Chapter 376: Exterminate all, leave none behind (Part one)


The night quietly passed and first rays of the morning sun passed through the overhead branches and leaves, bringing a hint of warmth to this gloomy and cold wilderness.

At this time, a fiery shadow quickly skittered over and stopped at the edge of a clear stream. With a fiery red leather armor plastered to her figure, the Scarlet Blood Bow hanging from her arms, and a devilish body figure, who else could it be but Red Lady?

Red Lady squatted down and washed her face with the clear water running in the steam. After freshening up, she stared at her own reflection in the water blankly. In the water, she saw her own beautiful face looking back at her. The face was beautiful and bewitching, and could be said to be matchless among her peers. Even though her face was still incomparably beautiful, it was much colder and there were great changes from her old face. This time, during the mission of the Lightning God Forbidden Area, several thousand people of her Lightning Mercenary Group and Iron Blooded Mercenary Group were completely wiped out. However, the thing that hurt her the most was Ye Changli’s assault. If not for that divine lightning falling from the heaven which struck him dead, she feared that even if she had died, she wouldn’t be able to rest in peace.

“Now, what course should I follow?” Red Lady muttered. She was living on the border of life and death again, but this time, she was on her own. Her heart involuntarily shuddered as she was at a loss of what to do.

At that time, not far away behind Red Lady, an adventure group consisting of 30 people appeared. They seemed to be the vanguard of a certain mercenary group.

“Vice commander, she is the commander of the Lightning Mercenary Group, Red Lady. Look at those **, they are truly of the best quality.” A wretched earth Advance Magician drooled while looking at Red Lady’s buttocks which were perfectly outlined because she was squatting down.

This vice commander was a Great Swords Master. He was also staring at Red Lady without even blinking his eyes. As long as they were men, they coveted this beauty in front of them as she was peerlessly beautiful. However, they had never been able to touch her since she was an SS-ranked mercenary. The feeling of only being able to look at something they desired to possess was like a child in front of a candy shop, helpless. Not to mention the entire Lightning Mercenary Group behind her, which made her even harder to obtain. With such a huge backing, no man had ever mustered enough courage to even hit on her.

“Don’t talk nonsense, otherwise, even on your deathbed, you wouldn’t know how you died. We still cannot afford to provoke her.” The vice commander shifted his gaze and reprimanded his subordinate.

“Wait a minute, vice commander, what if the Lightning God spirit tablet and Lightning God eyeball are in her possession? Their Lightning Mercenary Group and Iron Blooded Mercenary Group are very powerful, perhaps, they were to ones who completed this mission.” That wretched earth magician’s small eyes flashed as he said.

The vice commander hesitated upon hearing this. All of a sudden, he felt that the possibility of that happening was extremely high.

“Vice commander, look around, she is alone. It is very likely that both mercenary groups were completely wiped out. Although she is an SS-ranked mercenary, we have 30 people with us. Moreover, the commander and the others are not far behind us, as long as we send a signal before we make a move, they will definitely rush over here to help us. As long as we stall her for a little while, she will be unable to escape even if she was given wings. Not to mention that the commander doesn’t even care about women… So after we capture her wouldn’t this girl…….” The appearance of the earth magician appeared even more wretched. He spared no effort in convincing his vice commander to make a move to capture Red Lady as he had been lusting over Red Lady for a long time now. His thought was, once the vice commander ate the meat, wouldn’t he also be able to drink some soup?

“This… your words make sense, we will surround her and you will send the signal to notify commander and others to rush over.” Having heard what the earth magician said, the eyes of vice commander shone as he stared at Red Lady in front of him. Scanning her up and down, his gaze became even hotter as the fire in him was ignited. Yes, even if Red Lady was powerful, how could she take the 30 of them from the Windstorm Mercenary Group on alone? No matter what anyone says, Windstorm Mercenary Group was also barely considered an A-ranked mercenary group. Despite being an A-ranked mercenary group, they were at the bottom of this rank.

