Chapter 45: There’s News!

“Haven’t yet? Have not finished your assignments, but still so confident? Are you thinking that you are very capable? Those assignments that I gave you, the other students would only need an afternoon to finish them. How many days has it been? I gave them to you last Friday and you still have not completed them? What’s more, you did not come over to tutoring yesterday! How could you even do well in the upcoming exams then?” When she heard Cheng Yu did not finish the assignments she had given him, and he skipped his usual tutoring at her place yesterday, she exploded.

“Er…This…Alright, I am wrong!” With so many teachers around, he had to give her some face. Cheng Yu didn’t care about his own face, but since the other party was a female and she was his teacher who, most importantly, was very responsible and serious with her job, he had to give her face. Though, he would harass her frequently!

When she saw that Cheng Yu admitted defeat in front of so many teachers, her anger also started to diminish, “Remember to come over tonight. Although you are very smart, if there’s no one tutoring you, no matter how smart you are, it’s impossible for you to do well in the exam within such a short period of time.”

“It’s impossible tonight. I have something later.”

“What kind of matters would you possibly have at night when you are a student? In just two days, you already started to slack off.”

“Tonight I really have something! How about the day after tomorrow? The day after tomorrow I will definitely go over to have my tutoring,” Cheng Yu replied after thinking. Dao Jiu would be returning tonight, and regardless of whether he was able to find any spirit stones, it would be best to for him to prepare for the worst outcome. Otherwise, he may get crushed from the devastating results.

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Yao Na looked at Cheng Yu. She felt that Cheng Yu didn’t seem to be lying to her. She said, ”Alright then. But you must promise me, the day after tomorrow, you will come over to have your tutoring.”

“Alright. I shall return to the classroom first then.”

When he arrived at the classroom, Fatty came over, ”Boss, did you do something wrong again? Why was Teacher Yao looking for you so early in the morning?”

“Hey, this kind of thing, you will never know. When a man’s silhouette has been deeply imprinted into a woman’s heart, she will become like this. Every moment, she will wish to see that man,” Cheng Yu said while smiling obscenely.

Although he knew that Cheng Yu was just fooling around, Fatty still gave him a thumbs up and praised him, ”Boss is so charismatic! However, boss, it’s unlikely that you would have such ideas about Teacher Yao right?” Finally, Fatty could not help but ask.

At this moment, Lin Yuhan who was seated beside them also pricked her ear and listened to their conversation attentively as she wished to know what they were talking about. Cheng Yu glanced at her and said seriously, ”Don’t speak nonsense. I am not such person. It’s not like you don’t know, inside my heart, there’s only one person. That’s Hanhan.”

Lin Yuhan blushed after she heard that. She adjusted her posture quickly and acted as if she was studying.

When Fatty saw the situation, he gave Cheng Yu another thumbs up. He acknowledged that his boss’s tricks were extremely crafty. Although the sentence sounded like nonsense to him, the person who this sentence was targeted at actually believed it. It’s no wonder the boss was so charismatic. Fatty had no idea when he would be able to achieve this level where he could make things up and people would still believe him. He shook his head as his face was covered in regret and went back to his seat.

On this day, Cheng Yu had no choice, but to continue doing his English homework. Luckily, the heaven had eyes, and under tremendous effort, Cheng Yu finally finished his assignment in the afternoon.

When he remembered her words, Cheng Yu suddenly had the impulse to push her over. This woman really looked down on him. Although he was an Immortal, there’s no speculation that says Immortals would be very good in doing assignments. Even if he was very good at it, his hands would not be able to handle it! If so many teachers were not present in that situation, he would have stripped her down and smacked her *ss!

However, on the other hand, Cheng Yu actually somewhat liked his occupation as a student. The life of a student was not bad. This must be the so-called youth! Every day, he would be surrounded by energetic students. This was so much better than his Immortal World, where every day, he would face a bunch of murderers, who stared at him, eyeing his pills.

After arriving to this world, his life had never been threatened, which caused him to feel extremely relaxed. Even his sleeping time also increased a lot. Cheng Yu yawned when he opened up his reference book and started reading. He laid down on his table and slowly drifted off to sleep. No one knew who he met in his dream, maybe it was Lin Yuhan? Or Yao Na? Could it be Yang Ruoxue? Or is it Han Xue? Or maybe even all of them. In short, it caused Cheng Yu to be smiling very obscenely. His drool had almost formed a puddle on the table. It caused the English homework under his arms to become wet. When the nearby Lin Yuhan saw that, she shook her head.

In the afternoon, the class ended. Cheng Yu went to Xinguang Nightclub again. The four of them sat in the room, and none of them talked, causing the quiet room to appear extremely depressing. Wu Chang told him a moment ago that none of their underlings were able to spot or find the stones he was looking for.

“Young Master Yu, why not let Third Brother give Dao Jiu a call.” Bao Lang was no longer able to sit still. As he was an impetuous person, every day, he would need to make a racket or he would not be able to live on. With such circumstances in the room, he could not bear it.

“I already tried calling him. The call did not go through. Most likely his phone is out of battery.” As Cheng Yu had given Wu Cheng this task and with him being held fully responsible for it, since there were no spirit stones in Yunhai, his only hope was that Dao Jiu would be able to find what Cheng Yu was looking for.

