Chapter 377: Exterminate all, leave none behind (Part two)

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Red Lady leaped backwards to avoid the sword qi, before releasing raging flame arrows which managed to kill a dozen or so mercenaries. As a top-tier Magic Archer, both her speed and reactions were top-notch. However, in such a high intensity battle where it was one against many, her speed and reactions alone were not enough for her to completely escape danger. This high intensity battle rapidly consumed her physical strength and she received more than a dozen wounds on her body as the battle progressed. Due to her blood loss from the wounds, her physical strength was dropping even more rapidly.

The commander and vice commander of Windstorm Mercenary Group had yet to make a move. They watched the struggling Red Lady stubbornly resist capture as if they were watching a play. At first, this mercenary commander wanted to fight with Red Lady, but no-one knew what the vice commander said to him. After listening to what the vice commander said, he unexpectedly agreed to capture Red Lady alive

At this moment, Red Lady had already spent most of her physical strength. She had already kept her Scarlet Blood Bow and had switched her weapon to a huge sword. In close quarter combat, the huge sword undoubtedly had greater might. However, this huge sword which was her weapon formerly seemed to have increased in weight since the last time she used it. She used to be able to swing this huge sword easily in her former days, but after being sapped of physical strength after battling the Windstorm Mercenaries for so long, she was struggling to even lift the weapon. The dark blue douqi which she emitted was also much dimmer compared to the start of the battle.

“All of you, withdraw for me. Let me take care of this.” The vice commander rushed forward and attacked with his huge sword.

One was energetic and the other was weary, the result was self-evident. However, instead of ending the battle quickly, the vice commander started toying with Red Lady. He used his sword qi to cut open the fiery red leather armor of Red Lady, revealing her spotlessly white skin to everyone present.

“Hahaha, Red Lady, be obedient and allow yourself to be seized with your hand tied. Or perhaps, you want to expose your beautiful body in front of all my brothers.” The vice commander rampantly laughed.

Red Lady gnashed her teeth in humiliation, but her expression remained the same. She suddenly stopped moving and said with a smile, “This is just a vile skin-bag, nothing precious. If you guys want to look at it, be my guest.”

The vice commander was dumbfounded and suddenly realized that Red Lady had given up resisting capture. He used his sword to stab towards the chest of Red Lady, but stopped short of her skin, cutting off her leather armor, revealing her fiery red brassiere with a white rose embroidered on it. In an instant, the sound of saliva swallowing echoed on the battlefield. None of the mercenaries turned away, and some of them even had nosebleeds.

This vice commander, as if a dire wolf that saw a meat, readily retracted his huge sword while his other hand very impatiently reached towards Red Lady’s towering chest.

Seeing that Red Lady was so calm, the commander of Windstorm Mercenary Group was about to shout out a warning. However, he saw that Red Lady had closed her eyes in humiliation which resulted in him keeping his mouth closed.

“Ah!” A scream woke up everyone with a start. They saw the throat of the Windstorm Mercenary Group’s vice commander pierced through with a sharp object. He staggered backward with blood gushing out of his throat, and with his eyes rolling back, he collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing.

Red Lady laughed, but her eyes and charming smile was full of killing intent. She caressed the ring she wore in her right hand. It was precisely this ring which enabled her to increase her douqi by 40%. In addition to the 40% increase in douqi, this ring had a hidden attack. It could shoot a piercing nail that could achieve an unusual and unexpected result when the enemy was unprepared. When the vice commander of the Windstorm Mercenary Group relaxed his guard and shortened the distance, she had a hundred percent chance of killing him with a surprise attack.

“Cut this venomous woman into pieces for me!” The commander of Windstorm Mercenary Group roared as he personally charged into the battlefield.

Red Lady moved sideways to dodge as she sighed in her heart. Seems like it was difficult for her to escape death this time around. However, since she had already killed the vice commander of the Windstorm Mercenary Group, perishing together with this commander could also be considered a gain for her.

