Chapter 44: Disappointment

The next day, Cheng Yu stayed at Yang Ruoxue’s house to refine pills. As he had already handed over the task he needed to do, he was just waiting for tomorrow before going over to the Blood Wolf Gang to get the results. He did not know if they would be able to find the stones.

What if they weren’t able to find them? Could it be that he had no choice, but to travel from place to place to search for them? If the Blood Wolf Gang was unable to find any of the stones, even if he had to travel far and wide, he must find them.

On Monday, though Cheng Yu wasn’t willing, he still used two hours to do his English homework. This homework was given to him last Friday by Yao Na when she was tutoring him.

However, Yao Na always told him, ”Being intelligent does not represent everything. Intelligent people don’t always get good results. With regards to studying, examinations are the tests to see if you will be successful. No matter how intelligent you are, that’s your brain, no one would be able to tell just from looking at you. Only if you take a test would people be able to tell that you are truly smart.”

Without a choice, Cheng Yu was forced to accept this pile of pain in the *ss assignments. What the f*ck? For all of his previous life, he never wrote so many words before, and the words were all so strange. “There will be a day where I will let you have no choice, but to accept me! Hehe!” Cheng Yu’s thoughts were perverted, especially after he recalled the cute side Yao Na had shown last night.

“Haiz…There’s still so much homework and exams, when will I be able to complete all of them? I think I will be entering heaven before I go to the college entrance exams,” Cheng Yu was at a loss of what to do. Actually, Cheng Yu would never be able to enter heaven as in the cultivation world, to become an Immortal, they needed to define the heaven’s will.

“I reincarnated into this world and I did not come here to take the college entrance exam!” Cheng Yu’s hands supported his chin as he looked at the reference book blankly.

Cheng Yu turned his head to look at Xiao Hanhan who was writing down notes at tremendous speed. This face, silhouette and fair skin, he really wished to have a taste of it!

“Oi! What are you looking at?!” Lin Yuhan blushed as she looked at Cheng Yu who was drooling with saliva and said. This lecher, every time she was reading or studying, he would always stare at her for a long time. It always made her feel extremely embarrassed. Now, he even started drooling. He definitely was thinking of something perverted.

“Ah!” Cheng Yu woke up and wiped his drool. He said earnestly to Lin Yuhan, ”Just now, at the angle I was looking at you solving the questions allowed me to feel harmony with the heavens. I was suddenly immersed into the heavenly law and was appreciating it. It was hard to remove myself from it. As a result, my own spiritual force has become weak, and I had almost gotten lost in the heavenly law, causing a Qi deviation. Luckily, Student Hanhan promptly pulled back my spiritual force from it. In order to show my gratitude to Student Hanhan, I feel that I should devote myself to you.”

With regards to Cheng Yu’s antics, Lin Yuhan had already become numb to it. Hence, she chuckled and said, ”Oh? I don’t want your devotion. I have no idea what heavenly law Student Cheng experienced. How about letting me experience it as well?”

“Haha, I did not expect Student Hanhan to be the same as me. There was such saying, ’The grand Dao is impermanence [1] and merciless. The road of cultivation has a long way before achieving completion. Only after a thousand years of experience will the cultivators be able to stand at the top of the cultivation world.’ As the moment of enlightenment doesn’t come easily, and since cultivator Lin wishes to take a look, then I shall try my best to fulfill your wishes. Although it may not be what Cultivator Lin expects,” Cheng Yu shook his head. It seemed as though he really had the appearance of an Immortal Cultivator.

Cheng Yu placed his left hand on his chest, the right hand’s index and middle finger pointed towards the sky and recited in a feeble voice that could only be heard by Lin Yuhan, ”The heavens’ lord, obey my orders! Rise!”

The pen, which was placed on the table, unexpectedly stood up and Cheng Yu wrote something in the air. The pen also wrote on a paper exactly what Cheng Yu wrote in the air! Lin Yuhan was stupefied! How was this possible? Lin Yuhan stretched out her hand and held the pen, but the pen was actually able to dodge her catch. It turned out that it was actually Cheng Yu’s hand that moved. When Cheng Yu’s hand moved, the pen would follow the same motions.

After numerous failures, Lin Yuhan swung her head away angrily. Cheng Yu had no choice, but to place the pen in front of her. Lin Yuhan glimpsed at the pen in front of her and saw it was writing something. She immediately grabbed it. Even though it was in her grip, it was still writing, and she had no way to stop it from moving. Lin Yuhan saw what was written on the paper, and her face turned red immediately. On the paper, the pen wrote “I love you!”

“I am going to study, don’t disturb me again!” Lin Yuhan blushed as she said.

Cheng Yu retrieved his own spiritual qi and started doing his homework.

It was not easy to actually study conscientiously for a day. Thinking of how these students were able to do it every day, and they will not know if these efforts would pay off during their exams, Cheng Yu felt a sense of pity for them. Ten years of strenuous studying, and all could end up to nothing.

After school, Cheng Yu did not go and find Yao Na for tutoring. Instead, he went straight to the school’s car parking. He drove his luxurious and domineering sports car out of the lot. This caused the nearby students to be drowned in envy. This was the disparity between them!

All of them studied so hard because they hoped that sometime in the future, they would be able to afford such a car. However, there were always those who would be able to afford such luxuries without the need to strive for them. Aish, if only they had a wealthy father!

