Chapter 6: The Start Of Pursuing

After leaving, Wei Chu hailed a taxi. He had drank some alcohol during the dinner so he didn’t plan on driving.

Wei Chu was about to open the taxi’s door for Su Le when Su Le went to open the door herself and sat in the taxi without feeling the slightest bit of embarrassment at all.

Wei Chu gave a chuckle in response and also got into the taxi. Seeing Su Le’s pointed chin, he pinched his eyebrows slightly.

After Su Le informed the driver of her address, she turned her head around and faced Wei Chu, “I’m really grateful for tonight. If not for you, I would have been dragged to sing at the karaoke.” Massaging her slightly dizzy forehead, Su Le paused for moment and spoke again, “Also, without your help, I would be put in a spot.” Thinking about Zhuang Wei, she pinched her eyebrows again.

“If you really want to thank me, then treat me to a meal,” Wei Chu smiled and casually took out his phone, “What’s your phone number?”

Su Le’s expression stiffened before laughing dryly as she took out her phone, “135xxxxxxx.” Does this Wei Chu not understand that she was just being polite. She had only wanted to thank him and he casually wanted a meal from her. Now that’s a capitalist, never missing a chance to exploit no matter when.

While entering her number, Wei Chu grinned when he spoke, “Are you free tomorrow night? If you are, then let’s have it tomorrow.”

“Ah, Ok,” Su Le placed her phone back into her handbag. When had she actually agreed to treat him to a meal? After thinking for a while, she don’t remember agreeing to his request at all. Didn’t this Wei Chu own a listed company, why is he insisting on having a pitiful meal?


After arriving at Su Le’s temporary home, Su Le quickly opened the taxi door and left before thanking Wei Chu. And during the moment when Wei Chu opened his mouth, Su Le shut the door behind her. What if that man wanted her to invite him up for a drink? She didn’t want to meet that kind of trouble.

Wei Chu watched the back of Su Le who was at a distance and smiled helplessly. He took out his phone that had Su Le’s number saved before telling the driver his own address.

“Young man, are you pursuing that girl?” The driver looked at the well dressed Wei Chu from his rear mirror and spoke like an experienced person, “When pursuing a girl, your skin must be thick. Otherwise, no matter how handsome you are, it can’t be compared to someone who has a thick skin.”

Wei Chu smiled and his eyes glistened. If he were seen by any women now, they would definitely be attracted to him.

The driver was passionate, and during the journey, he explained to Wei Chu the many ways for a man to pursue a girl. Even when the taxi arrived outside his home and he got off the taxi, the driver continued, “Young man, to pursue a girl, the most important thing is to have a thick skin. Don’t forget that.”

In response, Wei Chu kept the smile on his face. Once the taxi was out of sight, he kept his smile. At this moment, his phone rang and he looked at the caller ID. “Yu Dong, what happened between Zhuang Wei and Su Le?”

Some time later, Wei Chu closed his eyes slightly, “Ok, I got it now.”

He missed his chance once and he regretted it. He wasn’t going to miss his second one.

Looking at the name “Su Le” in his contacts, Wei Chu let out a smile. Su Le. Su Le. Men who fall in love you, haven’t they basically lost?


It was already late when Chen Yue returned home. While in a daze, Su Le heard Chen Yue mentioned something about Zhuang Wei. Su Le didn’t really care. She turned around fell into a deep sleep.

“Really, I don’t know if you’re clever or foolish,” Chen Yue looked at Su Le who was sleeping soundly with a pillow in her arms. Chen Yue sighed and climbed onto the bed to sleep.


On the next day, Su Le got up at ten o’clock in the morning. After slowly completing her morning routine, it was already eleven o’clock. Su Le’s phone rang after she got dressed. Looking at her phone, it was a call from an unknown number.

“Hello,” Su Le grabbed a piece of bread to stuff in her mouth and went to the computer desk to turn on the computer.

