Chapter 72: Mom was Very Cool


She is not emotionally attached to this wedding planning agency.  She has worked here for more than 6 months and has been bullied a lot by Manager Wang.

Now that she has left the company, she has no regret at all.

Her heart feels weighs down while her cheek is burning.

She aimlessly walks along the streets of Beijing.

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Whenever she felt down in the past, she would have her mother to cheer her up.  After her mother got ill, she could no longer reason with her like she used to, but she was able to disperse all of her anger with just one hug.

But now…. Zhuang Nai Nai has no idea who to go to.

The wind blows by, it feels cold.  She hugs her own body as her eyes turn red.

Where are you, mom?  I miss you….

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In the end, she decides to return to their old house.

Although her mother is out of the country at the moment, her mother will return in the future. Where will she live once she returns? This house is where she raised Zhuang Nai Nai, so Zhuang Nai Nai continues renting it.

She looks around the house, trying to find traces of her mother.  In the end, her eyes fall on a large box.

The box is placed on top of the closet, so it has accumulated quite a lot of dusts.

Her heart trembles as she looks at it.

This is where she stores all of her high school memories after breaking up with Si Zheng Ting.  She has never opened it in case if she somehow also reopens her old wound.

She climbs a table and takes the box down.

She coughs a couple of times before clearing the dusts and opening the box.

Everything inside are important parts of her memory, something stirs in her heart as she looks at them.

She picks up an exercise book, the first assignment she sees is an essay titled, ‘My Dream’.


Her dream used to be innocent and straight-forward; she wanted to date Si Zheng Ting.  The teacher was furious and since she was unrepentant, he told her to call her parents to school.

At that time, her mother worked as a cleaner.  She wore her cleaning uniform to school.  Even when people pointed at them, her mother remained prideful, “Look at this people.  Will you lose money or food if they talk about you like this?  Do not pay any attention to them.  Only when you are yourself and does not feel inferior to other people will you become a confident princess.”

At that time, Zhuang Nai Nai couldn’t agree more; she stared at her mother in admiration.

Now that she thinks about it, her mother was really cool.

Later, in the teacher’s office, the Chinese teacher handed her mother the essay.

He thought that she would reprimand Zhuang Nai Nai, but who would have thought…

“Nai Nai, you are getting better and better at writing!  First, dish out the main point, then, add a few examples.  You are very practical.  But, you still need to improve your vocabulary.  Some of your phrases are too coarse.”

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