Chapter 50: Spiritual Body

Chapter 50: Spiritual Body

The senior monk’s body shivered as he continued to chant the incantation to expel evil spirits. However, those evil spirits outside the room were not afraid of death as they continued to ram the room causing the sound of “ping ping” to echo in the surrounding.

While some evil spirits were not able to ram into the room due to the huge amount of others in front of them, they turned and headed towards the senior monk. Upon seeing this, the senior monk reached his hand into his pocket hoping to throw out some expulsion talismans. However, there was none left! He quickly removed his Buddha beads. These Buddha beads were being cleansed with the Buddhist law causing it to be filled with Buddha Qi.

When the evil spirit rushed over, he flung the Buddha beads all over the place, which exorcised the evil spirit into nothingness.

With the continuous ramping of the evil spirits, the spiritual Qi surrounding the room started to distort. When he felt the instability of the formation, Cheng Yu also felt extremely anxious. He released a huge amount of spiritual Qi again, causing the evil spirit to shrink in size. He quickly absorbed the evil Qi in Keke’s body. The evil spirit was extremely frustrated as it continued to try to struggle free.

He felt the evil spirit’s frustration had turned even wilder. The spiritual Qi of the formation started to get more and more unstable. If the formation was broken, the person controlling the evil spirit would be able to feel it. When the time came, he would no longer be able to contend against the evil spirit.

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Cheng Yu started to panic. He coughed out some of his blood essence and swung it into the sky. He let go of Keke and raised both his hands into the sky. A huge amount of spiritual Qi gushed out. The spiritual Qi started to join together with the blood that was in the sky, forming a big red whirlpool.

At that moment, a “ping” sound was heard. The soul array was broken! The evil spirit in Keke’s body would be able to start communicating with the controller! The evil spirit’s powers started to soar. A large volume of evil Qi spread out to the surroundings. Keke’s green eyes turned even brighter and her fingernails grew to a length of three inches!

The evil spirit roared as it pounced towards Cheng Yu. As for the evil spirits that were lurking in the surroundings, they also started to rush Cheng Yu from all directions. However, the big red whirlpool started to revolve even faster as it sucked all the evil spirits into it.

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Because the evil spirit’s power had soared and it had Keke as its host body, it couldn’t be sucked into the whirlpool. At this moment, Cheng Yu already found out that the controller was at the Golden Core Stage. If he didn’t injure Keke, it would be impossible for him to defeat the evil spirit.

Cheng Yu lifted up his left hand. “Hong!” Six Phoenix flames were projected out of his hand as they flew towards Keke. The six Phoenix flames encircled Keke. The evil spirit was intimidated as it shrieked miserably. It immediately flew out from Keke’s body. However, the moment it exited her body, it was swallowed up by the six Phoenix flames.

Cheng Yu immediately ran over to catch the falling Keke. When he noticed that she was fine, he relaxed. He walked out of the broken and tattered room while the whirlpool in the sky was still absorbing the evil spirits in the surroundings. When the evil spirits realized that the main spirit was gone, they wanted to retreat. Cheng Yu didn’t bother as he shot out another six Phoenix flames to kill the retreating evil spirits.

After the miserable shrieks stopped, Cheng Yu was overjoyed as he had removed all the evil spirits lurking around them.

He didn’t expect that his spiritual flame would be so effective. If not, he would have started the exorcism by using it and wouldn’t have wasted his blood essence. Wouldn’t it have saved him a lot of trouble?

However, the main reason why Cheng Yu did not use his spiritual flame at the start was because he didn’t want to hurt Keke. The spiritual flame was more powerful than fire Qi. It’s impossible for a commoner to endure it. If he had another choice, Cheng Yu would never have resorted to such means. Because of this, Cheng Yu didn’t dare to use it for a long period of time as he was afraid of injuring Keke. However, he didn’t expect the evil spirit to be so intimidated by his spiritual flame and escape out of its host body immediately after witnessing it.

