Chapter 52: The Ice Water Was Too Hot!

Chapter 52: The Ice Water Was Too Hot!

When he reached home, Keke ran towards and hugged him. When Cheng Yu saw Keke, the fatigue that had been accumulating throughout the day disappeared as he carried her to the sofa in the living room.

“Cousin, you are becoming a tycoon soon,” Zhao Yunfang said excitedly when she saw Cheng Yu.


“You don’t know?”

“Know about what?”

“Look at the television. Your Rejuvenation Pill has officially entered the market. It caused a stir in the beauty industry. All the news channels in Yunhai are talking about it!” Zhao Yunfang changed the channel as she excitedly told Cheng Yu. It was as if she was the creator of the pill.

When he saw the advertisement on the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill, Cheng Yu smiled. Yang Ruoxue’s ability to handle work is really exponential. It had caused the market to be filled with anticipation.

What was strange was that when the pills had officially started entering the market, Yang Ruoxue didn’t inform him about it. He gave it a thought and realized that his phone didn’t have any battery left! It seemed like he’s still not used to these devices yet. He decided to go upstairs and start charging his mobile phone so he could give Yang Ruoxue a call. He wanted to know the sales numbers of the pill, so that he could gauge demand. With this, he will start his plans on achieving his goals.

After charging his mobile phone for a while, he called Yang Ruoxue. After the call, he sat on his bed and started cultivating. Ever since he learned of the existence of the cultivation world, he knew that he had to work even harder to improve his cultivation.

Cheng Yu was at the early stage in the Foundation Establishment Realm and was about to breakthrough to the middle stage. If he continues at this speed, when the college exam ended and before he entered the cultivation world, he should achieve the peak stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Although such a cultivation level is not very powerful, since he’s just going there to understand the situation as well as finding some spirit stones, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The next day, Cheng Yu stayed in school obediently. In daytime, he would tease the school beauty while at night, he would tease the beautiful teacher. As he worked in Yao Na’s hostel, he stretched his waist and felt that life here is extremely beautiful. There was pretty girls everywhere!

Around 10 pm, it marks the start of his social night life. Cheng Yu drove to Xinguang Nightclub. The atmosphere was very lively and Cheng Yu didn’t go to find Qin Canghai and the rest. He sat at the bar and asked for a cup of ice water as he couldn’t get used to the taste of beer. Currently, everyone working in Xinguang Nightclub knew Cheng Yu, and every single one of them would serve him with politeness and extreme caution.

Cheng Yu drank a sip of water. While he was savoring the taste, a beautiful lady squeezed to his side. “Pu!” Cheng Yu spit the water on the lady’s ***.

The lady frowned. As the lady’s mood was already bad before this, she wanted to drink some beer to sweep away her worries. She didn’t expect that the moment she entered the nightclub, someone would spit water on her! What’s worse was that the culprit was actually staring at her *** after doing that! She had no idea if the water from his mouth was his perverted saliva or the water he had just drunk. The lady shouted angrily, ”Young lecher, what are you trying to do?!”

When he heard the lady’s words, Cheng Yu woke up as he wiped off the water flowing out from his mouth. “F*ck! It’s too embarrassing! He was an Immortal and he was seduced by a lady.” However, her assets were really too large. This kind of seductive figure would cause anyone to have an impulse to pounce her! Cheng Yu had almost lost control of himself!

“Haha! This beautiful sister, I’m sorry about that. The ice water was too hot! It wasn’t on purpose.”

“Is it? Little boy, you are really extraordinary huh! You can even be scalded by cold water. Do you actually think that I would believe you?” The lady laughed interested with Cheng Yu.

“Beautiful sister, are you thinking that I am actually a person without morals? If it’s like that, you are wrong. Do you know that my strength is that I am very honest, especially to a beautiful girl like sister. If you don’t believe me, you can touch the cup. Isn’t it very hot?” Cheng Yu placed the cup in front of the lady.

The lady looked at Cheng Yu and the cup in front of her. She was puzzled. Was the cold water truly hot? She didn’t believe him, so she reached out her hand and touched the cup. She immediately retrieved it back the moment her hand made contact with the cup. Her eyes widened, as this cup was actually filled with hot water!

“How can it be like that?” The lady said curiously.

“I have no idea! That’s why I had spit out the water just now!” Cheng Yu said innocently.

“Alright, I believe you.” The lady looked at Cheng Yu’s expression. Although she didn’t believe him fully, she also accepted the fact. She took a few tissues as she wiped her body. Cheng Yu’s eyes twitched while he saw her wiping her body.

“How about I help sister to wipe it off? Since young, teacher has always taught me that if I did something wrong, I must be responsible for it. Since I was the one who spit the water on sister, if I did not help sister wipe it off, I would feel very guilty and the heavens would definitely punish me. I would even look down on myself for that!” Cheng Yu took out a piece of tissue and stretched out to the lady’s body.

The lady dodged Cheng Yu’s perverted hands and took the tissue away from him. “If the little boy’s teacher were to know you had actually upheld such virtues, he would definitely be very happy about it,” The lady laughed when she saw Cheng Yu being so shameless.

