich and powerful man, but they ended up getting a divorce because they are not suitable for each other.”

“That comparison is interesting,” the female interviewer chuckled, before lowering her head to carry on reading Su Le’s CV. “You graduated from a famous university and your major is not bad, so getting employed should not be difficult. Why did you choose our company?”

Su Le thought for a bit, “Mostly because whenever people ask me what I want to drink, I mostly say fruit juice.” This company made products like fruit juice.

“Very interesting,” the woman marked on Su Le’s CV and said, “Ok, you can go back now and wait for our call.”

Su Le was not affected by that comment, she went with the flow and stood up while smiling at them, “Thank you, goodbye.”

The woman nodded, she gave off an aloof, but comfortable feeling. “Goodbye.”


The sun was shining brightly as Su Le exited the building and just as she wanted to leave, a car suddenly stopped in front of her. Su Le blinked. Only when the car window was rolled down did she recognise the owner of the car, “Hello, Senior Wei.”

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Wei Chu didn’t mind her distant attitude, “Did you come to find Chen Yue?”

Su Le shook her head and pointed at the building behind her, “I came for an interview.” After speaking she saw Zhuang Wei and Lin Qi, holding hands and exiting the opposite building together. Su Le checked the time, 11 AM – time to find something to eat.

“Where are you going? I’ll give you a lift,” Wei Chu said, as he got out from his car. Luckily, this place allowed cars to park, otherwise he would have gotten a ticket. Wei Chu went to Su Le’s side and asked, “Have you eaten already?”

Su Le retracted her gaze, “No need, I’ll just take a taxi back …”
“Senior Wei,” Lin Qi said in a pleasant voice, but to Su Le that voice gave her a feeling of dread. She looked towards Zhuang Wei and Lin Qi who were already heading towards them. Suddenly, Su Le felt like she must have owed them a great debt in her previous life, if not, why else would she keep running into them.

When Zhuang Wei saw Wei Chu standing beside Su Le, his eyes darkened, and he only spoke after he got closer, “Su Le, what are you doing here?”

Su Le gave a false smile, “Of course I only came here because I had something to do.” She looked at Lin Qi who was smiling prettily and thought to herself if she should find an excuse to leave. After all, the thickness of her face could not be compared to that of Lin Qi’s. Also the area they were in had several office buildings so if they caused a scene here, it would be too humiliating.

“Su Le, are you and Senior Wei dating?” Lin Qi smiled sarcastically, “You are worthy of being one of the department’s beauties, your charm can’t be compared.”

After listening to Lin Qi, Su Le had a feeling that Lin Qi was cursing her as if she was the mistress. This feeling really left a bad taste in her mouth, so Su Le smiled, “No, compared to you, I am nothing.”

“You’re too modest,” Lin Qi laughed forcefully and didn’t speak again.

Unexpectedly, it was Zhuang Wei who opened his mouth, “We are currently going to eat. Do you want to join us?” As for the “you”, of course Zhuang Wei was talking to both Wei Chu and Su Le.

Su Le wanted to reject, but Wei Chu, who was standing beside her, spoke first, “I’ll treat today. No matter how you say it, I’m still your senior classmate by two years.” Wei Chu opened the car door and nudged Su Le to go in before turning around to ask Zhuang Wei, “Did you drive here? If not, let’s all go together.”

“No need,” Zhuang Wei’s smile was turning somewhat unsightly. “It’s fine as long as you lead the way.”

Sitting in Wei Chu’s car, Su Le was massaging her forehead, she really wanted to strangle Lin Qi and trample on Zhuang Wei to death. She really wished that this cheating couple would disappear from her life and leave her alone.

“I know an Sichuan restaurant where the food tastes authentic, let’s go and try it together,” Wei Chu saw that Su Le’s mood was not very good but he didn’t ask about it and instead carried on speaking, “I heard they recently hired a new chef.”

Su Le smiled at Wei Chu, “Thank you.” Su Le would say that she was someone who was poised, but there were times where even poised people would come across someone who came up with all sorts of ways to scheme against them and in those times, she found that being poised was not useful. Su Le could not do what Lin Qi did to her and snatch someone else’s boyfriend, but she also didn’t want to be like Lin Qi either.