“Had lunch yet?” The voice from the phone revealed some humor. Su Le’s mind went blank for a moment. That voice sounded familiar. Su Le blinked and remembered that the number could be Wei Chu’s. Last night, she forgot to save his number into her contacts.

“Not yet. Senior Wei, did you call me for something?” Su Le took a bite off the bread and swallowed. Her throat felt dry and she walked towards the refrigerator.

Sitting in the car, Wei Chu heard some movement on the other side of the line and he smiled, “I’m currently downstairs. Let’s have lunch together, my treat.” After he finished speaking, he quickly ended the call.

Su Le stared bewilderedly at her phone that indicated the call had ended and turned her head to look at the computer screen before smiling brightly but lazily. Putting the rest of the bread down, Su Le grabbed her bag and quickly rushed down the building. She didn’t care what Wei Chu wanted to do but she wanted to have the free meal.

Once Su Le was downstairs, she saw Wei Chu standing by an Audi and enviously thought to herself. They both graduated from the same university but she couldn’t even afford a Benben Mini while the Audi Wei Chu owned was the latest model. Why is the difference between them so big?

Wei Chu exposed a smile when he saw Su Le and opened the car door, “Get in, there’s a new french restaurant that just opened at Nan Hua street. Shall we go and try the food there?”

Su Le sat on the passenger seat and buckled her seat belt before speaking after some hesitation, “Do we have to eat French food?”

Starting the car, Wei Chu’s smile never left and he asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Su Le was at a loss. Should she as the guest just agree to Wei Chu’s suggestion or should she tell Wei Chu that she does not have much interest in foreign cuisine and prefers chinese cuisine.

“Don’t like french food?” Wei Chu gripped on the steering wheel, “Do you want to eat Sichuan food then?”

Su Le nodded. She had lived in Sichuan since young, and after entering university, what she missed the most was Sichuan food. Unfortunately, she did not know if she was being too picky but the Sichuan dishes from around here was simply missing something.

“How about I cook for you? The Sichuan dishes I make are not bad,” He turned the steering wheel, “Let’s go to the supermarket first to buy some ingredients. Is that ok?”

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Su Le raised her eyebrows, “Your cooking actually taste good?”

Wei Chu nodded, “It’s better than the food from last night.”

With some of her worries eased, Su Le asked, “Is your place remote?”

Wei Chu thought carefully, “The area of villas at Zijin shouldn’t be considered remote.”

Su Le was silent. His home was not in a remote place. In fact, that area was a prime district. While he was living in a villa, she didn’t even own an apartment, “Then I’m relieved.”

“Relieved about what?” Wei Chu laughed lightly, his voice low and deep like the sound of a cello. It was not sharp and contained a hint of something that could not be described with words. “Relieved that you’re not planning to do something to me,” Su Le took out her phone and sent Chen Yue a text. After that, she smiled widely and said, “How would I know if you have any weird hobbies like dissecting bodies or something like that.”

Wei Chu was speechless. This girl’s thoughts were getting more and more absurd. Could it be a side-effect from writing novels?


At the supermarket, they found a parking space before the two of them pushed a trolley to the vegetables and meat area, to select the ingredients for purchase.

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“Want to eat barbeque ribs?” asked Wei Chu. Su Le nodded her mouth watered. His slender hands like that of a pianist’s carefully chose some ribs that had the least amount of fat.

“What about boiled pork slices?”

More nodding.

“Do you like Enoki mushroom and ham soup?”

As Su Le watched Wei Chu push the trolley and choosing the ingredients carefully, she felt regretful. If Wei Chu was not that rich or handsome, she would definitely want to use every way she could to keep this man.

Honestly, capturing a woman’s heart could also be done by getting through her stomach. Su Le looking at the meat in the trolley as if she was seeing some tasty dishes right in front of her now.

At the counter, Su Le insisted on paying and Wei Chu did not stop her. Once they got back in the car, Wei Chu took out a bag of longans to Su Le, “You can eat these first. We’ll be home soon.”

As Su Le peeled the fruit, she felt a little puzzled. Just why did she felt that sentence sounded a bit off, but where was it off?

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