Chapter 51: Teacher Yao Didn’t Punish You?

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Chapter 51: Teacher Yao Didn’t Punish You?

Cheng Yu didn’t expect that Keke actually had a spiritual body that was very hard to be found even in the Immortal World. Those who have a spiritual body are born to become pill masters. Their body is like a cauldron able to quickly refine spiritual Qi.

The evil spirit’s controller could change their cultivation speed depending on the amount of vitality the evil spirit was able to refine. However, if they had a host who also had a spiritual body, the evil spirit would be able to absorb a larger amount of vitality without any issue. Furthermore, since the secular world had so many people, when the large amount of vitality entered Keke’s body, the spiritual body would be able to help the evil spirit’s controller refine the vitality into spiritual Qi very quickly.

When he saw Keke, who was beside him in deep sleep, Cheng Yu was no longer able to feel any happiness from it. He wasn’t afraid of inviting troubles, but he wished for Keke to be able to live as a commoner. Although he called Keke his sister, he actually treated her as if she was his daughter.

The next day, because there was no one looking after Keke, Cheng Yu didn’t go to school in the morning as he stayed home and accompanied her. It was only in the afternoon, when the nanny arrived, did Cheng Yu go to school.

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When he entered the classroom, everyone was looking at him with sympathy. It caused Cheng Yu to be extremely puzzled. Is he really so pathetic? He sub-consciously rubbed his chin and felt that he still looked as handsome as ever! [1]

When he sat down in his seat, he looked at Lin Yuhan, who was seated beside him. However, she actually ignored him!

At that moment, fatty came over. He asked cautiously, ”Boss, where have you been for the past few days?”

“Why are you asking?”

“Boss, you are dead this time. Teacher Yao has been waiting for you in class the past few days. Furthermore, her killing intent was very dense, it seemed as if she wanted to kill you.”

“Only this?” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly.

“Boss is indeed very courageous. Fatty admires you.” The fatty gave a thumbs-up with a face full of worshipping. After that, he went back to his seat. However, his heart didn’t believe Cheng Yu as he had not met Teacher Yao yet. Once he met her, his boss would definitely tremble in fear.

“Xiao Hanhan, I missed you after not seeing you for a few days. Did you miss me?” Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan who was looking at her book indifferently. Lin Yuhan continue to ignore him.

“Aishh! I’m so sad. Over the past few days, I had been very busy, but I still thought of you every day. I rushed back just for the sake seeing you. I didn’t expect that I actually didn’t exist in your heart. I’m so sad and heart broken,” Cheng Yu’s voice was very solemn and his expression was very sad, as if he was really heart broken by the result.

“Cheng Yu, get out of here!” When Lin Yuhan heard the sadness in his voice, she wanted to talk to him. But at that moment, Yao Na who was standing outside the classroom shouted at Cheng Yu in frustration.

“F*ck! This b*tch! Can’t she come at a later time?” Cheng Yu thought. When he realized that he was about to move Lin Yuhan’s heart, the mood was killed off thanks to Yao Na.

Cheng Yu walked out of the classroom helplessly. The other students looked at Cheng Yu’s silhouette and felt that it looked exceptionally big as if he’s not afraid of death. Everyone started to pray for him, when they witnessed the scene.

This time, Yao Na didn’t bring him to her office, but to school’s sports field instead.

“Speak! Where have been for the past few days!” Yao Na said agitatedly.

“I was feeling unwell for the past few days. Therefore, I stayed at home to rest,” He replied after thinking. When he looked at Yao Na’s expression, Cheng Yu actually felt fear!

“Feeling unwell? Why didn’t you inform me? And also, why can’t I get through your phone?” Yao Na raised her eyebrows as if she wasn’t believing what Cheng Yu said.

“My phone was out of battery. For the past few days, I was not really in the right mind. How could I even remember that I needed to charge my phone?” He didn’t remember the concept of charging his phone consistently. He made a few calls previously, but he didn’t need to use his phone after, so he forgot to charge it.

“Did you really rest at home because you were feeling unwell?” Yao Na asked again not trusting Cheng Yu.

“Of course. I should be struck by lightning if I were to lie in front of a beautiful teacher,” Cheng Yu swore seriously.

“Rumble!” At this moment, the sky started to turn dark as two lightning strikes came down.

“F*ck! I was just kidding and you took it for real?!” Cheng Yu’s complexion turned ashen. “Damn it! Sooner or later, I will definitely defy heaven’s will. Let’s see who’s more arrogant by then!”

“Rumble!” As if heaven’s will knew what Cheng Yu was thinking, lightning started to strike down continuously.

“Look! Even the heavens don’t believe you. How are you going to make me believe you?” Yao Na laughed sinisterly as she looked at Cheng Yu.

“Haha! It’s an accident. I was really resting at home. If you don’t believe me, I can swear again.”

“Don’t. I am truly afraid that you would be struck by lightning and die. Even if you swore, I still wouldn’t believe you. Do you even know how many days are left to the college entrance exam?” Yao Na glimpsed at Cheng Yu and asked.

“I think there’s still a few days left right?” Cheng Yu truly had no idea how many days were left before the exam.

“Some days left?! Do you even know the exact day?! Do you know how important every day is to you now?! You even have the mood to mess around?!” Yao Na didn’t bother if Cheng Yu was speaking the truth as she scolded him. She was worried to death about all her students, but he didn’t even have a sense of urgency about the exam. This caused her to be extremely frustrated.

