Chapter 43: With Just a Kick, Shocking Everyone

Cheng Yu ignored him and walked straight to his car.

The glasses guy went forward and blocked Cheng Yu, ”Put her down. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.” When he was in university, he was the vice president of the Martial Arts Association. If Cheng Yu was not holding on to Yao Na, the glasses guy would have sent a kick towards him.

“I want to go home. Send me back home.” Yao Na felt better after vomiting. When she saw it was Cheng Yu holding on to her, she felt safe.

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“Ok. Let’s go home now.” If someone else were to see the tenderness that Cheng Yu had displayed, they would have really thought that they were a couple.

As for the glasses guy standing in front of them, his complexion turned ashen. Today, he had specially asked Yao Na’s roommate to help him out in inviting Yao Na out to drink, and asked her to help set up this scheme. Before this, there was already a teacher who was messing things up for them. Now, came another random guy.

He did not expect that in the midst of his scheme, there would be a student. Furthermore, the student was so shameless! Although he knew that Cheng Yu was talking nonsense, since Yao Na was in his bosom, he couldn’t do anything to him! How could he not feel frustrated!

Although the glasses guy and He Jian harbored evil intentions for Yao Na, they wanted to act like they were a good people, like honorable gentlemen. However, Cheng Yu was not like them. He was so shameless to even say she was his wife. Since he was so shameless, they truly could not do anything to him. This was the disparity between them.

“You better put her down. If not, don’t even think about leaving here safely…”

“Bang!” The glasses guy had not even finished his sentence as he was sent flying 2 to 3 meters away.

Cheng Yu put away his leg and walked towards his car without looking back at him. He Jian stood behind him, and he tried to say something, but in the end, he kept his mouth shut. The glasses guy was 1.8 meters tall. He was kicked by Cheng Yu and flew 2 meters away. There was still blood flowing out of his mouth. If he was to fight, he may not even be able to defeat the glasses guy. He Jian really had no courage to go forward to stop Cheng Yu from leaving.

As for Yao Na’s other friends, they were all dumbstruck. This young man who claimed to be Yao Na’s husband, but was her student, was actually able to send their class’s martial art expert flying! This was simple too inconceivable! They all were friends with the glasses guy for four years in their university. Naturally, they knew that he was their school’s Martial Arts Association vice president. Previously, he was a runner-up for the university’s martial arts competition. They did not expect the high school student was able to send him flying with just a kick! Furthermore, the injury seemed quite serious.

Could it be that the teaching of martial arts had been popularized to this degree? Everyone had already became a master in martial arts?

Subsequently, they saw Cheng Yu was actually driving a Lamborghini! With a beautiful drift, it rumbled as it drove off. Everyone was drowning in envy. It turned out that this was the legendary “Mr. Perfect.”

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After driving pass a junction, Cheng Yu stopped along the roadside. He circulated his Qi as he pressed his hand on Yao Na’s shoulder. He helped her to eradicate the alcohol inside her body.

After a while, Yao Na sobered up. When she saw Cheng Yu was facing her and his hand was on her shoulder, she was alarmed. She pushed his hand away, ”Why are you here? What are you trying to do?!”

“Hey! What am I doing? You tell me. A guy and a girl together, what do you think will happen? Of course it’s going to be rape!” Cheng Yu laughed lewdly. He extended both his hands over to Yao Na. It’s like when the big bad wolf saw the little red riding hood. He was filled with excitement.

“Ahhh! Don’t! Cheng Yu, please don’t be like that! Please! Waah!” Yao Na was panic stricken as she shouted. Following that, she started crying.

Previously, she was drunk, so she had no idea what was going on. All she felt was a bad premonition and only felt like going home. When Cheng Yu had eliminated the remaining alcohol in her, she woke up and had no idea what was going on. With Cheng Yu’s acting, she was frightened very badly.

“Aish! Stop crying! I was just scaring you just now!” While he was speaking, he wanted to remove his hand that was blocking her face. The moment he touched her, Yao Na shook him off.

“Please stop crying. I was only scaring you just now! Look at your timid appearance. Where was the fierce Teacher Yao who was always bickering with me in class?”

When he saw Yao Na was still crying, Cheng Yu had no other choice. He started his car and sped off. After a while, Yao Na saw him not doing anything to her, she removed her hand and looked at the Cheng Yu.

“Stopped crying already?”

“Who asked you to scare me! Why am I inside your car?”

“I snatched you back from some bad people!” Cheng Yu said unpleasantly.

“What do you mean?” Although she was sober right now, she was not able to remember anything that happened when she was drunk.

“Do you remember what you were supposed to be doing tonight?”

“At night? I think I promised Teacher He to eat dinner together. However, I think I also promised my university friend to attend her gathering?” Yao Na massaged her still muddled head as she gave it a thought and replied.

“Not bad. Still able to remember all this. However, why did you promise He Jian to have dinner together with him?”

“He bothers me to have a meal with him every day. I have no choice, but to just promise him once. While doing so, I could also give him a clear rejection.”

“What happened after that?”