Seeing Su Le like this this, Wei Chu squinted and played an CD where all the songs were lively and made people think of the happy times in their childhood.

Looking at Wei Chu, Su Le thought this man was really considerate and she suddenly remembered the times when she was dating Zhuang Wei. Because Zhuang Wei did not like spicy food, it has been a long time since she had eaten Sichuan food. So … could this meal be considered as tormenting Zhuang Wei’s stomach?


On arrival, Wei Chu parked his car, before going to open the car door for Su Le, “Let’s go.”

Su Le looked at the Sichuan restaurant in front of her and upon remembering that it was mentioned in gourmet food magazine before, she couldn’t help but wait in anticipation for the food.

The decor of the restaurant gave out an ancient feeling. After getting a table, Wei Chu and Su Le sat on one side while Zhuang Wei and Lin Qi sat on the other, as the waiters brought out two menus for them.

Wei Chu selected a couple of signature dishes, before asking Su Le what else she wanted eat. The two of them were leaning close to each other. Su Le was immune to Wei Chu’s charm and she acted very normally, leaning closer to Wei Chu to look at the menu. After adding on two more dishes Su Le said, “Can we actually finish all those dishes?”

Wei Chu smiled, “It’s no problem. Anyways, we only came here to try the food.”

Nevertheless, Su Le smiled back, “Is that so, but I would feel bad,” but she then ordered two more dishes, before calmly lifting the tea cup to her lips. You really couldn’t tell she was feeling bad about it.

Zhuang Wei only needed to look at the menu to instantly know from the names that the dishes here would be very spicy and he had a feeling that his stomach was going to suffer. He only ordered the few that were not spicy. As for Lin Qi, she didn’t even get the chance to speak and Zhuang Wei did not ask what she did like to eat.

As the dishes came onto the table, it was expected that the dishes were mostly red and green. Although tasty, they also looked very spicy. Su Le ordered a couple cans of Sprite as well. Drinking Sprite while eating spicy food, even though the combination did not seem very high class, it was utterly satisfying.

Zhuang Wei saw Su Le eating the spicy steamed fish and asked surprisedly, “Su Le, you can actually take such spicy food?”

Su Le drank some Sprite with a straw, “I have always liked eating spicy food.” It’s just that you never knew that.

Zhuang Wei’s grip on his chopsticks tightened but he did not know what to say. He looked at Su Le sitting together with Wei Chu and his expression became heavy as he put a piece of pak choi into his mouth. The food was tasteless to him.

A while later, a few casseroles came to the table. Although, these were not the restaurant’s specialty, their flavours were still extremely good. Especially the duck tripe, Su Le ate them happily and if the dish was not so spicy, she would have even drank the soup!

“The BBQ ribs you make are better,” Su Le spoke after eating the ribs, “The flavour is not as good as yours.”

Even though the speaker did not mean anything by it, but the listeners assumed she was hinting at something. To Zhuang Wei, that sentence, meant the relationship between Su Le and Wei Chu must be very good and has reached up to a certain stage.

Both Zhuang Wei and Lin Qi’s expression did not look good. The cause of Lin Qi’s foul mood was split. Partly because of Zhuang Wei and the other because of Su Le.

“If you like, I will make some more for you this weekend,” Wei Chu appeared like he didn’t notice Zhuang Wei’s expression and smiled warmly, “If you want, I can also make the steamed fish for you as well. As for casseroles, I’m not very good at making them, but if you don’t mind, I can also make them for you to try.”

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At Wei Chu’s every sentence, Zhuang Wei’s expression turned darker and darker.

Since Su Le had been engrossed with eating, she never noticed Zhuang Wei’s expression and only nodded her head. Only after swallowing the food in her mouth and washing it down with Sprite did she answer Wei Chu. “Then, on that day I will come and help you in the kitchen again.”

Wei Chu smiled lightly, “Ok. I will be inviting a few friends over as well and now that I have your help, I can relax a little.”

After Wei Chu spoke, Su Le thought Senior Wei was really a good man. Inviting his friends for a meal and he was even cooking it himself. He was truly sincere to his friends.

Of course, she didn’t know, Wei Chu cooking personally was very rare and his friends were only able to taste his cooking only because of a certain someone.

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