Cheng Yu felt disappointed when he knew that he couldn’t achieve what he wanted. But when he saw the lady was using the tissue that she had taken from him, his mood brightened up immediately. “D*mn, you took my tissue and used it to wipe your ***. According to my understanding, isn’t it the same as me wiping it off for you?!” Cheng Yu thought.

When she saw the desire in Cheng Yu’s eyes, the woman said seductively, ”Little boy desires to touch sister’s big ***, right?”

“What? No! I’m just worried that sister would wipe too hard, causing a scratch on them!” Cheng Yu stared at the lady’s *** and said.

“Is that so? If little boy wishes to touch them, I don’t mind letting you do so.”

When he heard the lady’s words, Cheng Yu’s eyes brightened up. He immediately placed his hands on top of her twin peaks as he said, ”I feel very awkward with how straightforward sister is. I don’t even know how to reject it.”

The lady was stunned. She didn’t expect the little boy would be so shameless when she was joking. He actually dared to grab her ***, causing her to feel the warmth from his hands. Occasionally, he would give them a pinch. This caused the lady’s face to redden as she retreated two steps back.

“You young lecher! You actually dared to take advantage of sister!?” The lady stared at Cheng Yu with her red face.

“Sister, how could you say that?” Cheng Yu asked shamelessly.

“But you just took advantage of me?!” The lady said agitatedly.

“Oh! Sister may not know, but I am a student. Today, teacher gave us an assignment. The assignment was called ‘how big can a woman’s *** get?’. As I always have a desire to increase my knowledge, I had to experience sister’s. The result really broadened my views. It turns out that sister’s *** were so big! Little Brother here is convinced,” Cheng Yu gave her a thumbs-up and said with some pretentious seriousness.

“You little gangster! Dare to do it, but you don’t have the courage to admit?! Didn’t you say that if you did something wrong, you should be responsible for it just now? Since you have taken such a big advantage of sister just now, I shall punish you by having to buy me a drink!” The lady was just trying to intimidate Cheng Yu and wasn’t expecting to do anything to him.

“Alright! You can order anything you want! I will pay for it!” Cheng Yu promised.

“I can really order anything I want?” The lady looked at Cheng Yu and asked.

“Of course! You can drink anything you want as long as it is within this nightclub.”

“Good! Bartender, pass me that bottle over there,” The lady pointed at the row of grape wines.

The female bartender was stunned and looked at Cheng Yu. This is actually an extra strong grape wine. It costed $200,000 per bottle! How could you gift it away!

However, Cheng Yu didn’t know much about wine as he nodded. Isn’t it just wine? I am the boss of this nightclub, what does a bottle of wine count as?

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The lady looked back and forth at the grape wine in front of her and Cheng Yu as she asked, ”Do you know what this wine is?”

“I don’t even drink wine. How could I possibly know?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Do you know that a bottle of this wine cost around $200,000?” The lady looked at Cheng Yu and said.

“What! $200,000?! Is this thing so flavorful that it is worth so much?! Open it up! I want to see how a $200,000 wine tastes like!” Cheng Yu was shocked. After he reincarnated, he knew that to have a worth of $200,000 in a wine, it definitely had its own unique flavor. However, he was not shocked by the price, but rather how flavorful it was to fetch such a high price.

When she saw the bartender was going to open the wine, the lady was shocked. Although she was from a wealthy family, a wine worth $200,000 is not something that can be afforded by anyone. Besides, Cheng Yu was still a student. She had wanted to just intimidate him, but never did she expect him to really want to open up the wine bottle. She didn’t bring that much money to be able to afford such an expensive wine!

“Are you crazy?! This is $200,000! I didn’t bring that much money!” The lady looked at Cheng Yu who was actually looking forward to opening of the wine and shouted.

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“Didn’t I say I would treat you? Don’t you wish to try the taste of a $200,000 wine?”

Every woman had their own preferences with regards to red wine, especially beautiful ladies and Lan Ya was such woman. When she saw the red wine, she really wished to try it, but she still looked at Cheng Yu and said, ”Are you sure you will be able to afford the wine?”

“Relax, you will not be sold to this place. Isn’t it a waste of my apology if that were to happen?” Cheng Yu said as he signaled the bartender to open up the wine.

The female bartender poured a cup for both of them. Cheng Yu picked it up and gave it a sniff. It smelled so fragrant! After that, he drank it up in one shot. “Pu!” Just as the red wine entered his mouth, he spit it onto Lan Ya’s body again.

“D*mn it! What’s this! It isn’t even as tasty as water!” When he saw the lady’s face was dripping with red wine, he looked down in embarrassment as he said, ”Haha! I was too excited today, causing me to keep spitting stuff out. Why don’t I help you wipe it off?”

“Wait here! I shall make a trip to the toilet. Don’t you dare to use this opportunity to run away! Bartender, look after him for me. He’s paying for the wine!” When Lan Ya finished speaking, she stared at him hatefully as she walked to the restroom frustrated.

When he realized the female bartender was looking at him disgusted, Cheng Yu said embarrassingly, ”If I said that I didn’t do it on purpose, and it was because the wine tasted disgusting, would you believe me?”

The female bartender’s face reddened as she lowered her head and started to wipe the wine glasses with a solemn expression.

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