Chapter 42: Help Me Look for the Stone

Half an hour later, Cheng Yu arrived at Xinguang Nightclub. The moment he entered, all the attendants greeted him in a respectful manner, ”Young Master Yu.”

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Qin Canghai had emphasized to them that the situation was no longer the same. He had become someone else’s subordinate. As for the person’s strength, he will never be able to contend against him. He did not wish for the people working for him to cause any problems or difficulties for him.

Actually, even if Qin Canghai did not say anything, they would also do it. All of them had witnessed Cheng Yu’s might. Who would even dare to offend him right now?

“Young Master Yu, Let me bring you to see Boss Qin,” The previous second floor manager saw Cheng Yu walking up, so he greeted him respectfully.


When he entered the room, Qin Canghai and the others immediately stood up. They welcomed Cheng Yu and said, ”Young Master Yu.”

“Alright. Sit,” Cheng Yu said bluntly and went to sit in the boss’s seat that Qin Canghai had been sitting at.

“I am here today to ask you guys to handle some matters. Your gang has how many people in total?”

“Currently there’s 528 of them. However, some of them are still recovering from their injuries while some are working in the three different nightclubs.”

“Ok. Help me to gather all those who are free. I have some things to brief you all on.”

“Ok. I will arrange it now. I need around half an hour to gather everyone,” Qin Canghai said before going out of the room.

Cheng Yu looked at the other two bosses and then said to Bao Lang, ”I am hungry. Get someone to cook some food for me.”

“Ok. I will handle it immediately.” When Bao Lang heard Cheng Yu words, he felt his heart palpitating. When he looked into Cheng Yu’s eyes, he remembered what happened previously. It made help felt extremely scared as he was worried that if he was not cautious, he could provoke him accidentally.

When he looked at the recovered Wu Chang, Cheng Yu opened his mouth and said, ”They should have told you about what I wish to convey to you, right?”

“Yes. I have already handled the procedures. They are all on the table. Please take a look at them.”

Cheng Yu turned his head and saw the documents were indeed on Qin Canghai’s desk. Cheng Yu opened them up and looked. Inside contained some documents as well as an ATM card.

Cheng Yu took out the ATM card and asked, ”How much money is on the card?”

“110 million.”

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“Do you have any wife or children?”

“A wife and a daughter.”

“You can keep this card since you can no longer practice martial arts. In the future, you will just need to work for me. If I am satisfied, I can teach you something more powerful than those fighting techniques you all possess currently.”

“Really?!” Wu Chang said excitedly. Something more powerful than practicing martial arts? Could it be the skills that Second Brother told him about before? The skill of blocking bullets and cleaving people with a wave of a hand?

“Whether it was real, you will know in the near future. I believe that you should also know I do have such methods, like the one I used to treat your body.”

“Yes. I believe you, Young Master Yu. I will definitely handle all the jobs well.”

At this moment, Bao Lang brought several people in. When Cheng Yu saw his dinner was here, he was elated.

When Cheng Yu saw the table was fill with food, he immediately started gorging himself. After coming to this world, the only thing that had always lingered in his mind would be either be beautiful ladies or delicious food. Previously when he was in the Immortal World, the food there was horrible. Comparing it to the Immortal World, the food here had a wide range of flavors.

After his dinner, the moment Cheng Yu went back to his seat, Qin Canghai came back in, ”Young Master Yu, I have gathered the people. In total, there’s 300 of them. They are all at the big room next door.”

“Good! Let’s go there together.” Finished speaking, Cheng Yu turned his body and walked towards the room’s direction.

When he entered the room, the 300 people were densely packed together. When they saw the three bosses were following behind Cheng Yu, it caused them to not know what to do. They looked at Cheng Yu with a sense of fear. Those bloody scenes were still stuck in their memories.

“Very good! Among all of you, some of you have already met me. As for those who don’t know me, I am called Cheng Yu. In the future, you can call me Young Master Yu. Currently there are some tasks that I need you guys to do. If you perform well, the rewards are bound to be plentiful. As for those who do not perform well, I will not do anything to you. Now I will tell you guys your task, it’s to find a stone in the whole Yunhai City.” When they heard Cheng Yu’s words, everyone started to discuss among themselves. He had gathered everyone here in the middle of the night just to find a stone? Qin Canghai and his two brothers were also filled with doubts.

“I know all of you find it very strange, but let me finish what I’m saying. I just need you guys to help me find a stone. The reward will be $10000.”

When they heard that a stone was worth $10000, everyone started to become very excited. “Young Master Yu, may I know what kind of stones we are looking for?” One of the guys asked.

“As for how it looks, I am unable to tell you. However, I have a method to allow you guys to be able to recognize it.” After he finished his sentence, Cheng Yu stretched out his right hand slowly and waved. A strain of white light was emitted overhead and formed a white ball, which was revolving continuously. Everyone was amazed. What was this? Immortal law?

Cheng Yu raised his hand and swung downward. The white gas turned into traces of white light before entering everyone’s body. All of them were shocked! They started to touch their body to ensure everything was alright.