Although it was only for a short while, commoners would never be able to endure the heat. Since Keke is fine after experiencing that, it could be counted as a fortunate event. He didn’t bother giving it much thought as he retrieved the Phoenix flames. Everything returned back to its original tranquility.

“Monk, are you all right?” When he saw the senior monk’s complexion was very pale, Cheng Yu went forward and asked.

“Amitabha. I was useless. It’s just that I overused my spiritual Qi.” The senior monk placed his Buddha beads around his neck as he chanted.

“That’s great. It’s all thanks to monk. Otherwise, if I were to exorcise the curse myself, I would have invited a calamity.”

“Benefactor is too polite. I only managed to drag out the time for Benefactor. Fortunately, Benefactor has high attainment in arrays. Otherwise, I would be too ashamed to face Benefactor.”

“Monk is too serious about this. It’s just that the monk’s backyard has been destroyed to such an extent. I am really sorry about that. When I return, I will ask someone to send over some money so that you will be able to reconstruct the buildings.” When he saw that the whole place was filled with debris, Cheng Yu was embarrassed.

“It’s ok. Benefactor doesn’t have to put it into your heart.”

“Monk, there’s something I wish to discuss with you,” Cheng Yu said solemnly.

“Please speak, Benefactor.”

“When the evil spirit broke my array, it caused the evil spirit to communicate with the controller. According to my understanding, this person is at least in the Golden Core Stage. After this issue, he will definitely make a trip here. I think it would be better for monk to leave this place!” Cheng Yu said seriously.

“Thank you for the reminder, Benefactor. However, I will not leave this place. Furthermore, I am already reaching the end of my lifespan. Benefactor has said before, the most important thing about cultivation is the way of Dao. It’s impossible for me to defy my way of Dao just because I wish to save myself,” Senior Master said in a peaceful manner.

“If you retreat in such dire circumstances, how is it called defying your way of Dao? Isn’t this b*******? Cultivation is all about defying the heaven’s will. As for what will happen today and who will die tomorrow, why not let nature take its course?”[1]

Cheng Yu was very helpless towards the monk. He was too stubborn.

“Even if it’s like what Benefactor said, I will still not leave this place. I hope that Benefactor will not dwell on this topic anymore.”

“All right! Since it’s like that, I will no longer dwell on the issue and hope monk will take care of himself. If there’s any issues, you can come to Yunhai City and find me.” When he saw the abbot was so firm in his attitude, Cheng Yu could not convince him and could only advise him to be more cautious.

“Amitabha. I shall thank Benefactor in advance then.”

“We will make a move first. Take good care of yourself monk!”



When Cheng Yu used his spiritual flame to exorcise the evil spirit in Keke’s body, in the cultivation world inside a cave, a 40-year-old man was sitting cross-legged on top of a stone. The man’s complexion was very white and pale. At the corner of his mouth, there was blood. The shirt he was wearing was also covered with fresh blood as well. It was quite obvious that he just spat it out.

The man clenched his chest. Not only was he feeling angry, but also shocked. Several years ago, when he went to the secular world, he met a baby with a special body constitution. The body’s constitution was very suitable for hosting an evil spirit inside it. Therefore, he performed an evil incantation on the baby girl.

Originally, he wanted to bring the baby girl back to the sect, but he was afraid that the moment he brought her back, her body’s constitution would be discovered by the sect’s elder, causing the effort he spent on the incantation to be wasted.

Furthermore, the evil spirit needed to absorb a large amount of vitality from people. If he were to bring her back, she would not be able to absorb any vitality. It would be impossible for him to be killing cultivators everywhere just for her, right? Therefore, it was better to leave her in the secular world.

Not only would this prevent her discovery by other sects, she could also absorb a large amount of vitality over there. Since he was able to sense the evil spirit and have a contract with it, wherever she cultivated was not an issue for him.

All these years, because of the little girl, his cultivation had soared. He had already reached the Golden Core Stage last year. The sect started to nurture him, leading him to become an elite disciple in the sect. He had managed to receive more cultivation benefits and also the secluded cave he was in now.