Although this task was of little significance to them, if they were to be able to find them, this would become an extremely fortunate event for them. Not only could they obtain the mysterious Young Master Yu’s affirmation, they would also have access to those extremely mysterious martial arts.

Although Wu Chang said that even if he could no longer practice martial arts, he would not be bothered by it, that was because it had already become fact. However, Wu Chang had always been in this profession. Regarding powerful martial arts, he always yearned for it. Now, not only would he be able to practice martial arts again, it would be the more powerful ones. How could he not have a thirst for them? Of course, he wished to be able to handle the task well so that he would be able to gain Young Master Yu’s affirmation.

Without any other choices, he only hoped that Dao Jiu was able to bring back some good news.

The few of them waited until 9 pm. When Cheng Yu stood up and was preparing to leave, Dao Jiu rushed into the room while panting and said, ”Young Master Yu…Young Master Yu, I was unable to get the stone for you.”

When they heard the words, all of them felt disappointed.

“However, I discovered the stones,” Dao Jiu continued.

“Oh? Why didn’t you bring it back?” Cheng Yu asked surprisingly.

“That old man wasn’t willing to sell it. I had no choice, but to hurry back here to find you.”

“Who is he? What does he work as?”

“He’s the Qingheng Antique Shop’s boss in Qingping City. I went to several jade antique shops, but did not manage to find them. Finally, when I went into his shop, I felt an eccentric aura, and I believe that was the stone Young Master Yu was requesting for us to find. I tried to locate where the aura was. Finally, I found the stone being used as a sacrificial offering in his shrine. When I told him that I wanted to buy the stone, he rejected me and said that he would never sell the stone. I could do nothing, but come back here emptyhanded.”

“Oh? Alright, we will go to Qingping City now,” Cheng Yu said quickly.

“It’s no good. Young Master Yu, they are closed at this time. Why not go there tomorrow? In any case, we would only need 4 hours to reach Qingping,” Dao Jiu said.

Cheng Yu thought for a moment and felt that he was too anxious. Since he had confirmed there were spirit stones, even if he didn’t go over, he would still be able to find them somewhere else. Once he verified the source of the spirit stones, it would be better than him going around searching for them blindly.

“Alright, we will go there tomorrow. If those stones are what I wanted, you will become the one who had the greatest accomplishment for this task. I will definitely reward you well,” Cheng Yu looked at Dao Jiu and said.

“Thank you, Young Master Yu. Thank you, Young Master Yu,” Dao Jiu replied happily. He was able to tell long ago that the current Blood Wolf Gang is controlled by Cheng Yu. The previous three bosses had already become his subordinates.

The next morning, Cheng Yu drove his car with Dao Jiu and went straight to Qingping City. After they entered the highway, they sped all the way to Qingping City. The trip was supposed to be four hours, but due to Cheng Yu’s driving, it had shortened to three hours.

Once they exited the highway, they entered the Qingping City area. Although the Qingping City was not small, it was quite obvious that it was slightly worse off compared to Yunhai. Under Dao Jiu’s guidance, all of them arrived at Qingheng Antique Shop.

The moment Cheng Yu exited out of his car, he sent his spiritual qi to search the whole antique shop. Sure enough, he felt the existence of the spirit stone. His heart was elated as he entered the shop. When he entered the shop, the attendant came forward, ”Welcome to Qingheng Antique Shop. May I know what are several misters looking for?”

“Ask your boss to come over. I wish to talk to him,” Cheng Yu looked at the spirit stone on the shrine and said.

“Alright. Please wait for a moment.” The female attendant was perplexed. But when she saw Dao Jiu who was staring at her, she replied hurriedly and went into a room immediately.

A moment later, a 60-year-old man walked out from the room. The old man looked at them and saw Dao Jiu who was standing at the back. He basically understood why these few people came here. But from the position those people were standing, he was able to tell that the one making the decisions was actually a young man. He smiled and said, ”May I know what is mister looking for?”

“Old man, I wish to talk to you alone. Can it be done?” Cheng Yu looked at the opposite party and said.

“Oh?” The old man looked at Cheng Yu and nodded, ”Follow me.” After that, he turned his body and brought Cheng Yu into the room. As for Wu Chang and Dao Jiu, they looked for a seat inside the shop before sitting down. They glanced to the left and right and started sizing the place up.

“Third master, do you think this shop is very special?” Dao Jiu said to the nearby Wu Chang who was filled with doubts.

“Oh? What do you see?” Wu Chang asked curiously. Ever since he had entered the shop, he felt that his whole body was very comfortable and relax. He went to several antique shops previously, but he never encountered such a situation before.

“It should be due to that stone,” Dao Jiu pointed at the stone which looked very ordinary on the shrine.

“How do you know? Are you sure it’s because of the stone?”

“Definitely. Third master, you don’t know, but when Young Master Yu left a strain of white light in our body, we all felt the same feeling. The entire body felt extremely energized. The moment I came into contact with this stone, I obviously felt the same feeling coming from it. Although I am no longer able to feel it now, I am confident that all these factors were due to the stone.”

They no longer talked as they sighed in their heart. Their Young Master Yu was truly mysterious.

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