Chapter 47: The Child Who Stole a Steamed Bun

When they reached Mount Wutai’s Airport, it was already 5 pm. The airport to Mount Wutai is not a far distance. Cheng Yu and Wu Cheng took a cab and arrived at the foot of Mount Wutai very quickly. At that moment, a lot of tourists were descending from the mountain. Only Cheng Yu and a few others were heading up the mountain.

Wu Chang suggested that they should stay at the hotel that was at the foot of the mountain and only go up tomorrow. However, Cheng Yu never liked to dilly dally, especially if it’s something he felt is extremely important. The earlier he clarified the origin of the spirit stone, the earlier he could get things done.

On the way up, Cheng Yu was observing Mount Wutai’s environment. It was not like what Cheng Yu imagined. The place was filled with never ending mountain peaks with short mountains, but it does not have a verdant and lush forest. Some of the mountain tops were even bare without any green at all. Most importantly, the spiritual qi in this place was not dense.

This place was not suitable for cultivation to become an Immortal at all! Cheng Yu sighed and felt a little disappointed. From the situation, he was able to tell that the probability of the spirit stone originating from here was very low.

As he followed the mountain road and walked up, Cheng Yu was not able to feel any rich or dense Qi. What he felt was actually the rich and dense Buddhism Qi. When he looked at the vast temple buildings, he was able to tell that Buddhism was very popular in this world and had a long and storied history.

“Achoo!” Wu Chang covered his mouth as he sneezed. Although Mount Wutai was not tall, the topography of this place was very high. On the way up, they were able to see those distant mountain peaks were filled with snow, and as a result, Mount Wutai’s temperature was quite low as well. Besides, the sky already turned dark, and the cold air had started to get colder.

As Cheng Yu had his Qi protecting his body, naturally he would not be afraid of the cold air. But Wu Chang is just a commoner and, in Yunhai, he was wearing a short sleeved shirt. Since they were rushing over, he did not seem to care about his attire as he did not expect Cheng Yu would actually want to go up the mountain this late in the night.

Wu Chang used his hands to rub his nose as he smiled embarrassingly at Cheng Yu, ”Haha! It seems like this mountain is pretty cold.”

Cheng Yu took out a pill bottle as he poured out a Soul Strengthening Pill and passed it to Wu Chang. ”Eat it, it can help you resist the cold air.”

“Thank you, Young Master Yu,” Wu Chang said happily as he took the pill. After experiencing the Reversal Pill’s effects, he knew the words Cheng Yu spoke were true. He picked up the pill and gave it a sniff before swallowing. Immediately, he felt his body started to become warmer as a strand of warm air started to flow around his body.

They passed by a temple. Cheng Yu took a look at the ”Qingliang Temple.” Cheng Yu was puzzled as he looked at the vast building complex. Every short distance, there would be a building in between them.

“Is Mount Wutai not a temple?” Cheng Yu asked.

Wu Chang, who just consumed the Soul Strengthening Pill and was sighing at the mystery of Cheng Yu’s pills, was stunned when he heard Cheng Yu’s words. All those tourists who visited Mount Wutai knew that this place was more than just a temple! With such a vast area, it would not be limited to a temple only! But he knew that Cheng Yu had never been here before.

“Yes. Mount Wutai actually means five prominent peaks. There were a total of five mountain peaks in the area, therefore it was named Mount Wutai. As Mount Wutai is a vast area, just on this mountain alone, there’s already over a hundred temples.”

“What?! Over a hundred?! D*mn! How am I supposed to find a person like that!” Cheng Yu was surprised. What the hell? He thought that Mount Wutai was just a name for a mountain, and within the mountain, there was only one temple. But he didn’t expect it to be five mountain peaks, and each were filled with over a hundred temples. How was he going to find the monk?!

“Who is Young Master Yu looking for? A monk?”

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“Yes. A person called Saint Master. Have you heard of him before?” Cheng Yu asked in anticipation.

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“I have never believed in Buddhism, and therefore I have no understanding towards monks. Why don’t we enter this Qingliang Temple and ask the monk in there? Since they are in the same profession, he should know the person Young Master Yu is looking for,” Wu Chang pointed at Qingliang temple and said.

“I guess that’s the only way.” Cheng Yu looked at the temple in front and walked towards it.

“Please hold on a moment, young monk.” When they entered the temple, they saw a 16 year old monk who was passing by.

“Amitabha. What’s the matter?” The young monk heard the shout causing him to turn around and ask.

“May I know if young monk has heard before of a person named Saint Master here?” Cheng Yu went forward and asked.

“Amitabha. The Saint Master is the senior monk of Falei Temple. He’s a revered monk. How could I not know of him.”

“Oh? Is it possible for young monk to tell me the directions to Falei Temple?” When he heard that the young monk was able to recognize the Saint Master, Cheng Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to search all the temples.

“After benefactor exits the temple, you should follow the mountain path and head towards the right side. It will lead you directly to the Yuefeng Mountain, and from Yuefeng mountain, keep walking to the west and you will arrive at the western peak. Falei Temple is at the top of the western peak. The distance from here to western peak is around six kilometers. Benefactor could get a taxi to bring you there.”

“Thank you, young monk.”

“Amitabha.” The young monk said the Buddhism chant again. It caused Wu Chang who was nearby to be speechless. He’s already a monk at such a young age and from the way he chanted the word “Amitabha,” it seemed he is quite driven to be a monk.

Cheng Yu and Wu Chang arrived back on the mountain path and saw that there was a notice that showed how to get to the Yuefeng Mountain. Wu Chang went to look for a taxi. About half an hour later, they arrived at the foot of Yuefeng Mountain.

