Chapter 48: The Cultivation World

When they went back to the hotel room, Cheng Yu switched on the tap in the bathtub, ”Be obedient and take off your clothes. Big Brother will help you to take a shower. After showering, there will be new clothes for you to wear.”

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Cheng Yu carried the naked little girl into the bathtub and started to help her to shower, ”What’s your name?”

“Ke Ke [1],” The little girl said softly. When she saw the bathtub was filled with soap bubbles, she was very excited as she started playing with it.

“Oh, ok. In the future, Ke Ke should have the same surname as Big Brother. Your name will be Cheng Keke. Are you ok with it?”

“Ok!” Keke replied happily.

After they finished showering, Cheng Yu wrapped the bath towel around Keke and carried her out of the bathtub. Just as they were about to exit out of the bathroom, Wu Chang brought in a new set of clothes.

When Cheng Yu saw Keke was happily wearing the new set of clothes, he felt extremely elated as well. He said to Wu Chang, ”The clothes you bought are quite suitable for her. Not bad!”

“Haha! Thanks for Young Master Yu’s praise. My daughter is around the same age as her, so I bought the clothes according to my daughter’s size.” When he saw the little girl was so happy, Wu Chang face was filled with affection, as if he was looking at his own daughter.

“Keke, do you like these clothes?”

“I love them!”

“Order something up to eat. The food we ordered just now, we didn’t manage to eat them. Get something that’s suitable for the child as well,” Cheng Yu said to Wu Chang.

At night, Cheng Yu was sharing the same room as Keke. Cheng Yu was not worried about the evil spirit running away as before the evil spirit reached the large success stage, it was impossible for it to leave the host’s body. Hence, the evil spirit had to always stay inside Keke’s body. Unless the host died, it wouldn’t have a chance to seize a new host body.

Cheng Yu was afraid that the evil spirit would suck Keke’s vitality dry in order to avoid him. Therefore, he placed Keke near him so that the evil spirit would not dare to suck her vitality as it did not have any viable host body to seize. Of course, there’s a body for it to seize. But seizing Cheng Yu’s body? What a joke! If it had such an ability, would it still be afraid of Cheng Yu?

Although commoners were not able to tell how powerful Cheng Yu is, as a cultivator, the evil spirit was able to tell how powerful Cheng Yu is, even though it was just an entity without a body.

In the middle of the night, Keke opened her eyes suddenly. Her pitch black eyes had turned green. She sat up and looked at the sleeping Cheng Yu. She curled her mouth, causing it to reveal a sinister smile. The small hands turned into a claw as it grew a sharp nail that was an inch long. The hand was filled with dark evil Qi as she tried to insert her hands into Cheng Yu’s neck.

However, when her hands were an inch away from Cheng Yu’s neck, she was pushed back by his spiritual Qi as she dropped off the bed and rolled. Her green eyes and dark evil Qi hands had also returned back to their original state after the fall.

Cheng Yu got up from the bed as he went over to carry Keke back up. He placed her near him and looked at her as he frowned. Cheng Yu sighed as he held Keke in his bosom. He used his spiritual Qi to wrap around Keke before falling back to sleep.

It wasn’t that Cheng Yu was unable to remove the curse, but the curse was very complicated. How complicated it was depended on the ability of the person who placed the curse. It cannot be solved within a short period of time and he was worried that there could be an accident happening. From the point he had recognized the curse on Keke’s body, Cheng Yu had realized an issue. In this world, there was actually cultivators around. In this kind of situation, it’s impossible for Cheng Yu to help Keke remove the curse in such an unfamiliar place.

The next day, when the three of them finished their breakfast, Cheng Yu carried Keke as they headed towards the summit. As it was daylight, the scenery was very different from what they had seen yesterday. Under the sunlight, the antique buildings looked grander, causing people to feel like worshipping it. This was indeed a good retirement place that was far away from the city.

