Chapter 53: Cultivator?

Cheng Yu looked at the wine glass, which still had a sip or two left. He took a sip again. He knitted his eyebrows and whispered, ”The wine does taste disgusting!”

After a few minutes, the lady came back to her seat and it seem like her mood had gotten worse, ”Hehe! Sister, you already have such big ***, can you not be angry with me? Here! This is for you. Take it as it’s my form of apology for what happened.” Cheng Yu put the bottle in front of the woman as he laughed.

As the woman wanted to vent out her sorrows, she didn’t say anything as she picked up the wine glass and started drinking. Just as Cheng Yu was about to tease the lady, he saw Yang Ruoxue’s brother, Yang Zhengqi and it seemed like he was in some trouble. He was surrounded by a few guys who were bigger than he was, as they escorted him out of the nightclub.

Cheng Yu wrinkled his eyebrow and was prepared to go over, but Lan Ya poured a cup of wine for Cheng Yu, ”Here, accompany sister for a drink.”

“I’m sorry, beautiful sister. I just saw an acquaintance, I will make a move first. I will accompany you for a drink next time. The money for the wine has already been paid. You can just finish it.” When Cheng Yu finished his sentence, he stood up and walked out of the nightclub.

“Wait…!” Lan Ya wanted to say something, but she realized that Cheng Yu had already left. She shook her head and felt depressed as she whispered, ”Young lecher, sister had actually given you such a good opportunity, but you actually didn’t treasure it…” Lan Ya continued to drink her wine in loneliness.

The men brought Yang Zhengqi to an alley after exiting the nightclub. The fatty who was grabbing onto Yang Zhengqi pushed him onto a wall.

“What are you people trying to do?! Do you know that the things that you are doing now is illegal?!” Yang Zhengqi said in a panic. Previously, when he was still in the nightclub, he was still able to hold his calm as there were many people around him. But the moment they arrived in the alley, he was no longer able to hold the pressure. There was so many people surrounding him, how could he possibly fight every single one of them?!

“Haha! Illegal?! Yang Zhengqi are you dumb or are you treating us as idiots? I already warned you before to never approach Zhao Yunfang. But you actually ignored my warning. Do you really think that I wouldn’t do anything to you?!” A tall man with yellow colored hair said as he viciously spat onto Yang Zhengqi’s face.

“Zhao Yunfang never once liked you. Why can’t I approach her? Let me warn you, you better let me off or else I would definitely make you regret your action.” Although they had so many people surrounding him, causing him to be scared, Yang Zhengqi still tried to act courageous by defying them loudly.

“Hoho?! You are quite brave to even threaten me. I don’t know where you get your confidence from, but I heard that you have a very pretty sister. How about asking her to come over and save you. I shall give you an opportunity to get her over, maybe tomorrow I would even become your brother-in-law. Haha!” The yellow haired youngster laughed. The surrounding men also started laughing.

“Don’t insult my sister!” When Yang Zhengqi heard the yellow haired youngster insulting his sister, he clenched his fist as he shouted. Suddenly, he shoved off the fatty’s hand and grabbed the youngster’s neck.

The youngster started to laugh viciously as he didn’t expect Yang Zhengqi would retaliate. The fatty who was shoved off by Yang Zhengqi fell flat on the ground. When the others saw what happened, they rushed towards Yang Zhengqi and tried to remove his hand. They surrounded him and started to punch and kick him.

The yellow haired youngster was released. He stood up and kicked Yang Zhengqi hard as he scolded, ”F*cker! You dared to strangle me! Beat him up! Let’s see if he still dares to retaliate!”

When Cheng Yu walked over, he saw the few guys beating Yang Zhengqi up. He wrinkled his eyebrows, he felt helpless. Although he doesn’t like to bully commoners, Yang Zhengqi was Yang Ruoxue’s brother. He could not ignore it. With the way they were beating him, what if they were to injure him too badly? How could he possibly answer to Yang Ruoxue?

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Cheng Yu rushed forward and grabbed onto the fatty who was beating the hardest as he threw him to wall, causing him to fall onto the ground after losing his balance. After that, he shoved the others as well.

When the yellow haired guy saw a helper had come, he scolded loudly, ”Who’s this f*cker? Do you know who am I? You dare to interrupt my business?”

When Cheng Yu saw the arrogance in him, his mood turned sour. He sent a kick towards him, causing him to fly straight at the wall behind. The sudden change of event caused those who were still beating Yang Zhengqi to be stunned. All of them stopped and looked at Cheng Yu.

When the few of them saw those who were the strongest among them were stuck on the wall, they shivered. However, when they saw their opponent was just older than them by a year or two and with so many people on their side, they signaled each other and rushed at Cheng Yu.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” This was the only sound produced at the scene. The alley walls were all stuck with humans. Yang Zhengqi saw that those who were beating him up just now were now pasted on both side of the walls, his eyes brighten up when he looked at Cheng Yu. The eyes were filled with admiration and worshipping.

“Brother Yu, why are you here? You are so strong! The way you beat people up seems like an art!” Yang Zhengqi crawled up and ran towards Cheng Yu as he said happily.

“Luckily I am here, otherwise I don’t know how beat up will you get. You are also quite stupid. It’s obvious that you will never be able to win them in a fight, why did you even follow them out?”

“Haha!” Yang Zhengqi scratched his head and laughed awkwardly.

