Chapter 49: Resolving the Evil Incantation

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Chapter 49: Resolving the Evil Incantation

“I am not that sure actually. I had only been there for several days with my master. I only know that the Netherworld Sect and Blood Demon Sect are demon sects. This little girl’s curse is most likely from them. As for the Limitless Palace, Huashan Valley and Fahong Temple, they usually don’t appear in public. Only the other three sects like to do so in the cultivation world.”

“I see. Is it possible for monk to tell me how I could enter the cultivation world?” Although this world is getting more complicated, Cheng Yu actually felt even more excited. He always thought that he was the only cultivator in this world. It was to the extent that Cheng Yu actually felt very lonely about it. Now, he found out that he actually had so many “friends.” Although they may become his enemy, this caused Cheng Yu’s blood to start pumping furiously.

“Benefactor, I would like to advise you not to step into the cultivation world so easily. That’s a world of slaughtering. Strength is what matters there. Although Benefactor has already achieved the Foundation Establishment Realm, in this secular world, you would have no rivals. However, in the cultivation world, such strength is actually very common. I ask Benefactor to think twice!”

“Thanks for the advice monk. However, I must make a trip down to the cultivation world. I need to look for spirit stones,” Cheng Yu said firmly.

“At such a young age, Benefactor already achieved such cultivation level, why would you do something that would threaten your current situation? The future is unmeasurable, is it worth it to sever your own future because of your impulsiveness?”

“Monk, cultivation is all about going against the heaven’s will. If it’s just a desire to survive and to take things as they are, and not daring to take risks, how are the cultivators supposed to improve themselves? Wouldn’t it cause them to lose their way and cause a stagnation in their cultivation?”

“Amitabha. I guess Benefactor is right. This should be the reason why I was stuck in this cultivation stage after so many years and wasn’t able to improve. After I heard Benefactor’s words, I have definitely benefited from the advice.”

“Monk is being too serious.”

“Since it’s like that, I shall no longer stop Benefactor. The entrance is at Mount Shu and Kunlun Mountain in the secular world. The entrance is being shrouded by illusion, but with benefactor ability, it’s not a problem to see pass the illusion.

“Thank you for the information,” Cheng Yu held his hands together as he said sincerely.

“Although I do not know how many spirit stones Benefactor needs, I still have some. I hope it will be able to assist Benefactor in some way.” The Senior Master took out a spirit stone from his pocket and passed it to Cheng Yu.

“Thank you monk. But I believe monk needs it more than me. Furthermore, I can find the spirit stones myself.” Cheng Yu pushed back the spirit stone to monk and took out two pill bottles. He extracted a Foundation Establishment Pill and said to the Senior Master, ”This is a Foundation Establishment Pill and also a bottle of Qi Gathering Pill. I hope monk will be able to get past the Qi Training bottleneck and reach the Foundation Establishment Realm.”

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“This…” The Senior Master was shocked. If someone else were to say that Cheng Yu’s pills were very mysterious, then the Senior Master would be astonished. When he was young, he had followed his master to the cultivation world. His master had told him a lot of information regarding cultivation. Naturally, he knew how precious this bottle of Qi Gathering Pills was. As for the Foundation Establishment Pill, it could be said it was almost extinct in the cultivation world.

In the cultivation world, not everyone would be able to successfully cultivate to the Foundation Establishment Realm and enter the threshold of Immortality. In a big sect, a lot of their disciples were stuck at the Qi Training Realm and no one knew if they would they be able to get past the bottleneck and enter the Foundation Establishment Realm. Therefore, they were only able to become the outer disciples of the big sects. Only when they had reached the Foundation Establishment Realm would they be able to formally enter the sect and be able to enjoy more cultivating materials.

Although the Foundation Establishment Pill did not have a 100% success rate, if the person was not a waste of a talent, they would definitely be able to break the bottleneck and enter the Foundation Establishment Realm. Therefore, with a Foundation Establishment Pill, it could be said that it would be able to nurture an inner disciple of a large sect.