The vice commander ordered the team of 30 people to immediately spread out and surround her, cutting off her route of escape. Magicians at the rear began to prepare their magic spells and three thieves used their Concealing Skill to disappear into the thin air. Everyone began to slowly close in on Red Lady from all directions.

Red Lady who was immersed in her thoughts slightly raised her head and her beautiful eyes emitted a trace of killing intent. She had already noticed that dozens of people were watching her from behind, but she had never expected them to attack her. At this moment, the three stealthily moving thieves had already arrived just five steps away from her, and everyone secretly signaled each other, planning to carry out a sneak attack at the same time.

Siiing, a cold light suddenly flashed. Along with a full 180 degrees turn from Red Lady, a gloomy and cold full moon of death was formed. The three thieves didn’t even have time to scream as their throats were already cut off and blood spurted several meters high as they weakly collapsed to the ground.

Red Lady didn’t stop for even a moment. The Scarlet Blood Bow on her shoulder had already appeared on her left hand, and her right hand quickly drew the bowstring. Three arrows made up of fire magic elements made three perfect arcs, shooting towards the place where the magicians were concentrating to prepare their magic spells. Suddenly, three explosion sounds resounded. Dozens of towering trees were broken into pieces and they collapsed to the ground, giving rise to continuous blood-curdling screams. Among the 30 mercenaries of the Windstorm Mercenary Group, there were only 5-6 of them left standing at the moment. It had only been a moment since the battle started, and Red Lady had already annihilated more than half of them in an instant.

Red Lady sneered at the rest of the Windstorm Mercenaries as she took advantage of the chaos caused by the falling trees to get away. As quickly as lightning, she fled from the Windstorm Mercenaries through the opening she had created. She knew the Windstorm Mercenary Group. This was a mercenary group with a bad reputation that was at the bottom of the A-ranked mercenary groups. They especially did a number of evil things like stealing chickens and dogs, plundering, and so on. However, they had true strength to back themselves up. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to contend against the entire Windstorm Mercenary Group by herself, so retreating was the best option at this moment.

“After killing my brothers, do you think you can leave?” At that moment, dark blue douqi came from several directions, forcing Red Lady to return to where she was.

After the smoke dispersed and dust settled, Red Lady was already completely surrounded by several tens of Swords Masters. Among them, there were three Great Swords Masters, who were the commander, vice commander, and a middle aged big fellow that appeared to be more than 40 years of age. Behind the Swords Masters, there were Advance Fighters, Intermediate Fighters and other relatively low-leveled fighters. At the back was where all the magicians were. They casted magic barriers to protect their peers and Magic Archers were stationed behind them. Facing such a battle formation, even a Swords Saint might not be able to gain the upper hand easily.

The heart of Red Lady sunk, but her beautiful face still had a charming smile that could overturn all living creatures. With a soft voice, she said, “Yo, if this isn’t the Windstorm Mercenary Group. Is it necessary to use such a big battle formation to deal with this little girl?”

With a single sentence from her, a number of weak willed mercenaries lost themselves in their charming smile and sweet voice. All of them became absent minded for a moment while staring at Red Lady.

“Humph, Yu Hongniang, stop with this nonsense. Obediently hand over the Lightning God spirit tablet and Lightning God eyeball and I will let you leave.” The commander of Windstorm Mercenary Group coldly snorted, waking up those useless fellows under his leadership with a start. This commander was obsessed with only douqi and swordsmanship. He completely lacked interest in women, which made him immune to Red Lady’s charms.

“Oh, seems like all of you are looking for the Lightning God spirit tablet and Lightning God eyeball. Since that is the case, you got the wrong person. I definitely didn’t complete the mission of the Lightning God Forbidden Area.” Red Lady said with a smile. However, Long Yi’s image surfaced in her heart as soon as she talked about completing the mission. For an unknown reason, she firmly believed that there definitely was a connection between Long Yi and the completion of the Lightning God Forbidden Area mission.