Cheng Yu looked at the summit and said, ”Find a place to rest for tonight, we will climb up the mountain tomorrow!”

They found a hotel room before coming out to take a stroll as they looked for something to eat. Cheng Yu did not go into any of those big restaurants, but instead went to some street stalls and bought some snacks to eat. He felt that the street stalls that displayed the food openly were better than the restaurants where they only displayed some of their dishes in a menu.

The street was very lively during the night. Most of the people were tourists. They were all buying some unique foods and goods and they were attracting a lot of attention while doing so.

“Stay right there! You jinx! Every day, you come to my stall to steal a steamed bun. You think this is your home?” At this moment, Cheng Yu heard a person cursing loudly.

Cheng Yu looked toward the direction of the cursing and saw a short and fat guy, who is covered with a mustache and a white apron, who was restraining a child on the floor while scolding her. The child was very small, around five years old, as she curled up and lied on the floor. She used both of her hands to cover her chest. From the way the stall owner was scolding and hitting, the thing the child was covering in her chest was the steamed bun.

“Brat, after this beating let’s see if you still dare to steal!” The stall owner exerted all his strength and pressed the child on the floor and scolded.

The child did not speak as she curled her body and covered the steam bun. When the tourists saw the situation, they started to stick up for the child.

“Even if the child stole two steamed buns, do you need to bully the child like that?”

When the stall owner heard everyone was criticizing him, he raised his head and stared at these people, ”What do you all know?! Previously, I was kind hearted enough to let him steal a few times, taking it as pitying the child. But after that, this child came back every day to steal! The most important part is that ever since this child came to steal my bun, whenever someone consumes my bun, they say that they had a stomachache after that! Over the past few days, no one came to my stall to buy my buns anymore.

“Che! Perhaps the issue is with your buns. When he only stole two buns, it caused your buns to have issues?”

“Impossible! I tried it before. Before this jinx came over to my stall to start stealing, the buns had no issue at all! Today I will definitely teach her a lesson! In the future, don’t you ever dare to come over to my stall to steal my buns! Do you hear me?!”

“Do you hear me? Do you hear me?! Reply to me!” When the stall owner saw that the child was not replying to him, he got even angrier as he exerted more strength to press the child onto the floor.

“How could you do this! Do you want to kill this child?!” When she saw the stall owner’s behavior, a woman shouted pitifully.

“Believe it or not, I will kill you as well!” The stall owner stared at the woman and said viciously. The woman was frightened as she retreated two steps and no longer dared to say anything.

“Let her go, I guarantee that she will not steal your buns anymore.” Someone said in the crowd. A 18-year-old youngster walked out from the crowd. This person was Cheng Yu, who was observing the whole incident.

Cheng Yu knew that this stall owner was not lying. There’s some problem with the child’s body. The child’s body was actually emitting evil Qi. It’s very obvious that she was cursed by someone. From Cheng Yu’s Immortal World knowledge, he knew that this was a malicious devil magic that used an evil spirit incantation technique.

The evil spirit incantation technique was a technique that put an evil spirit into the victim’s body. The evil spirit relied on the victim’s body to absorb the world’s Qi. When the child was stealing the bun, it caused all the buns to be stained with evil Qi. When the customers ate the buns that were stained with evil Qi, the evil Qi would suck the vitality of the person before returning to the child’s body.

What made Cheng Yu feel strange was that this kind of curse technique would usually be placed in a body that had a special constitution. He could not understand why this cursed was placed into a child’s body instead.

Cheng Yu had been observing the child from the side, and finally felt a strain of spiritual Qi coming out of the child’s body. How could such a young child have spiritual Qi?

Cheng Yu was puzzled. After checking out the child’s body, he got even more puzzled. The evil spirit was supposed to absorb a person’s vitality to cultivate and the evil spirit in her should have already started forming. However, this kid was actually filled with vigor. This was not what he had expected.

Although he was not able to see anything temporarily, Cheng Yu brought the child away. Not only did Cheng Yu pity the child, he also felt that the evil spirit should not be kept in this world. It would violate the human laws in this world.

“You guarantee? What can you use as a guarantee?” The stall owner looked at Cheng Yu who was walking forward.

Cheng Yu went forward and squatted down in front of the child. He looked clearly at her facial features and realized it was a five year old young girl. Her face was filled with dirt, but she had an unyielding look and crystal clear eyes with a powerful spiritual body.

“Little girl, how about following big brother? Big brother will never let you suffer from hunger and the cold ever again,” Cheng Yu said to the little girl affectionately.

The little girl did not speak as she looked at Cheng Yu with her big eyes. At this moment, the little girl’s complexion turned unsightly as if she was in pain. Cheng Yu immediately passed some spiritual Qi over to her body.

Cheng Yu knew that the evil spirit in the little girl’s body was able to feel the threat from Cheng Yu, it wanted to control the little girl to prevent her from getting close to him.

With Cheng Yu’s spiritual Qi suppressing the evil spirit, the little girl relaxed and looked at Cheng Yu as she nodded. She felt that this big brother’s smile was filled with affection. In addition, this big brother helped her to relieve the pain just now.

Cheng Yu smiled as he carried the little girl up, ”Wu Chang, give this boss 2000 dollars, and treat it as the compensation for his losses these days.”

Wu Chang took out 20 red notes and passed it to the stall owner. The stall owner was overjoyed at the turn of events as he expressed his gratitude repeatedly. At first, he just wanted to vent his anger as over the past few days, his business had been very bad causing his temper to turn sour. He did not expect that he would actually meet such a fortunate event today.

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