However, the cultivation world had gotten so huge that there’s no longer any more genuine pill masters. The pill refinement methods had already died out together with the existence of pill masters. Currently, there are some big sects that were still able to refine pills. But the pills they were able to refine were just the Soul Strengthening Pill. Those that had better skills would be able to refine the Reversal Pill. This was also why the big sects were very stingy with giving out the Foundation Establishment Pill. Only if the disciple was a god sent talent or had brought a big contribution for the sect, would it be possible for them to be able to obtain the Foundation Establishment Pill.

That being the case, anyone would be able to tell how precious this Foundation Establishment Pill that was given to the monk was.

“Please take it back Benefactor. I think it would be better for Benefactor to not take out such precious pills so easily in the future, especially after Benefactor has entered the cultivation world.” Although these pills are very beneficial to the Senior Master right now, he did not desire them. This could be counted as achieving a firm and steady Buddhist heart.

“Thanks for the reminder monk. However, I would still ask the monk to accept these. In Buddhism, there’s a proverb ‘there is a cause and effect for everything.’ Monk has dispelled my doubts. This could be counted as the cause. When I gift the pills to monk, it will be the effect. This should be karma. If the monk does not accept them, wouldn’t it cause monk to mess up his benevolence as well as cause me to lose the chance of repaying my karma?”

“Amitabha. Benefactor has such good eloquence. Since it’s like that, I shall thank Benefactor and hope that when Benefactor enters the cultivation world, you will be more prudent in handling matters and get what you want,” The Senior Master took Cheng Yu pills as he chanted.

“Monk can be assured, I don’t plan to go in temporarily. Maybe, I would only do so after a period of time. I shall descend from the mountain then. I will visit you again someday in the future.” Cheng Yu carried Keke who was seated beside him and stood up.

“Please wait a moment Benefactor. Does Benefactor trust me? Please allow me to perform a protection, to help the little girl to dissolve her evil incantation,” The Senior Master stood up and said.

“This…” Cheng Yu hesitated. As the incantation was very complicated, and the evil incantation would also attract a lot of evil spiritual Qi. In addition, the evil spirit’s host may be controlled by the person who placed the incantation. As he did not know the person’s ability, resolving the incantation alone is very dangerous.

As he’s currently at the Yuefeng Peak, the surrounding was filled with temples. The Buddhist Qi was also very dense. In addition it was daytime, so it could be said that this was the optimal place to do the incantation. If there’s Senior Master protecting him, the chances of him succeeding would increase by a lot.

However, he did not wish to bring a calamity for the senior monk. Because the moment he was to resolve the incantation here, the person who placed the incantation on Keke would be able to locate this place. At that time, once he left, what if that person came back for revenge? If the cultivation of that person was not high, it would be fortunate. But what if that person’s cultivation was very high? Wouldn’t this place turn into a land of bloodshed?

“Monk, do you know what kind of incantation she’s suffering from?” Cheng Yu wished to know whether the senior monk knew the reason why the person placed the incantation on Keke. He can’t possibility harm a whole group of people just to save a person, right?

“I know a bit. I know what Benefactor is worried about. It’s precisely as what Benefactor had said, there’s always a cause and effect. Buddhism always taught us to treasure all living things. Saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven floor pagoda. Since the little girl is suffering from this pain and Benefactor was prepared to resolve her suffering in the future, how can I turn a blind eye to this suffering if I am able to resolve it for her now?”

“Monk is really noble and understanding. Since it’s like this, I will not speak anymore and give my thanks instead to monk. I will arrange formations around this area to prevent the person controlling the incantation to get in contact with the evil spirit. When the moment comes, all monk needs to do is just to stop the evil spirit from escaping away.”

“Ok.” Senior Master turned his body and walked out of the room.

