Chapter 46: Journey to Mount Wutai

When he entered the room, the old man looked at Cheng Yu and said, ”Have a seat. May I know your name?”

“My name is Cheng Yu. May I know what’s the name of old man?”

“My name is Tian, Tian Wenqing.”

“Old Tian, I think you already guessed the reason I am here today.”

“Yes. I fear Mr. Cheng would be disappointed. Old man here will not sell the stone.”

“Does Old Tian know what that stone is?”

“No idea. I know it’s not an ordinary stone. As far as that stone is concerned, it’s worth is not inferior to my own life.”

“Oh? May I know if it is convenient for Old Tian to tell me the origin of this stone?”

Tian Wenqing looked at Cheng Yu quietly before replying, ”Since Mr. Cheng wants the stone, you must be able to tell how unique it is. This old man here shall tell you about it, but I will not be selling the stone. I hope Mr. Cheng will not make things difficult for me.”

From the start, he was able to tell Cheng Yu was not as simple as he looked and not just due to the number of “guards” around him. This feeling came from Cheng Yu’s manners. His speaking style was far grander than a teenager’s, and normally would only be found in those reclusive old kings. Although he was older than Cheng Yu by a lot, in front of him, he felt like a small child again.

These kinds of people, regardless of whether he had a formidable background or powerful strength, were not something his antique shop could contend against. Despite his antique shop being the biggest in Qingping City and also holding good relations with some officials, he felt that he was powerless in front of this young man. Therefore, he chose to show a softer side and hope the opposite party would not force him.

Cheng Yu was also able to tell what the old man’s worries were, and he said reassuringly, ”Relax, Old Tian. Since you don’t wish to sell the stone, I will not force you. I only wish to know the origin of this stone.”

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“Alright. I shall tell you about it.” Tian Wenqing narrowed his eyes and looked out of the window.

”20 years ago, my business failed. I owed a lot of money. Due to exhausting all my options, I wished to use my death to end everything. At the final moment, I decided to go over to Mount Wutai to seek direction from the Buddha, hoping that he would be able to give me direction instead. When I reached Mount Wutai, I asked for a bamboo slip [1] and requested Master Xie Qian to take a look for me. He said this was an inauspicious slip. He advised me to not be too rigid and told me that there were people in my life that I needed to let go of.” Old Tian looked as if he was reliving those days.

“During that period of time, every day, there was people coming to ask for their money that I owed them. How could I let them go? I gave it a thought and decided that I should just die, since death ends everything. Hence, I ran to the back of Mount Wutai, and prepared to jump off the cliff. When I was ready to jump off, I was seen by the senior monk in the temple causing him to pull me back. After he listened to my difficulties, he spoke to me about Buddha’s principles. However, at that point, why would I even care about what Buddha’s principles? At last, the senior monk had no other choice, but to give me this stone. He asked me to open an antique jade shop and place the stone inside the shop. I skeptically brought the stone down the mountain. Following that, I sold my last property before managing to buy this antique jade shop. After that, I placed the stone in the shrine. Unexpectedly, my business started to boom. After numerous years, it turned into this shop. It was all due to this stone that I was able to stand back up. Therefore, after that incident, every year I go up to Mount Wutai to pay a visit to the senior monk as well as offer some incense and money. Now, do you believe that this stone is more important than my life and properties?” Tian Wenqing was somewhat stirred up as he continued. Although it had been 20 years, every time he recalled the incident, it would be vividly clear in his memory. If this stone was not here, he may have already turned into a pile of bones.

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“Old Tian, rest assured, I will never force you to sell it to me. I just wish to know whether or not the senior monk still has such stones?” Cheng Yu looked at him and asked.

Cheng Yu naturally knew why the stone was able to cause the business to be prosperous. As the proverb said, ”Jade would assist the person if the person nourished the jade. If the person was able to nourish the jade for more than 3 years, the jade would assist the person to be able to live in comfort for the rest of his life.”

As he had placed the spirit stone in the antique shop, every day and night, he would nourish the jades. Even the worst quality jade would be nurtured with spiritual qi. Once the commoner put on such a jade, their face would be glowing and the body would suddenly turn very healthy. Naturally it would attract a lot of people.

“I am not sure. But this kind of treasure, even if it’s just one, it would be like a gift from the heavens. I think even the monk would not be so lucky to have more than one stone.” Tian Wenqing replied after thinking. He hoped that he wasn’t making trouble for the monk.

When he heard Old Tian’s words, Cheng Yu smiled. He was able to tell how vigilant he was. However, he also knew that Old Tian did not know much about this stone. He must make a trip to Mount Wutai and ask the senior monk. He believed that the monk must have some knowledge regarding these stones. Otherwise, he would not have asked Old Tian to bring the stone back and open an antique jade shop.

Thinking up to this point, Cheng Yu decided to head back. He stood up and pulled out a pill bottle and took out a Longevity Pill. Immediately, the room was filled with a pill’s fragrance. Tian Wenqing sucked in a breath and felt that it contained the same capability of the immortal stone, the ability to refresh and clear the mind.

“This pill shall be considered my gift to Old Tian as a form of thanks. From the physical condition of Old Tian, consuming this pill would allow you to live for over 100 years or potentially even longer,” Cheng Yu said while passing the pill to Tian Wenqing. He had placed the spirit stone here for over 20 years. Naturally, his body’s condition would be healthier than most people. Adding on the consumption of this pill, and he should be able to live to 150 years.

