Chapter 7: Entering His Home


Wei Chu’s home was more modest than what Su Le had expected. It was a small villa with two-stories. Outside, there was a garden that was not too big, on one side were plants and flowers and on the other, some vegetables that were planted.

Inside the villa, it was very tidy and refined but it was missing a homey feeling. Su Le blanked out as she stood at the entrance. As a single woman entering a man’s home, she would be violating the number one rule of women’s personal safety.

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A pair of slippers was placed in front of her before Su Le focused again. Wei Chu stood back up, with a warm smile on his good-looking face, “Change into the slippers. It would be more comfortable.”

“Ah, thank you,” Su Le took off her high heels and looked at the fluffy slippers. There was even a cute lamb printed on the slippers. The pair of slippers seemed new and unworn.

Wei Chu placed the ingredients on a counter and turned towards the living room to ask Su Le, “Would you like any tea or coffee?”

Su Le sat on the sofa, feeling a bit uneasy, she moved her fringe, “Is there fruit juice?” Alright, she was now regretting her decision to follow Wei Chu just to get a free meal since the current atmosphere was really awkward …

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Giving a glass of orange juice to Su Le, Wei Chu seemed to have noticed Su Le’s predicament so he handed her the TV’s remote control together with it, “Watch some TV first, the meal will be done soon.” After speaking, he also put some melon seeds in front of her before going back into the kitchen.

Switching on the TV, there were only adverts, senseless variety shows, and the ‘I love you, you love me’ TV dramas. Su Le changed the channel many times and finally felt some disappointment towards China’s TV dramas. When she saw the female lead treating the elders with no respect, she had given up hope. If the plot was no good, it could still be saved but for a female lead to be foolish and have no manners, Su Le had already given up on the drama.

Really can’t stand dramas that teach kids the wrong things. Su Le went towards the kitchen and saw Wei Chu washing Enoki mushrooms. Wei Chu suited the apron he was wearing, it gave off a feeling of a “good man” on him.

Su Le rolled up her sleeves and went towards the sink and took the pak choi that Wei Chu had prepared to the sink to wash them.

In response, Wei Chu busily said, “It’s not a problem, you can go watch TV. If not, then you can go upstairs. The study is on the far right-hand side, you can go on the internet instead, I’ll call you when the food is ready.”

Nimbly washing the vegetables, Su Le smiled, “Let me help. I feel uncomfortable doing nothing. At least when I eat another bowl of rice I won’t feel embarrassed.”

Wei Chu put the enoki mushrooms into a sieve and placed it under the running water. Then he took some peppers that have already been cleaned and skillfully cut them into thin strips.

Seeing Wei Chu’s cutting skills can be compared to her family’s Empress Dowager. “Do you usually cook for yourself?” Su Le said with admiration.

“I rarely cook for myself. Most of time I’m out on business or working late, so I’ll eat out or order take out.” He placed the cut up peppers onto a plate and started to cut the mushrooms.

“Mushrooms also need to be cut?” Su Le confusedly asked, “Saute mushrooms and meat?”

Wei Chu chuckled, “No, put the mushrooms with the steamed pork to increase the pork’s natural taste.”

Su Le silently took the pak choi out from the water and watched chef Wei display his cooking skills. She firmly decided not to express her opinions in an area she was not good in.


When the dishes were completed, Su Le calmly swallowed her saliva. Steamed pork, saute shredded meat with peppers, enoki and ham soup, barbeque ribs and sweet vinegar pak choi, although all the dishes were simple, to Su Le, these dishes look tastier than the beautiful dishes from the restaurant.

Eating the spicy and satisfying steamed pork, Su Le was using a napkin to wipe her mouth while thinking this person may seem to like to put on airs but who knew he was also good at cooking. All these dishes was made really well. Since she entered university, she rarely had the chance to taste such genuine Sichuan dishes.

“Originally I wanted to make a few more dishes but there wasn’t enough time today. In the future, I will make more for you to try,” Wei Chu smiled lightly as he watched Su Le eating very eagerly while he hadn’t moved his chopsticks much.

“Alright,” Su Le agreed subconsciously, but immediately after she shut her mouth and bit her chopsticks and awkwardly laughed, “I shouldn’t trouble you.” Su Le, you foodie, why do you always lose your brain whenever food is mentioned?

“It’s ok, wait until next week I will properly make a feast for you. You can let me know if there is something particular you want to eat,” Having achieved his goal, Wei Chu’s mood was great and he picked some sweet vinegar pak choi but he barely touched the steamed pork dish.

Su Le’s lips lifted, Da Ge, you actually don’t need to be so proactive. She looked at Wei Chu’s smile and she was unable to open her mouth to decline.