“After that? In the end, I did not manage to have a meal together with him. I brought him along to attend the student gathering. After that…I think I drank too much, I can’t seem to remember anything else.”

“In the future, don’t go out and have a meal with other men so casually. And also, stop associating with that group of friends. None of them are decent. Most importantly, you have me, such an excellent man in front of you. Isn’t it sufficient?”

“What nonsense are you talking about again? Why can’t I go out and eat with other men? Besides, my friends did not provoke or annoy you, how could you say this about them!” Yao Na said discontentedly.

“You really are big ***ed and have no brains! Even He Jian, this pig, was able to tell that your friends were scheming against you. You still dimwittedly got drunk by their hand.”

“Who are you calling big ***ed and brainless! Can’t you give a little respect to your teacher! How did my friends scheme against me?”

“Didn’t that glasses guy like you? Aren’t you the only one who was drunk?”

“What glasses guy? He was our university class monitor. How could I know am I the only one who was drunk when I am already drunk?” Yao Na glimpsed at Cheng Yu and said unpleasantly.

“That’s why I said not to just drink randomly the next time. You think that every time there’s trouble, you will be able to meet me? If it wasn’t because I saw you just now, tomorrow, there would be a news on the television broadcasting that you wish to commit suicide.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?! You were drunk! The glasses guy was going to bring you to a hotel! In addition, He Jian was also having the same thought. Therefore, both of them started to quarrel. While they were doing so, I snatched you away from them.” Although the two of them were quarrelling, no one knew whether or not they were going to actually bring Yao Na to a hotel. However, don’t men always wish for that? Besides, the glasses guy kept on wanting to keep Yao Na with him. If not because of this, what else could it be?!

“Since you were bringing me along with you, were you also thinking about that?”

“Indeed. I had the intention to bring you to a hotel. But it wouldn’t be now. It will be when you are willing to go there together with me,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Who would believe that! If I didn’t sober up, I think you would start to take advantage of me!” Yao Na said unbelievingly.

“Che! You were drunk a moment ago, you think that you were able to become sober purely by yourself?”

“If it isn’t because of myself, would it be you?”

“Of course!”

“How did you accomplish that?” Yao Na indeed felt a little strange. She was drunk a moment ago and could not even remember what had happened. How could she suddenly sober up after a while?

Cheng Yu used a hand to drive the car while another hand pressed onto Yao Na’s shoulder. Upon seeing this, Yao Na once again wanted to pushed his hand away, Cheng Yu shouted, ”Don’t move!”

Cheng Yu sent over some Qi to her body again. He eradicated the remaining alcohol inside her body. All Yao Na felt was a warm feeling transmitting out from Cheng Yu’s hand. Immediately, she was more clear headed and her head no longer hurted.

“What’s going on?” Yao Na said curiously. It turned out that it really was Cheng Yu helping her sober up. Previously, she still thought that he wanted to do something to her, but actually, it was only to get her to sober up. Immediately, she felt embarrassed.

“You do not have such a power. Unless you become my wife, or become a high-level VIP, then you will have this power.”

“Che! Who wants it! If you don’t want to tell me, forget it!” Yao Na swung her head and looked out of the window. Through her glasses, Yao Na was able to see Cheng Yu’s face. Yao Na’s heart started beating faster when she saw him laughing gleefully

Yao Na’s face turned red. She then sized up the situation in the car, ”This is your car?”


“It seems like you come from a wealthy family. They actually bought you such a luxurious car,” Yao Na was surprised.

“Che! Whether I am rich or not, what does it have to do with my family? Don’t think that only you are able to earn money.”

“Are you trying to imply that you bought this car using your own money? I don’t believe it. Although I don’t know what car is this, I can tell this is a luxury car. It’s definitely not cheap!”

“Why are you so against the fact that I am capable of earning so much money?”

“How old are you? How could you even earn so much money?! Although I have just started working not long ago, I know that even if I were to work for a lifetime, I would never be able to afford such car.”

“If you like it, I can buy one for you.”

“As if I would want it! I am also not anyone to you!”

“Who said so? Now, all your friends know that you are my wife!” Cheng Yu smiled.

“What do you mean?” Yao Na asked while confused.

“They didn’t allow me to send you home. I had no choice, but to say you are my wife. After that, I brought you along and left.”

“You really said that?”

“Of course! Otherwise, why would they let me leave with you?”

“How could you…How could you said that! You are my student! If this were to be spread to others, how am I supposed to face everyone else?” Yao Na said anxiously. In modern society, they always despised romantic relationships between the students and teachers. The action would be condemned. Although their relationship wasn’t true, when the words travelled to someone else’s ear, who cares whether it was true. They would curse first before listening to the explanation.

“Why are you so anxious? So what if we are in love? Even if I want to marry you and make you be my wife, who can control that?”

“You, you…I shall not bother about you!” Yao Na swung her head away again. For the whole trip back to the teachers’ hostel, they were silent. Cheng Yu did not pay any attention to it.

Finally, when they reached the teachers’ hostel, Yao Na did not say anything and went up straight away. Cheng Yu sat in the car and felt ridiculous. This woman actually had such an adorable side. She behaved exactly like a small little girl.

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