As he drove very quickly, at around 6pm, he arrived at the Xinguang Nightclub. Cheng Yu went straight up to the third floor, and on the way up, those that saw him would greet him respectfully, ”Young Master Yu.”

As he arrived to Qin Canghai’s room, the three of them were already inside the room, seated. However, Qin Canghai did not sit at his original seat, but sat at the guest sofa, exactly the same place where he sat previously.

When they saw Cheng Yu coming in, all of them stood up and greeted him. Cheng Yu went forward to take a seat and asked, ”Wu Chang, how is it going? Did they manage to find it?”

“I’m sorry, Young Master Yu, for the two days, none of us were able to find any of those stones,” Wu Chang spoke while his complexion was very ugly. This was the first task Cheng Yu had assigned to him. He did not expect that for the past two days, they went to every shop that sold stones in Yunhai, but were still unable to find any of them. Although there was still a day left, the probability of finding it was very low.

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“Oh, are you sure that you searched all of Yunhai?” After he heard what Wu Chang said, Cheng Yu was disappointed, he did not expect that he wasn’t able to find even one of them. What was he going to do next?

“We basically searched everywhere. However, there’s still one more day. I think we would have screened all of Yunhai by then. Furthermore, I ordered Dao Jiu to bring some people to go to the nearby Qingping City. Over there, there’s quite a number of bigger jade shops. Perhaps, there will be some good news,” Wu Chang replied after thinking.

“Let’s pray for the best then.” Cheng Yu’s enthusiasm had already started to wane. He had no idea if this world had any spirit stones. This made Cheng Yu extremely depressed. If there were spirit stones, Cheng Yu would have some methods to find them. But if there was none, that would be a whole different issue.

When he returned home, Cheng Yu did not speak a word as he went back to his room directly and started to cultivate wholeheartedly. He decided that in the future, he would need to cultivate diligently. Even if there were no spirit stones, he must allow those around him to live for a long time. However, such expenditures were very large.

Just the consumption of medical pills alone would be an extraordinary amount. Moreover, purely using pills alone would be impossible. Pills are used for assistance. They only allow people to achieve their goals in a quicker manner. Even if it was Cheng Yu, the pill master, he was not able to rely on the pills to soar without any effort on his part. Therefore, any Immortal Cultivator would still need to cultivate diligently.

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When Zhao Minglong and his family, who were seated in the living room, saw Cheng Yu was depressed, they were unable to make any heads or tails with his behavior. All this time, Cheng Yu always displayed an optimistic side to everyone, and they had not seen him like this for a long time.

The next day, Cheng Yu woke up from his cultivation. He felt that his improvement was not that bad. If his surrounding spiritual qi could be a bit richer, it would have been better.

As he felt his qi was getting more and more profound, at the rate which this cultivation was going, before the start of college entrance exams, he would be able to cultivate to the Middle Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm.

Cheng Yu nipped on the steam bun in his hand and drank his fresh, hot soy milk. He saw that he was surrounded by young and pretty school girls, and he realized that his life here was indeed very beautiful. However, he did not expect that the moment he entered the classroom, he was seized by Yao Na. Yao Na put on a serious face as she pulled him into her office.

The moment he entered her office, he saw all the homeroom teachers of the graduating classes. When He Jian saw Cheng Yu, he retreated back unconsciously as he remembered the scenes from the nightclub.

After the experience he had in the nightclub, He Jian was extremely depressed. It was supposed to a happy ending for him and it turned out to be something very depressing. When he saw Yao Na yesterday, he tried to talk to her for a long time, but she ignored him. It was very obvious that when this kid was sending her home, Cheng Yu told He Jian’s schemes to Yao Na, causing her to become like that. This caused He Jian to hate Cheng Yu to his bones. “He better pray that I will not be able to find any information that can be used against him. Otherwise, I will definitely kick you out of school before the college entrance exams,” He Jian thought as he was extremely frustrated.

Although he was scared of Cheng Yu’s martial arts, he was in school right now. As he was also the team leader of the graduating classes, in an instant, he reverted to his arrogant nature.
[TL Note: I changed the 3rd class to graduating classes as it seemed more appropriate.]

“May I know the reason for Teacher Yao to be looking for me?” Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na and asked.

“Why did you not come over to my place for tutoring yesterday?” Yao Na frowned.

“I felt that I should study with steady progress and not demand instant success. Therefore, yesterday I went home to do my homework instead,” Cheng Yu said earnestly.

“Oh? If it’s like that, you must have completed all the homework I assigned to you?”

“I haven’t yet.” It could be said that Cheng Yu indeed was a multi-talented person. Not only was he able to lie in an upright manner, he was also able speak the truth in a right and confident way. Though, the truths he spoke were never good things.

Cheng Yu immediately started thinking of excuses to give to Yao Na when he realized the situation was not favorable for him. Although he had a photographic memory, completing assignments was never his strong point, as it was the opposite of memorizing a book. Although he used an afternoon to do his assignments, he was not able to complete much of them. Even if he had learnt a lot of new English words, in an English article, there were tons of words he was unable to recognize. It caused Cheng Yu to have a headache. With just that assignment taking up so much time, he was left without much time to do the other assignments.

[1] – Editor Note – Impermanence is one of Buddha’s essential doctrines. The doctrine asserts that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is “transient, evanescent, inconstant.” If you would like to learn more:

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