Chapter 321 – Devoured

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Huan Meng Yue was greatly agitated and cried even more, “Yes, I did that. They wanted to do evil things to Meng Yue, but Meng Yue is my lord’s woman, Meng Yue will never allow others to taint my body…”

The corpses all had only one wound, all located at the throat, basically death by one strike; the technique used was executed quickly and accurately.

It was not something a One Star Spirit Master like Huan Meng Yue could achieve.

Bai Chen Feng’s expression showed that he did not want to talk.

When the prison guards came to inform him, they reported that Huan Meng Yue went crazy and declared that she was a God Chosen. She did a butterfly dance and used quick and ruthless attacks on her prison inmates. After killing all of them, she begged to meet Lord Ninth…

“This lord is undeserving of a woman like you, I also do not wish to have a woman like you! You have one last chance, speak whatever you wished to say.”

Huan Meng Yue was sobbing badly, that meek looking and exceptionally pitiful look, as long as one was a man, they would feel heartache when they saw her.

Yet Bai Chen Feng’s face was as cold as ice, absolutely no warmth could be seen.

“My lord, I have no intimate relations with the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince wished to use me to target the Huan Estate while I wished to use the Crown Prince’s influence to control the Huan Family. Our dealings were absolutely limited to business relations; my heart belongs to my lord, so please do not dump Meng Yue.”

Bai Chen Feng shuddered, “No matter what, the Huan Family had brought you up, yet you colluded with outsiders to harm them. You are truly a wicked person to the core.”

Huan Meng Yue bit her lips, “That Huan Qing Yan had bullied me since young; although I am an adopted daughter, she was just some random bastard from outside, so why am I lesser than her? My adopted father’s assets must not be taken away by that bastard…”

Bai Chen Feng’s eyes turned even colder.

A memory surfaced within his mind…

…the figures of demons were everywhere, corpses of both demons and humans littered the battlefield, nearly turning the whole area into a sea of blood. Only a few managed to escape alive.

He belonged to a group of human elites, yet due to the huge difference in combat power against the enemy in this battle, his group could only run away.

Everyone had more or less received injuries, and amongst them, Bai Chen Feng sustained the most injuries and was situated at the back of the entourage. A pair of adulterous man and woman was currently flirting with each other at the front of the group. This adulterous pair, was Huan Meng Yue and another man!

Despite the dire circumstances they were in, these two continued to exchange flirtatious gazes with each other…

Suddenly, they encountered an ambush from the demons again, causing them to retreat while fighting.

Due to his heavy injuries, Bai Chen Feng slowly got further away from the main group.

That adulterous pair led their group and ran further and further away. No one bothered about Bai Chen Feng’s calls for help. Due to having no choice, he turned to hiding in a secluded mountain cave that he discovered.

Little did he expect that the adulterous pair would return. The people that they were leading had all died, and only the two of them managed to escape. When they were backtracking, they also discovered the cave and thought to hide in it to escape as well.

However, the mountain cave was too small and was unable to accommodate three people.

“Husband, since you will not live for long due to your heavy injuries and regressed cultivation, why not offer this chance of survival to the two of us instead! Meng Yue will burn joss sticks in appreciation to you after you die…”

Bai Chen Feng was filled with rage, helplessness, coldness, and deep sorrow as he was manipulated by Huan Meng Yue’s spirit treasure and walked out of the cave, and got devoured alive by the demons that were patrolling outside the cave…


This woman’s wickedness and ruthlessness had always been in her, but what’s funny was that he only noticed this fact during his final moments.

Over the past few days, memories of that moment where he died had been constantly resurfacing within his mind.

Every time when that happened, he literally could still feel the excruciating pain of being torn apart while the demons devoured his blood and flesh, piece by piece…

Bai Chen Feng said, “Huan Meng Yue, Huan Qing Yan is much better than you by a thousand times over. She is not someone that a woman like you can hope to compare with! If you know better, you should stop trying to cause troubles to her, if not, do not blame this prince for being ruthless!”

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