“Relax, I have just executed some tricks. From this moment onwards, for three days you will be able to track the stones’ odor. As long as the stone is within a six feet radius of you, you will be able to feel them. As long as you are able to find these kind of stones, not only will you be receiving cash, you may receive something more precious than cash. Therefore, in these three days, whether or not you will be able to receive these prizes will all depends on your efforts. In addition, if you are able to find them, you must clarify the origin of the stones!”

“The leader for this task will be Wu Chang. The two of you will still be responsible for running the nightclub. I will make a move first. I will return in three days.

When he reached the first floor, he walked towards the bar and asked for a glass of beer. When the bar girl saw Cheng Yu, she immediately poured him a glass. Cheng Yu took a sip and immediately frowned. This was his first time drinking beer. Whenever he went out to eat, he always saw people drinking it. Moreover, the majority of them were toasting each other with it. The moment he tried beer, he felt that it tasted like piss! To one’s surprise, they were even drinking it so excitedly. In this world, people’s tastes were truly unique.

Although he didn’t like the taste, Cheng Yu slowly finished drinking the beer while looking at the wild males and females dancing.

Although the surroundings were very noisy, at this moment, Cheng Yu’s heart was in tranquility. He would never be able to experience such life in the Immortal World. This was what everyone probably had always desired in his Immortal World.

While drinking his beer, Cheng Yu looked at his surroundings. He swept over a group of people who were preparing to leave the nightclub and frowned. Why was she with this group of fellows? She was even drunk? He left his cup on the bar and walked out.

“Nana, it’s so late already. Why not let the class monitor send you back?” A beautiful woman held onto the intoxicated Yao Na and said.

“That’s right! Nana, I think it would be better for me to send you back! I have a car, it would be very fast.” One of the tall guys who was wearing black framed glasses said.

“I think I should be the one sending her back! Both of us live inside the school. It would be more convenient!” He Jian went forward and said.

Originally, Yao Na was supposed to have dinner with him. He did not expect that her university dormitory friends would call her out. They told her to go over to Xinguang Nightclub to have a small student meeting as well as to bond together.

Of course, He Jian was not willing to. However, Yao Na was unable to reject the invitation. With no other choice, he tagged along. At first, it was still tolerable. However, the moment they knew that he was not Yao Na’s boyfriend, they started to exclude him in their conversation and treated him as if he was invisible. A few of the women had also started to match make Yao Na with the class monitor.

How could this have not made him angry? He had used a lot of effort and faced many difficulties before she agreed to have a meal together with him. It was supposed to be a well-planned date for He Jian, but it was destroyed by this stupid meeting.

What’s worse was that this group of people actually thought of every possible way to force Yao Na to drink alcohol. Obviously they were harboring malicious intentions as the glasses guy kept on signaling the woman with his eyes. The two of them kept on pouring alcohol for Yao Na. Currently, Yao Na was already drunk. This women suggested to let the glasses guy send her home? Isn’t this sending a lamb into a tiger’s den?

What a good scheme! This glasses guy definitely had been lusting for her for a long time now, and she was going to fall into his hand soon. Since these people didn’t like him, He Jian decided that he definitely had to win over the rights to send her back!

“I don’t think this is a good idea. You are not her boyfriend and Nana has gotten drunk. What if you do something obscene to her?” The beautiful woman opposed immediately.

“Hmph! Who are you to her? To put it in a nice way, you are just her friend. You don’t even have any relationship with her. Furthermore, don’t think that I am unable to see the trap you guys have placed for Yao Na.” Since it had come to this, He Jian no longer cared. If he didn’t do anything right now, she would definitely become someone else’s tonight. Hence, he pointed at the beautiful woman and the glasses guy as he retorted.

“My friend here! Food can be eaten randomly, but words can’t be spoken irresponsibly. What relations do we have with Yao Na? We were friends for four years! Even if we were to say we were brother and sister, it is also not too excessive. Could it be that we would hurt her? You have only been her colleague for a few days.” The glasses guy pushed up his glasses and rebutted sternly.

“Hmph! It’s just unpleasant to hear! That’s all. In any case, you cannot take her away!” None of them wished to compromise.

“I want to go home!” Yao Na said uncomfortably in the beautiful woman’s bosom. Subsequently, she pushed her away and walked a few steps before falling on the ground and vomited.

Cheng Yu walked over and smiled, ”Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect my Yao Na had so many caring friends. I am touched.”

“Who are you?” The glasses guy said after he heard Cheng Yu’s words.

“I am Yao Na’s husband,” Cheng Yu said shamelessly.

“Cheng Yu, what are you doing here? Furthermore, please pay attention to your identity when you speak. You are just Yao Na’s student, nothing more,” He Jian said with a gloomy face.

“So it’s just a student. I didn’t expect that students now are so shameless. They even dare to hit on their own teachers.”

Cheng Yu did not pay any attention to them as he walked to Yao Na. He pushed the beautiful woman away as he carried Yao Na up.

“What are you doing? Put her down!” After getting pushed aside by Cheng Yu, she saw him carrying Yao Na, so she shouted angrily.

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