Red Lady discarded the huge sword and held her Scarlet Blood Bow with both her hands. A warm aura instantly entered her body from the bow which shook her spirit power. Using the bow to withstand the attacks from all around her, she silently chanted the incantation to unleash the power of the Scarlet Blood Bow. However, due to the sheer number of attacks, the number of wounds on her body increased with each passing second.

This Scarlet Blood Bow had a secret. In this entire world, only Red Lady knew that a huge amount of fire energy was sealed within the Scarlet Blood Bow. Once she unsealed it, a huge explosion, not inferior to a forbidden magic spell would occur. Red Lady didn’t care if she died when she unleashed the explosion from the bow, she only wanted to take the entire Windstorm Mercenary Group with her.

Sensing that Red Lady was up to something, the commander of the Windstorm Mercenary group realized something was wrong. The moment his sword stabbed into Red Lady’s shoulder, he was able to see that the Scarlet Blood Bow was emitting a bloody red light. The Scarlet Blood Bow which was glowing gave the commander an unprecedented sense of crisis as he involuntarily retreated while shouting, “Everyone, retreat.”

“Now you want to leave? Too late.” Red Lady said as her beautiful face became rosy, but her eyes were fluctuating with deadly killing intent.

“That is correct. None of them are leaving this place.” A voice suddenly resounded from all directions, and with a sonic boom, a number of relatively weaker mercenaries bled from seven orifices and died on the spot.

The eyes of Red Lady flashed, revealing a trace of beautiful smile as she muttered, “Is he……” However, she had already completed the incantation and was unable to reverse the explosion of the Scarlet Blood Bow.

The air in the sky distorted and the figure of Long Yi appeared above the mercenaries. He wore a milky white gown and his black hair fluttered in the wind. Moreover, that bad smile on his face made Red Lady’s heart tremble slightly. Being able to see him before she died, God had truly blessed her.

Shortly afterwards, Wushuang and others appeared, followed by Barbarian Bull and the three god-beasts.

Feeling the abnormality coming from the Scarlet Blood Bow Red Lady was holding, a thought appeared in Long Yi’s mind. With the flash of silverish-purple light, the surrounding space became void of magic elements. As a result, Scarlet Blood Bow which was in the hands of Red Lady reverted back to normal, sealing up the fire energy within it

“This is a domain, he is a Master Archmage! This time, we are truly dead.” Seeing the current situation was anything but reassuring, that wretched earth magician thought of using earth magic to sneak away. However, as Long Yi had removed the magic elements in the area, the wretched earth magician wasn’t able to use his escaping magic at all. As such, he cried out loudly, hoping a miracle would happen and he would be able to avoid this calamity that was blowing towards him.

Long Yi smiled, yes. He had indeed used a domain. His lightning magic had already reached the pinnacle of a Master Archmage, and combined with his top-notch comprehension, he had already mastered the use of the domain.

“Exterminate all, leave none behind.” Long Yi’s smile became ice cold as he gave a single command. Hearing the command, Barbarian Bull, as well as the three god-beasts started their one-sided massacre.

Long Yi quickly flew over to Red Lady as he casted several advance light magic onto her. With a soft voice, he reassured her, “Big sister, I arrived late, causing you to suffer grievance.”

Red Lady smiled and wanted to tease him, but nothing came out of her mouth. She stood there with her mouth open, while tears threatened to spill out of her eyes.

Seeing that she was about to cry, Long Yi didn’t care about other people’s opinion anymore. He instantly grabbed hold of Red Lady with his hands and pulled her into his embrace before saying, “Big sister, this younger brother’s bosom will always be wide open for you…”

Red Lady nestled in the warm bosom of Long Yi and her body softened. Her younger brother’s embrace was truly comfortable at this moment. If she was given a choice, she would choose to never leave Long Yi’s embrace for the rest of her life, however, she knew that this bosom didn’t belong to her.

Several minutes later, Red Lady lightly pushed Long Yi away and her expression reverted back to normal. With a smile, she said, “Brother, thank you for lending me your chest to lean on. It was certainly comfortable… No wonder you were able to cheat so many girls to become your wife.”