“Let’s get out of here.” Cheng Yu gazed at Yang Zhengqi and walked out of the alley.

Yang Zhengqi looked at Cheng Yu’s silhouette before looking back at those people that were still stuck on the wall. He chased after Cheng Yu excitedly and said, ”Brother Yu, since you are so strong, can you teach me a few moves?”

“Teach you? You wish to learn?” Cheng Yu glimpse at the excited Yang Zhengqi and said indifferently.

“Of course I want to learn! If I am as powerful as Brother Yu, I will never be afraid of those people ever again!” Yang Zhengqi said excitedly as he nodded.

“Ok. From tomorrow onwards, you will have to run a distance of 5 km every morning. If you are able to persist for a year, I will teach you.”

“Ah? Every morning for 5 km? And need to run for a year? Brother Yu, are there any quicker methods?” Yang Zhengqi replied bitterly.

“You think that if I were to simply teach you a few moves, you will become a master and will be able to beat those people up? To become a master in martial arts, you will need to pursue perfection for your entire life. If you don’t have such persistence, don’t even think about it. Be a bit smarter next time. If you can’t beat them, run. Don’t be like now, getting beaten up like an idiot,” Cheng Yu said indifferently. Cheng Yu was an Immortal, and it was impossible for him to teach Yang Zhengqi some underhand tricks. It was either he doesn’t teach or he will teach him all the way. If the other person doesn’t have the perseverance, he would never teach them.

“I guess I should just run next time,” Yang Zhengqi said disappointedly. Although he wished that he could get stronger, since young, he had always been a young master. How could he have even a tiny bit of perseverance?

“Eat this. If you were to go back in your current appearance, your parents will definitely be worried.” Cheng Yu took out his pill bottle and poured a Soul Strengthening Pill before passing it to Yang Zhengqi.

“Haha! Brother Yu is really thoughtful. But Brother Yu, is this really an immortal pill? Are you a deity that has descended to earth?” Yang Zhengqi took the pill from Cheng Yu and laughed.

“There might be a day that I will become a deity. Alright. I am not sending you back since you should have a car.”

“Yes. I drove here. Thank you, Brother Yu, for tonight. I will make a move first.”

When Cheng Yu was preparing to go back to the nightclub to get his car and go home, at the door, he saw the lady again. However, she was swaying from side to side as she walked out of the nightclub. Beside her, there was a man who kept talking to her non-stop.

“Miss, how will you find your way home like that? How about me sending you to a hotel to rest for a night?” The man followed beside the lady. Just as he was about to support her, he was shoved off by the drunk lady.

“Get lost! You group of bad…bad men, only…only wish to take advantage of me.” The woman said slurring her speech.

“Miss, I am just trying to be kind. How are you going get home like that? I will send you back then!” Such a beautiful and good quality woman was drunk, how could he not treasure such a good opportunity? This was a heaven sent gift!

“Yi! Little…little boy, why…why are you here?” The lady said with her mouth filled with the smell of alcohol. The lady swayed here and there as she knocked against Cheng Yu who was standing in front of her. She raised her head and looked at Cheng Yu who was blurry.

“You are still able to recognize me? When I left, you really finished the bottle by yourself?” Cheng Yu supported the lady as he said solemnly.

“Hehe! One…one bottle, it’s…it’s just a bottle. I can still continue drinking,” The lady extended out a finger in front of her eyes as she swayed and laughed.

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“Alright! I will send you home!” Cheng Yu bent down and carried the lady up and walked towards his car. As for the man, when he saw that the lady seemed to know Cheng Yu, he could only walk back to the nightclub frustrated and try to find other targets. He felt regret, as it was such a beautiful lady!

Cheng Yu placed the lady in the passenger seat and fastened the seatbelt. Cheng Yu sat down in the driver’s seat and looked at the lady who was not moving, ”Well, where do you stay?”

The lady mumbled something, but Cheng Yu was not able to hear anything even though he was once an Immortal, ”Well, if you don’t tell me, I will bring you back to my house. At that time, don’t come and blame me if you get raped by me!” Cheng Yu grabbed onto the lady’s hand and shook.

“So noisy! I want to sleep,” The lady turned her body and mumbled.

Cheng Yu was helpless. He reached out for her bag and found a residence permit. He also finally knew the lady’s name, Lan Ya. Cheng Yu smiled as he felt that the name was quite good and he drove straight to the address that was shown on the residence permit.

Half an hour later, he reached the address. Cheng Yu was amazed. He didn’t expect this lady to be a wealthy woman! She actually stayed in a villa.

“Stop right there!” Cheng Yu carried Lan Ya out of the car and was about to walk to the villa, a voice was behind him.

Cheng Yu turned his body. In front of him stood a handsome man. He’s very tall, taller than Cheng Yu by a head, and he seem to be around 27 years old. Cheng Yu didn’t say anything and just looked at the man.

The man looked at the intoxicated Lan Ya who was in Cheng Yu’s bosom. He wrinkled his eyebrow and said serenely, ”Who are you? Put her down.”

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything and just looked at him curiously. What he was curious about was that the man was actually a cultivator! Although he’s still only at the Qi Training Realm, it still evoked Cheng Yu’s curiosity!

He understood from the senior monk that in the secular world, there wasn’t any cultivators here. Only those sects in the cultivation world would send some outstanding disciples here to gain some experience. It was quite obvious that this man here may be a person from the cultivation world.

“Who are you?” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

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