Even in his previous life, Cheng Yu had never truly studied before. He would never understand how teachers treat their students. However, he knew that the teacher in front of him is a fantastic teacher. No matter the reason, he should have never made her worry.

“Be assured Teacher Yao. I was actually handling some matters for the past few days. But you don’t have to be worried, since I already promised you that I would get into a good university, I will definitely get into one,” This time, Cheng Yu replied with sincerity. He was truly moved by this teacher.

“It’s good that you realized. However, don’t think that just because you are smart, you can look down on the college exam. The exam is not only important to the students, but to the teachers as well. It would never be so easy.” When she saw Cheng Yu change his attitude, Yao Na took some effort to explained some details to him.

“Yes, of course. In the following days, I will definitely work hard. I will definitely not disappoint Teacher Yao’s expectations.”

“Let me tell you, you still have 58 days before the exam. You should treasure these days and come over to my place for tutoring. If you dare to not come over, I will not bother about you anymore,” Yao Na gave him her last warning before walking back to the classroom block.

Cheng Yu looked at the beautiful teacher’s silhouette and rubbed his nose. This teacher was truly weird! He smiled as he went back to the classroom.

When he entered the classroom, everyone raised their head and looked at Cheng Yu. No one expected Cheng Yu to return to the classroom so quickly. This included Lin Yuhan who was worried for Cheng Yu the moment he left the classroom. When she saw him coming back, she lowered her head and continued reading the book as if she had seen nothing important.

Just as Cheng Yu sat down, fatty turned back and said softly, ”Boss, Teacher Yao didn’t do anything to you, right?”

Cheng Yu looked at fatty’s b*tch face as he picked up the pen on Lin Yuhan’s table and played with it before saying indifferently, ”Fatty, are you looking down on me?”

“What?! Boss, how could you say such thing to me! The respect I have for boss is even higher than the high tide. You made me feel extremely disappointed by your words,” Fatty replied angrily.

“Don’t try to act in front of me. Let me tell you. If you dare to ask if Teacher Yao did anything to me ever again, you better be ready for the consequences.”

“Than how should I phrase it?”

“You should ask if I did anything to Teacher Yao. Do you think Teacher Yao would be able to do anything to me?”

“…” Fatty was speechless. His boss’s shamelessness had far surpassed what he had ever seen. He quickly returned back to his seat.

“Xiao Hanhan, were you worried about me?” Cheng Yu laughed as he asked Lin Yuhan who was reading her book.

“Who’s worried about you? Stop being delusional.”

“Really? What you are saying differs from what I saw just now. I knew it, Xiao Hanhan still cares for me.”


“Xiao Hanhan, how about having dinner together tonight?”

“Not going!”

“Xiao Hanhan, do you know that for the past few days, I always thought of having a meal with you just to mend my yearning for you,” Cheng Yu said affectionately.

“Hmph! Stop talking nonsense with me. Who would believe you? No matter what, I will never go with you,” Lin Yuhan blushed as she said.

“Alright. How about going for a movie during the weekends? I heard that a lot of couples like doing such things. Let’s try it out as well,” Cheng Yu was never afraid of being rejected.

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“Who’s a couple with you? Besides, I still need to study over the weekend. Can you focus on your studies instead? If not, how are you going to get into Yunhai University?” Lin Yuhan was shy at first, but as she thought about it, she felt frustrated instead with Cheng Yu’s behavior.

This bastard hadn’t been coming to school and was unreachable for the past few days. This caused her to be extremely worried. The moment he came back, he started to tease her. Furthermore, he even said that he’s was going to follow her and get into Yunhai University? From the way he is now, how could he possibly enter? Never did he once study seriously. He was not truly in love with her. If he was in love with her, how could he not focus on his studies so he would be able to get into Yunhai University as well.

When he saw that Lin Yuhan’s eyes had actually started getting wet, Cheng Yu quickly said, ”Xiao Hanhan, so you were worried about if I could get into Yunhai University. Don’t be angry. Since when have I ever lied to you. Believe me! I will definitely get into Yunhai University together with you.”

“Than can you focus on your studies?”

“Alright. I will definitely focus on my studies. Don’t we still have another 58 days? I will not skip classes from now on.”


“Of course! I have always doted on you. How would I possibly lie to you?”

“Hmph! Stop trying to please me! But this is what you said. You have to swear that you will never skip classes anymore!”

“What the f*ck? Swearing again?! When I took an oath just now, I almost got struck by lightning!” Cheng Yu thought. He realized that since he had already settled all the matters already, he wouldn’t have the need to skip classes anymore. Hence, he said, ”Alright! I swear that if I were to skip classes again, my life expectancy will reduce by 50 years.” He laughed in his heart. “F*ck! My life expectancy is already 200 years. In the future, it will definitely extend to thousands of years. What does 50 years count as?”

“Hmph! You better be careful! Don’t become a short-lived ghost in future!” When she saw Cheng Yu swore seriously, her mood started brighten up.

“Hehe! That’s impossible. I will definitely spend my entire life with you.”

“Who would want to be with you for their entire life! So shameless!” Lin Yuhan blushed as she started to read her book again.

That night, Cheng Yu went over to Yao Na’s place and studying under her tutelage for three hours. The improvement was tremendous. This caused Yao Na’s mood to brighten up.

[1] – TL Note – I know this has no link, but that’s what the author said. So I am just following it. Lawls.

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