Cheng Yu used his hand and touched Keke’s head. In an instant, Keke fell into deep sleep. Cheng Yu lifted up the white rabbit from her bosom and gave it to Wu Chang who was stationed outside. After that, he shut the temple’s doors.

Cheng Yu started to form seals on his hand as he recited the secret art. Nine strains of spiritual Qi were projected out as they arranged themselves to look like a cage. This would help prevent the evil spirit from escaping and also from contacting the person controlling it.

Immediately, the spiritual Qi shot out a dazzling light as it shrouded the room with an illusion. The evil spirit in Keke’s body most likely felt something, causing it to wake up. Keke’s eyes were filled with green light, and both her hands had turned into claws with her fingernails turning black and growing by an inch. Keke’s small body was encircled by the black evil Qi as it slowly hovered in the air. Her green eyes stared at Cheng Yu.

“Ah!” Keke let off an ear-piercing shriek towards the sky. This caused Wu Chang to feel intimidated. The voice was filled with mournful pitch, as if it came from hell. It caused those who heard the voice to shiver from the bottom of their heart. Wu Chang had no idea about Keke’s situation and also for Cheng Yu who was inside the temple.

“Benefactor, take these two talismans and drip a few drops of blood on it. Later on, no matter what happens, always hide behind the Buddha statue and do not make any noise. Your hand just needs to hold onto the talisman and it will be fine.” When he heard the shriek, the Senior Master wrinkled his eyebrows as he took out a guardian talisman and an expulsion talisman and gave them to Wu Chang who was trembling in fear.

Wu Chang stuffed the white rabbit into his clothes as he ran behind the Buddha statue while holding onto the talisman. He bit his fingers and dripped several drops of blood onto the two talismans. After that, both his hands held onto the talismans tightly as he leaned onto the statue’s back.

The daylight was slowly being covered up by dark clouds. When some of the tourists who were still climbing the mountain saw the sky had turned dark, they ran towards the nearest monastery.

As for Cheng Yu, when he heard the shriek, he projected out his spiritual Qi as he bound her body. He was prepared to use the absorption technique to force the evil spirit out from Keke’s body.

The evil spirit was bound up by his spiritual Qi. It was extremely furious. She destroyed the binding and raised both her hands as she dashed towards Cheng Yu. Because it was Keke’s body, Cheng Yu could not use his full strength. Without any choice, he could only hold onto Keke’s hand and use a large amount of spiritual Qi to bind her up again. He placed his left hand on top of Keke’s head. The spiritual Qi in his hand revolved around her as it started to form into a whirlpool. The dark evil Qi was slowly sucked into the whirlpool.

After her evil Qi was sucked away, the evil spirit shouted out in pain. Keke’s face distorted as her body started to struggle. At this moment, outside the temple, the monk was on his guard. The sky had already turned dark, the surroundings were filled with miserable cries, and the place was filled with evil Qi as countless evil spirits advanced to the room Cheng Yu was in.

The Senior Master’s expression turned grave. He stretched his hand into his pocket and took out a few of the expulsion talismans and threw them up at the sky while he recited some incantations. The talisman was activated, which caused the flock of evil spirits to scream miserably as they got sucked away by Buddha’s light.

At this moment, the room was filled with miserable screams. The evil spirits that were outside started to dash into the room ferociously again. They surrounded the room as they continued to ram it. Upon seeing this, the monk took out several talismans again. With a wave of his hand, the talismans were stuck everywhere around the room. The Buddha’s light flickered as it wrapped itself around the room. Those evil spirits that continued to ram the room were sucked up by the Buddha’s light and were turned into nothingness.

Inside the room, Cheng Yu had a grave expression as he was sweating profusely. This evil spirit was much more powerful than he had imagined! After absorbing evil Qi for so long, he still had not managed to force out the evil spirit from Keke’s body.

The evil spirit struggled violently. The shouts were getting more and more mournful. As for the evil spirits outside, they also responded in an intense way. They were like moths flying to the flame as they continued to ram the room.

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