However, he didn’t expect that someone was able to exorcise his evil spirit. What’s more, it all happened in the secular world! Could it be his sect’s secular world disciple?

Because he had a soul contract with the evil spirit, since the evil spirit had been exorcised, it had caused his soul to be heavily injured. This injury would need at least two years time for full recovery. How could he not be angered by this?

He decided that he must definitely make a trip down to the secular world and investigate the matter the moment his injury started to recover.


When they reached Yunhai Airport, it was already past 7 pm. Wu Chang didn’t want Cheng Yu to fetch him, so he took a cab back.

On the way back, Wu Chang’s body was still experiencing the after effects of what he had seen in the afternoon. This caused the flight attendant to think that he was a recovering drug addict. What happened during the afternoon caused him to be astonished. As Wu Chang was an open-minded person and atheist, he had never once believed that god or evil spirits existed.

However, a few hours ago, he had personally experienced evil spirits appearing out of nowhere. If not for the monk’s talisman, he wouldn’t even be alive. The evil spirits were too scary. They had a ferocious appearance and produced miserable shrieks. Even the monk was almost unable to block them. It was all because of Cheng Yu having some extraordinary means. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to make it back.

While they were on the plane, Keke woke up. When he saw her playing with the white rabbit inside the aircraft, Cheng Yu felt very peaceful. [2]

When he reached home, he carried Keke into the house.

“Whose child is that?” When Cheng Meiyan saw that it was Cheng Yu who opened the door, she wanted to scold him for disappearing without informing them, but she noticed that there was a little girl in his bosom so she asked him curiously.

“Haha, she’s my sister. Her name is Cheng Keke,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“What! She is a child from your mother?” Cheng Meiyan was shocked. Zhao Minglong who was seated on the sofa was also stunned. Cheng Yu’s mother had actually raised such a big child, wouldn’t it cause the family to be in chaos?

“Hey! What are you thinking about? I didn’t say that this little girl was from my mother,” Cheng Yu was speechless.

“Not from your mother? Ah! Could it be from your dad?” Cheng Meiyan’s thoughts were going further astray.

“Enough! Keke is a child I adopted. She doesn’t have any family, therefore I let her become my sister and follow me with my surname. Come over here Keke. This is your auntie. Call auntie.” When he saw Cheng Meiyan was having those strange thoughts, he explained everything to her.

“Auntie,” Keke called obediently.

“Oh? So obedient. Come over. Let auntie carry you. So it’s like that. It almost frightened me to death.”

“Keke, this is your uncle. Call uncle.”

“Uncle,” Keke called out obediently again. This caused Zhao Minglong to be extremely elated.

“Auntie, I wish to hire a nanny to take care of Keke since all of us don’t have much time to take care of her,” Cheng Yu sat on the sofa and said.

“True. I will head down to a domestic service company tomorrow and find one,“ Cheng Meiyan carried Keke and said happily.

At night, Cheng Yu actually prepared a room for Keke to sleep. However, Keke insisted on sleeping together with Cheng Yu. Without any other choice, he could only carry her into his room.

As he looked at Keke who was sleeping soundly on the bed, Cheng Yu smiled. He covered Keke with a blanket as he sat on his bed and meditated.

When he closed his eyes and was about to start cultivating, he immediately opened back his eyes and looked at Keke strangely. When he had closed his eyes just now, he suddenly felt a rich and dense spiritual Qi drifting out from her body.

Cheng Yu tried closing his eyes and felt it again. He confirmed that there was spiritual Qi drifting out of her body. Cheng Yu frowned as he looked at Keke for a long time. He finally understood what was going on as he found out the reason as to why someone placed an evil spirit in her.

It’s the spiritual body!

[1] – TL Note – This is a Chinese idiom.
[2] – Ed Note – God knows how they got a rabbit on that plane without checking it in LOL.

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