Chapter 9: Thinking Too Much?

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As a woman whose boyfriend had been snatched away and with the said boyfriend and the mistress now sitting right in front of her, Su Le’s performance was really too unprofessional. With a smile on her face, her carefree expression, and even her rosy cheeks were all clearly letting those two know that her life was currently great! There were no tears, no anger and no acting like her life was over or that she had no more will to live. So for those two people sitting opposite Su Le, they were feeling uncomfortable.

After all, as the mistress, seeing this type of woman made her feel like she hadn’t accomplished anything.

As the ex-boyfriend, this type of woman made him feel like he hadn’t had much presence in her heart.

“Su Le, it seems like you’re living really well recently,” Zhuang Wei said as he forcefully put a piece of thinly sliced beef into his mouth, with it leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. It was so bitter that the feeling could not be described. “I misjudged you.”

Su Le placed some red steamed fish into her bowl. She didn’t understand what that man was thinking. After all, the person who cheated was him and now he was dissatisfied that she was living well! Was there a rule in this world that when a woman was abandoned she should cry endlessly, live a life where she was more dead than alive and shamelessly stick to him? All those were plots that dumb dramas used, making men believe that a woman would do anything for them and that leaving them was impossible as it would cause their light of life disappear and their world to go dark.

Anger was burning inside of her but after taking a glance at Lin Qi’s expression, her anger was immediately subdued. Unhurriedly picking up the piece of fish to eat, Su Le wiped her mouth before slowly beginning to speak, “We are friends and since you found such a good girlfriend like Lin Qi, it can be said that it was fate, so of course I’m living well.”

Sometimes even the phrase “fated couple” can sound demeaning. At least it did sounded that way to Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei since their expression had became more and more ugly after listening to it.

“How can it be compared to you and Senior Wei becoming a couple,” Lin Qi’s nice appearance had a hint of ridicule, “Even though we’re are friends, I didn’t even know you and Senior Wei are dating. I wonder when it first started?”

Su Le was stunned. When did she and Wei Chu become a couple? Such a major thing. How come no one notified her when she was one of the said parties …

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Wei Chu used a pair of public chopsticks to place two spare ribs into Su Le’s bowl, “I never heard Su Le mention you before. That’s right, you also call me Senior. Were you a student in our university?”
Lin Qi’s smile became a bit distorted, “Senior Wei, don’t you remember? I was a member of the student union when you were still the president.”

Wei Chu drank a mouthful of Sprite before smiling politely, “I’m sorry, but I don’t remember. There were many people working with me and there was a high number of elites as well.”

Lin Qi became completely silent.

Chewing on a rib, Su Le ruefully thought no wonder Wei Chu was a legendary figure. He can kill without blood. After glancing at Lin Qi’s distorted expression, Su Le’s first reaction was quickly placing two extra ribs into her own bowl. Just in case, Lin Qi lost reason and flipped the table over in anger. If that happens, then at least she would still be able to eat the two extra ribs.

The meal was carried on in silence until Su Le’s phone rang. For a moment, Su Le was shocked from the sudden noise. Turns out, her originally relaxed expression could change quickly.

“No, nothing, I’ll release one tonight.”

“Definitely will not. Bye great beauty.” Su Le released a breath after hanging up her phone.

Wei Chu didn’t ask her about the call, and he just rotated the dishes that Su Le liked in her direction. Zhuang Wei, who had originally lifted his chopsticks to get some food, froze in mid-air. His sight was on Su Le who was engrossed with her meal and suddenly remembered, during the two years that he and Su Le were together, they have never eaten Sichuan food because he did not like spicy food. Sometimes when Su Le was not busy, she would even cook. Even though the dishes were not anything special, he would always eat them happily.

When was it that he started to look for other women?

When Su Le no longer used his money? When Su Le was still strong even when she was facing difficult times? Or maybe when Su Le left for business trips and he felt bored? Or when Su Le was not willing to do the final step with him?

He couldn’t remember the exact time anymore. He only remember that towards the end, he gradually felt sick of Su Le and thought she lacked something that women usually had. It made him, the boyfriend, feel defeated. He didn’t understand why Su Le insisted on getting the piece of white paper before she was willing to do the final step with me. Was it because he was not worthy of her trust?


After the meal had ended, some people were satisfied while some could not even remember the taste. Originally, the weather was clear and sunny, but now it was raining heavily. The heavy drizzle caused people to develop a jittery feeling.

Su Le lifted her head and saw the overcast sky and mumbled, “It’s really a great weather for sleeping.”

Wei Chu, who heard Su Le, chuckled, “Wait for me here. I’ll drive the car over.” After speaking he stepped out into the rain and ran in the direction towards the car park. In the rain, his elegant figure appeared more refined.