On the way up, he had been chatting happily with Keke. Cheng Yu always enjoyed such feelings. When he looked at the little girl’s small clean face with big sparkling eyes and a body full of vitality, Cheng Yu liked it. Although he called her his little sister, he always treated her as if she was his daughter.

“Big Brother, look over there! There’s a small white rabbit!” Keke pointed at the rabbit who was hidden behind a tree and said. After chatting with Cheng Yu along the way, Keke had gotten used to Cheng Yu. The way she called “Big Brother” sounded very natural.

“Do you want it? Should Big Brother catch it over for you?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I want!” Keke said as she looked forward to getting the white rabbit.

Cheng Yu stared at the white rabbit as he walked over. The rabbit retreated before it started to escape. Cheng Yu waved his hand as he shot a strain of spiritual Qi towards it. The Qi enveloped the white rabbit, causing it to stop moving immediately. Cheng Yu went over and picked up the immobile rabbit and passed it over to Keke. Keke hugged the white rabbit in her bosom and felt extremely happy. She gave a peck on Cheng Yu’s face.

With Keke around, Cheng Yu was no longer that impatient. He slowly walked up the mountain. After about two and a half hours, they finally reached the Falei Temple.

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It was not what Cheng Yu imagined. It was not domineering, but instead was a bit run down. When the three of them entered the temple, there wasn’t a lot of people. They saw a monk sweeping the floor. Cheng Yu carried Keke over and asked, ”Young monk, may I know if the Saint Master is around?”

“Amitabha. May I know why benefactor is looking for the senior monk? It’s unfortunate, as our monk has already stopped receiving any guests for a lot of years,” The monk held onto the broom and said.

“No longer receiving guests? But my friend told me that every year he would come over to greet the Saint Master.”

“I believe the benefactor is talking about Mr. Tian?” The monk said surprised. Tian Wenqing would send a large amount of incense and money over to Falei Temple every year. Hence, all the monks in this temple knew about him.

“That’s right. I am a friend of Old Tian and obtained some guidance from him. I wish to meet the Saint Master. I hope that young monk could help me achieve this. “

“Alright. I shall bring the few of you to the backyard first. As for whether or not the senior monk wishes to meet you, it would depend on your fate then,” The monk thought for a moment before he replied. After that, he brought them to the temple’s backyard.

“Devil! How dare you create troubles here!” When the few of them arrived at the backyard, a shout could be heard from a room. Afterward, a silhouette fluttered out. An old monk who was wearing his monk attire appeared in front of everyone.

The old monk swiped his eyes at everyone. His eyes stopped at Keke as he frowned. The Saint Master who was seated in his room suddenly felt a strain of evil spiritual Qi, and he thought that it was a devil intruding. When he came out to take a look, he realized that the evil Qi was emitting out from a little girl’s body. He was puzzled immediately.

“What a malicious person! How could you use such a vicious technique on a little girl. Who are you people?” When the Saint Master realized what was going on in the little girl’s body, he turned to look at Cheng Yu and asked.

“Senior monk, these people said that they are the friends of Mr. Tian. They wished to meet senior monk,” At this moment, the monk hurriedly stood out and said. He thought that he had brought someone he shouldn’t have brought in and had caused troubles for the monk.

“Oh? Meng Yuan, you go down first,” When he heard the monk’s words, the Saint Master was stunned before he replied gently.


“The few of you are Benefactor Tian’s friends?” The Saint Master asked to Cheng Yu and the rest of them.

“Yes. I am called Cheng Yu. I hope monk doesn’t mind.” Cheng Yu was able to tell that the opposite party had already felt the evil spiritual Qi emitting out from Keke’s body. Cheng Yu also found out that the Saint Master was unexpectedly in the Qi Training Realm.

“Benefactor has such a strong cultivation. At such a young age, you have already seen through the heavenly laws and are near to entering the door of Immortality. It has truly expanded my views.” Previously, because of the existence of the evil Qi, the monk did not notice that the young man in front of him was actually in the Foundation Establishment Realm. It was totally unexpected.