“This isn’t cheating, this is a charm.” Long Yi coolly flung his black hair back and explained, with a serious expression on his face.

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Red Lady simply smiled and started to look around. She was shocked to see Barbarian Bull and the three god-beasts killing off the entire Windstorm Mercenary Group by themselves. Nearly one thousand people were massacred as if they were chickens in a chicken farm by the terrifying combo of Barbarian Bull and the three god-beasts. Especially Barbarian Bull, with his Greenstone Rule dancing and emitting a cruel green halo, people exploded with blood mist and internal organs flying all over the sky. Looking closely at Barbarian Bull, they were able to see that he was actually enjoying this kind of bloody scene. Whenever he managed to make someone explode into blood mist with his Greenstone Rule, he appeared incomparably excited.

At this moment, the commander of the Windstorm Mercenary Group was so scared that his face was deathly pale and his legs kept on trembling. As the commander of an A-ranked mercenary group, he had seen many bloody scenes, but he had never seen such a ruthless massacre. Not to mention that the people who were getting slaughtered were men under his charge.

While the commander was still looking at the massacre conducted by the four of them, he didn’t notice that he had become the only one left. Barbarian Bull licked his lips, and carrying Greenstone Rule which was dripping with blood, he walked towards the commander, step by step.

This mercenary commander woke up with a start as if waking up from the nightmare. He frantically ran towards Long Yi and Red Lady and begged in a trembling voice, “Spare me, all this happened because of that damned vice commander. As long as you spare my life, I’ll do anything you tell me to do.”

By the time the commander finished begging Long Yi and Red Lady, Barbarian Bull who was covered in the blood of the members of the Windstorm Mercenary Group had arrived behind this commander. He looked at Long Yi, clearly waiting for his signal so that he could smash this commander into pulp.

Long Yi gave him a simple shrug of the shoulders and Barbarian Bull instantly understood Long Yi’s intentions. After hanging around Long Yi for such a long time, Barbarian Bull knew that Long Yi was telling him to do whatever he liked. With his lips curled upwards, Barbarian Bull lifted Greenstone Rule as he stared straight at the commander.

“Wait a moment.” At this time, Red Lady suddenly called out.

Glancing at Long Yi, Barbarian Bull saw that Long Yi was silently nodding his head. As a result, Barbarian Bull had no choice but to retreat to the side.

“Many thanks for your generosity, Red Lady, many thanks.” This mercenary commander shed many grateful tears and thanked Red Lady profusely.

“Since when did I say that I’ll let you off?” Red Lady walked in front of the commander and said with a smile. To allow this mercenary commander who tried to rob her go free, she must be kicked in the head by a donkey to allow that to happen.

“I asked him to stop so that I can personally dispose of you.” Red Lady shrugged her shoulders as she imitated Long Yi and a dark douqi flashed around her hand. As for this mercenary commander, he had no idea how he died until the point he was split into two halves. Her cruelty was not any inferior to Barbarian Bull when treating her enemy. As an SS-ranked mercenary and the commander of an A-ranked mercenary group that was among top 10, Red Lady deeply understood the consequences of not digging up the roots when cutting the weed. She didn’t leave any threats that might endanger herself as well as her companions in the future. This is one of the reasons she was still alive now, even though most people had already died.

Within several hours, the corpses of the members of the Windstorm Mercenary Group were discovered by other adventurer groups. Some veteran adventurers analyzed this and determined this was a one-sided slaughter. The killer’s methods were so cruel that those that discovered the corpses were terrified. Out of the hundreds of dead bodies on the ground, they weren’t able to find even a single intact corpse. Pieces of meats and internal organs were everywhere, and many people couldn’t help but vomit after seeing this disgusting scene.

An A-ranked mercenary group with nearly a thousand people was wiped out in a short period of time. This created a big sensation throughout the Blue Waves Continent. Almost all of the adventurer bars had a discussion about this topic. Some people began to estimate the future variables in the Blue Waves Continent, but none of them had any idea about what was going to happen in this chaotic Blue Waves Continent.

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