After eating the spicy steamed pork and the drinking some fragrant enoki mushroom and ham soup, Su Le felt her stomach was completely satisfied. She went to stand at the kitchen entrance and watched as Wei Chu washed the dishes. She didn’t know why but she suddenly remembered the phase “I will only eat and won’t clean up.”

Aware that her thoughts were drifting too far, Su Le turned back to sit on the sofa again and switched on the TV, she happened to watch a scene where the female lead held onto a dish and spoke to the male lead, “The meal is ready, come and try my cooking.”

Automatically, Su Le replaced the female lead with Wei Chu, her hand trembled as she held the remote and quickly changed the channel to see a female sitting by the window, “The first day I didn’t see you, I really missed you. The second day I didn’t see you, I really, really missed you …”

Silently changing the channel again, this time there were two hosts telling corny jokes, and Su Le relaxed on the sofa. She felt sleepy and thought her eyes seemed dry.

She rubbed her eyes and carried on changing the channel, before giving up finally. She tilted her body but accidentally hit her head on the coffee table with a bang.

“What happened?”

Su Le lifted her head to look at Wei Chu who rushed out from the kitchen, appearing worried. She touched the glass table and thought to herself what he was so worried about? Even if her head was a bit harder, she still won’t be able to break the glass table.

“Tired?” Wei Chu gave Su Le a cup of tea. Since he lived alone, it was not proper to let Su Le rest in the guest room and he was afraid the person in front of him will misunderstand his intentions. He glanced at the TV screen, “Want to go to the study room and go on the internet? I also have some work to do. After the evening meal, I will take you home.” He didn’t want to send Su Le back home now, as he was not willing to part with her yet.

Su Le rubbed her eyes and agreed, “mmm, that’s fine.” She drank some tea before following Wei Chu to go upstairs.

In Su Le’s mind, she thought business people, especially, bosses’ study room could not be entered so easily and that those people also didn’t like others going into their study. After all, that room would contain sensitive information.

When they entered the study, Su Le found the room was different from her expectations because she discovered there were romance novels that girls liked on the bookshelves. She took a book from the shelf, “These belong to …. your girlfriend?” Looking at the titles, all these novels are best sellers from the past two years, there was even a novel that she had written.

Wei Chu took out a laptop and blankly replied to Su Le, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Putting the book back in its original place, Su Le looked at Wei Chu in surprise, could it be he, a young master, also liked to read romance novels?!

“Maybe my future wife will like these novels?” Wei Chu sat at his desk and turned on the computer, “So if later she comes in, she won’t need to worry about finding a book to read.”

Su Le remained silent for a while and Wei Chu looked towards her, “What’s wrong?”

Su Le shook her head, “Nothing.” Grabbing the laptop and signing into QQ. She pondered if she should tell him that when these hard copy of novels were already published online. Also, these novels were published as a series online, so he only need to spend some Yuan to become a VIP member to read them all. Should she tell him?

After some thoughts, Su Le decided to generously not to let Wei Chu know since he was such a considerate man. How can she hurt his nice intentions?

Opening a group chat, she noticed that there was currently a Missy howling about finding a man.

“It would great if we could grow a man from a seed.”

Su Le calmly typed, “I know a child can be grown in your stomach if there’s a seed.”

In the group chat, there were many agreeing with this statement and the following chats were single Gu Niangs howling out about being single.

The people in this group chat were all good friends that Su Le met from writing novels. Normally, in the chat they were all talking about nonsense but in the real world they were all good students or career women. In the group, there were people who earn ten thousands of Yuan a month and there also people like Su Le who only earns a few thousands.

That’s not right. Currently, Su Le is unemployed, thus she was definitely the poorest person in the group chat.

While chatting with her friends, she also visited forums and looked at some gossip and ghost stories. Finally, she no longer felt tired after reading an exciting ghost story.

The story was short, but there were quite a number of people who commented on it. Su Le scrolled through them for a while, but many of their comments were shamefully left with no replies. After looking through it, she moved her cursor to the X at the top corner of her screen and clicked it. There was one comment in the section that wrote “for those who see and do not reply, you shall be cursed by being pressed ten thousand times” which she just blatantly ignored.

Wei Chu lifted his head from the computer screen and looked at the person sitting on the sofa while playing on a laptop. The smile on his lips can be considered honest.


At 6:30pm, Wei Chu drove Su Le home after the evening meal and when Su Le got out of the car, he quickly said, “I’ll pick you up next weekend,” and stepped on the accelerator, speeding away.

Su Le stared at the black Audi, before touching her chin. This Wei Chu was surprisingly very hospitable.

Honestly, Su Le felt a bit uncomfortable freeloading off of him.

How about taking some apples with her next week as a gift? Never mind. Recently, apple prices have increased to eight Yuan for half a kilogram, it’s better to buy some oranges instead. They only cost three Yuan and she could choose the best ones as well.

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