“Senior monk is overpraising me. With just a step more, senior monk would also be able to reach this stage.”

“I shall not keep it from benefactor then. I am already at death’s door, this one step, I will never be able to get passed it. The few of you, please come in,” The monk said openly.

The few of them sat inside the monk’s room. The Saint Master looked at Keke who was hugging onto the small rabbit and asked, ”Benefactor, since you have such a strong and formidable cultivation, why did you not resolve the curse on her?”

“I shall not keep it from monk. I just met Keke yesterday night. Although I can break the curse, it will still need a long period of time. Without anyone protecting me, I don’t dare to be so reckless. “

“I see. May I know why is Benefactor looking for me?”

“Wu Chang, you should go out first. I need to talk to the monk alone,” Cheng Yu said Wu Chang who’s nearby.

“Ok.” Wu Chang didn’t mind. From the way the they talked, he realized that Cheng Yu was not an average person. He didn’t expect the old monk was actually weaker than Young Master Yu. Heavenly law? Doorway to Immortality? When he thought back to the topic they were talking about, Wu Chang was excited. Is he making friends with an Immortal in this world?!

“Since monk is also a cultivator, I shall just get straight to the point. Actually, I just want to know, where did you get the spirit stone from?”

When he heard Cheng Yu’s words, the old monk looked at him in doubt.

“What’s the matter monk?” Cheng Yu asked when he saw the monk’s expression looked very strange.

“Benefactor has such a cultivation level, could it be that you don’t know the origin of the spirit stone?”

“I really don’t know. Please enlighten me.”

“I shall not keep it from benefactor, but in this secular world, I am afraid it would be very hard to find any more of those spirit stones,” The old monk replied.

“Oh? From monk’s words, could it be that it can only be found outside of this secular place?” Cheng Yu was stirred up by the news. In this world, there’s indeed a cultivation world. However, he wished to know more about it from the monk’s mouth.

“This…” The monk hesitated. “Benefactor, may I know who’s your master? Has he not mentioned this things to Benefactor before?”

“My master is a spiritual daoist. He only taught me some cultivation techniques. He did not mention anything else other than that. Up to today, I have no idea where he went, how is it possible for me to know all these?” Inside Cheng Yu’s words, it contained truth as well as lies. His master was in fact a spiritual daoist, but the daoist is in the Immortal World.

“I see. No wonder the Benefactor has such a high cultivation, but did not know such things.” The monk did not haggle over it and thought for a moment before he continued, ”Since the Benefactor is always a cultivator, I shall tell the Benefactor more information about it. It could prevent benefactor from getting in pointless troubles.”

“I would like to ask you for advice then. I am all ears.”

“Outside the secular world, there’s a cultivation world. It’s just that no commoners will have any idea about it. Inside the cultivation world, there are a lot of strong influences. Not only are they in the Crossing Tribulation Realm, but the majority of the spirit stones are controlled by them. In the secular world, they have strong helpers, and they always send people over to search for spirit stones in this world. Therefore, it’s very hard to find any more spirit stones in this world.”

“I see. Does monk know the bigger sects in the cultivation world?” Cheng Yu frowned and ask. He did not expect that the situation in this world was more complex that what he had originally imagined.

“60 years ago, I made a trip down to the cultivation world. During that time, the sects that were more famous were the Kunlun School, Shushan School, Limitless Palace, Huashan Valley, Netherworld Sect, Blood Demon Sect and our Buddhism Fahong Temple. As for today, if these are the sects that are the more powerful ones, I have no idea. Of course, among them, there’s also a lot of other small sects.“

“Can monk tell me more details about these sects?” Cheng Yu didn’t expect that in the cultivation world, there would be so many powerful sects. He realized that it’s not the cultivation world that’s in decline, but it’s that they chose to isolate themselves from the secular world!

[1] – Editor Note – As we stated earlier, we will do 2 character names by separating the characters, but in this case a 3rd character was added on by Cheng Yu so we followed the 2 word style we use for 3 character names after the character was added.

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