“This…“ Tian Weiqing was surprised. After he experienced the spirit stone, he was no longer someone who would judge things purely based on their appearance. This pill was obviously the same grade of immortal treasure as his spirit stone. He did not expect that this young man was so magnanimous to be able to gift it to him. As he did not sell him the spirit stone, but the opposite party was actually gifting such a precious treasure, he hesitated. He wondered if he should accept it?

“Take it. Maybe Old Tian thinks that you did not actually help me with anything. But you told me the origin of the spirit stone, and this was actually the greatest help you gave me. You can be assured that I am not a bad person. I will not give the senior monk any troubles.” After he finished speaking, Cheng Yu ignored the shocked Tian Wenqing as he placed the pill into his hand and walked out of the room.

When they saw Cheng Yu walk out of the room and head straight to the exit, Wu Chang and Dao Jiu followed him as well. Both of them were puzzled. Why did he exit the shop when he did not manage to get the stone? Could it be that they did not manage to come to an agreement?

“Wu Chang, follow me to my car, I have something to ask you.” When he saw Wu Chang was preparing to enter Dao Jiu’s car, Cheng Yu stopped him and called him over.

On the way, Cheng Yu drove the car. He looked at Wu Chang who was seated in the passenger seat and asked, ”Do you know anything about Mount Wutai?”

“Yes. Mount Wutai is located in Shanxi Province. It’s one of the big four mountains in regards to Buddhism. It’s the Buddhist’s holy land. Every year, there will be countless people going there to seek divine help from the Buddha.” Wu Chang had no idea why Cheng Yu would asked him about this.

“The holy land of Buddhism? Help me buy an airplane ticket to Mount Wutai. I need to make a trip to Mount Wutai.”

“How about letting me go together with Young Master Yu? I went to Mount Wutai before. If Young Master Yu wishes to go over to handle some matters, it would be more convenient with me leading you around.” Although he did not know why Cheng Yu would want to go to Mount Wutai, he believed that it should be related to the mysterious stone.

“Alright, the earlier the better. Try to come back tomorrow.”

He had promised Yao Na that he would go over to her place for tutoring tonight. He was certain that he would not be able to make it there tonight anymore. To him, the most important thing to do now was find the origin of the spirit stone. Only by doing so would he be able to resolve this concern. Otherwise, he would not be able to focus on studying. Even though he knew that Yao Na would definitely be extremely furious, he had no other choice.

“Ok. I will book the tickets now. We should just head straight to Yunhai Airport.” When he finished speaking, Wu Chang pulled out his mobile phone and started to book the tickets.

Within two hours, Cheng Yu reached Yunhai Airport’s parking. During the trip to the airport, Wu Chang had called Dao Jiu over to ask him to drive the car back to their base later.

They had to wait until 3 pm before boarding the plane. As this was Cheng Yu’s first time taking a plane, when he saw the environment inside the plane, he was secretly amazed. Such a big tub was able to fly in the air? If this was the Immortal World, to be able to stimulate such a big treasure to fly was not an easy task. It would need an enormous consumption of spiritual qi. In this world, it would just need fuel to be able to fly. The people in this world are truly awesome.

Cheng Yu was seated at the window seat with Wu Chang sitting beside him. Cheng Yu followed Wu Chang as they fastened their safety belts. After half an hour, the plane took off. When Cheng Yu looked outside, he actually felt nervous! Is this tub even reliable? Would it run out of fuel halfway and drop down from the sky? As he was not able to fly now, he decided that he must definitely refine a flying sword in the future to play it safe.

“Mister, what would you like to drink?” At this moment, a sweet and gentle voice asked Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu turned his head, and he saw a beautiful flight attendant in a red uniform smiling at him. The smile was able to cause the receiving party to feel extremely comfortable. The most surprising thing was her ***. Even with clothes on, they were already huge, but what if it was without any clothes?

Cheng Yu’s eyes brightened up and replied, ”Are you asking me?”

“Yes sir. What would you like to drink?” The flight attendant smiled.

“I would like to have milk. Do you have it?” Cheng Yu looked at her huge *** and said. Wu Chang, who was drinking his coffee, choked when he heard Cheng Yu’s words. He smiled awkwardly as he wiped his mouth.

“I’m sorry sir. The airplane does not provide any dairy products as some passengers are allergic to it. We have coffee, tea or fruit juice. You can choose any of them.” Cheng Yu’s words caused the flight attendant to be at a loss for what to do. However, after experiencing such encounters a lot of times, it allowed her to be able to handle the situation well. It helped her not to display her anxiousness as she replied gently.

“Oh, is it? That’s truly too regrettable. I thought it could be squeezed out on the spot,” Cheng Yu looked at her *** as he said regrettably. Wu Chang, who was seated beside him, twitched as he picked up the newspaper in front of him and acted as if he was reading it. Indicating that he had no idea who the person next to him was. He sighed in his heart and thought, ”This should be real side of Young Master Yu. But where did his arrogant and overbearing side go?”

“I guess mister will be really disappointed then. All those beverages I named are not bad, and I believe mister would also like them,” The flight attendant’s complexion did not change as she replied gently.

“Alright! Get me a cup of tea then! I hope that the next time I meet you, you will be able to provide the service of squeezing of milk on the spot,” Cheng Yu picked up the cup of tea and said.

This sentence caused the surrounding passengers to despise him. Although they had seen shameless people, they had never witnessed such an astounding level of shamelessness before. Being in the same plane as this kind of person was actually degrading their minds. They all felt an impulse to jump off the plane.

However, Cheng Yu was not bothered by all these ordinary people as he closed his eyes and savored the tea. This tea was so pleasurable!

[1] – Editor Note – bamboo slips were basically early forms of paper originating in Warring States period China. In this case, the story is referring to a “fortune” written on a bamboo slip. For more information:

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