The atmosphere turned awkward and uncomfortable around the remaining three people. Su Le did not want to be involved Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei any longer or deal with their current mood so she stepped a few paces away from them to distance herself.

Zhuang Wei noticed Su Le’s action and felt a sense of loss. but he was unable to say it so he left as well. “I’ll go and get the car.”

Between Lin Qi and Su Le, they were five steps between them. One stood on the left and the other, on the right. Su Le did not glance at Lin Qi, but Lin Qi fixed her gaze on Su Le as if she wanted to study something on Su Le’s face.


Su Le was often described as a fresh and pure beauty when she was wearing makeup and as for gorgeous and alluring, Su Le was not considered one. Also with Wei Chu’s status, he should have seen many types of beauties before and Su Le was definitely not the most beautiful woman in the world. If it was Su Le’s temperament, she still couldn’t be compared to ladies that were born from a rich family. So why was Wei Chu treating Su Le so well? For what reason?


Lin Qi stared for a while but she couldn’t find an answer, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Su Le, what’s so good about you?”

Su Le looked at Lin Qi incredulously, “I’m not as good as you.” As a victim, who had their boyfriend snatched away. She really didn’t have the qualification to answer that question.

Unexpectedly, Lin Qi didn’t ridulce Su Le as she usually did, instead, she just looked down and stared at her own nails.

A car stopped in front them. As the car window rolled down, it revealed Wei Chu’s handsome face. “Su Le, get in the car quickly. It’s currently windy, so take care to avoid catching a cold.”

Su Le didn’t delay and opened the car door to sit inside. Once the car had driven off, Su Le looked back and saw Zhuang Wei’s car pulling up in front of Lin Qi.


The car seat was very comfortable, so Su Le relaxed on the seat. “The weather was so good today, but I still had to fight,” Su Le said as she felt slightly regretful.

Wei Chu drove his car steadily. He looked at Su Le’s expression from the rear mirror, and he only spoke after confirming her mood was not affected, “Didn’t you quit your job?”

Su Le nodded, “I quit, but I still have freelance work.”

“Oh.” Seeing a red light, Wei Chu slowed the car down to a stop and took a bottle of peanut milk and passed it to Su Le. “We just ate a lot of spicy food so drink some of this.” He spoke again after waiting for Su Le take the bottle, “I was wondering why were you not anxious when you just have quit your job, so it turns out you won’t starve even if you resign.”

Su Le looked at the bottle of peanut milk and recognised that it was a famous brand, with a taste that was not bad. Unfortunately, this brand was expensive and she normally wouldn’t buy it. After opening the bottle, she drank a mouthful. “I only manage to get by by writing some novels. Compared to you it’s very little.”

After listening, Wei Chu laughed in a low voice. It was obviously a regular man’s voice, but it was distracting, as Su Le thought it sounded sexy.

The green light flashed and Wei Chu carried on driving down the road.

“Senior Wei, you’re not trying to pursue me right?” Classmate Su Le was straightforward but a good child, so after receiving many considerate actions from Wei Chu, Su Le bluntly asked the question.

Wei Chu’s smile didn’t change, “Not allowed to?” Su Le seriously nodded her head, “I just want to let you know that you’re not my type in my search of a husband.”

“Oh, what are your requirements?”

Su Le’s right thumb was constantly circling the lid of the bottle, “I want to find someone who’s steady, loyal, average appearance, and a good cook.”

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Wei Chu raised his brows, “Where am I not good enough? Which requirement do I not meet?”

“No, you’re good, but you’re too good. You’ll easily let me feel scared that someone will snatch you away. I am a lazy person, so I don’t like that feeling.” Su Le lifted her lips into a smile. “Furthermore, you’re too good-looking. I prefer to avoid men that are too good-looking.”

This was the first time that Wei Chu thought that being good-looking was not anything great. He sighed, “That’s regretful, but since the reunion till now we have just met a couple of times. So, which stage do you think our feelings have reached?”

Su Le thought for some time and found his response logical. This was reality and not fiction. Besides, what kind of women have Wei Chu not seen before. Thinking up to this point, she felt somewhat embarrassed, “So it was actually me who was thinking too much?” Honestly, what she regretted the most was how can she be so stupid and actually ask such a question. It was just a meal. Has her IQ reversed back to when she was six?

Wei Chu kindly consoled her, “It’s nothing, I am a forgiving Senior.”

Su Le blushed and unscrewed the bottle to take a few big gulps of the drink. She embarrassedly thought that it was as expected, thinking too much over something non-existent was not acceptable. Could this be a side effect from writing novels?

Looking at the tender woman from the rear mirror, Wei Chu’s lips twitched.

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