“Hehe, Yu Hongniang, why don’t you just speak the truth? Other than you, all the members of the Lightning Mercenary Group and Iron Blooded Mercenary Group are dead. Even Ye Changli didn’t survive, so we have a reason to believe that you were the one that completed this mission. If you really didn’t complete it, then just drop your weapon and let us search you. If we don’t find the things we want, then we will let you leave.” The one who spoke was the vice commander of the Windstorm Mercenary Group. His eyes were already bright red as he stared at Red Lady’s hot figure.

The charming smile on the face of Red Lady disappeared and she suddenly turned hostile. She knew that she was in a horrible situation right now. Laying down her weapons was undoubtedly casting herself into the net, and she knew better than to listen to the vice commander of the Windstorm Mercenary Group. Just by looking at the perverted gaze of the vice commander, she knew that if she laid down her weapon and allowed them to catch her, she would definitely be facing a bad end. She decided, even if she had to die, she would drag a few of them down with her.

“Capture her. I don’t care if she’s dead or alive!” The commander waved his hand, ordering his men to commence the attack.

“It would be best to capture her alive. It’s a pity for her to die…” The vice commander said with **.

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Long Yi and Barbarian Bull walked side by side while discussing some problems Barbarian Bull had encountered when practicing the Evil Vanquishing Rod Technique and Golden Bell Canopy. Now, Barbarian Bull was close to achieving big success in both of these techniques. However, he seemed to have reached a bottleneck, and found it extremely hard to make further progress in his cultivation.

Long Yi carefully analyzed the situation and pointed out the deviation that appeared in the midst Barbarian Bull’s cultivation and the solution to his problem. Now, if one were to compare Barbarian Bull’s strength to a Swords Saint, he wouldn’t be weaker in any aspects. The Greenstone Rule in his hand was the weapon of a First-tier God, the Violent God. Moreover, according to the legend, the remnant spirit power of the Violent God was sealed within it. If Barbarian Bull could completely awaken the latent capacity of Greenstone Rule, there was a chance for Barbarian bull to become the next Violent God. At least that was what Long Yi thought.

Behind the two grown men, there were peerless beauties. Usually, the appearance of one was enough to cause a sensation throughout a nation.

“Lingr, your eyes haven’t moved away from our husband from the very beginning. Wasn’t yesterday’s wedding night very sweet?” Seeing as Feng Ling’s eyes hadn’t left Long Yi since they started moving out, Leng Youyou couldn’t help but tease Feng Ling in a low voice.

Feng Ling’s beautiful face reddened and rolling her eyes, she said to Leng Youyou, “That’s natural. Did you know, our husband was very gentle when doing **… What, are you jealous?”

Leng Youyou laughed and said, “Jealous? Sometimes, yes, of course, I’ll be jealous. But I have already thought it over. Our husband is an extraordinary man. Beautiful women will definitely revolve around him, so it’s better for all of us to coexist harmoniously without trying to monopolize him.”

“If we are able to travel together with our husband and sisters throughout the entire continent, leaving our footprints all over the continent, how wonderful that would be.” Feng Ling sighed and muttered.

“There will be such a day, I believe in our husband.” Leng Youyou smiled and pulled on Feng Ling’s dainty hands.

As the two of them, Feng Ling and Leng Youyou were talking, their voices entered the ears of the other three girls as well. When Si Bi, Wushuang, and Nalan Ruyue heard what Feng Ling said, they started imagining the future with them following Long Yi around with the rest of the girls.

Maybe, just maybe, such a day would come. Just as they were deep in thought, the three god-beasts who were playing around suddenly stopped. Their ears simultaneously stood erect as they heard something going on not too far away from them.

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Long Yi frowned. He didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business, but this time he unexpectedly felt a familiar energy fluctuation coming from the battle. He immediately flew high in the air and happened to see a red light streaking across far away.

“Scarlet Blood Bow! Red Lady is in trouble.” Long Yi’s pupils shrunk as he looked towards the direction of the battle. Signaling for the others to follow him, he flew towards the battlefield at lightning speed.

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