Chapter 41: Cripple the Two of Them!

When Cheng Yu walked out of the building, he saw a man quarrelling with Xiao Si.

“What’s wrong? Do you have any objection with me parking my car here?” Cheng Yu asked indifferently.

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When he heard a voice, Zheng Zeqiao turned around and gazed at Cheng Yu. So young? Most likely Yang Ruoxue would not like such a man. As for Xiao Si, when he saw the car’s owner had arrived, he heaved a sigh of relief. Otherwise, he would really need to start packing his stuff and leave.

“Don’t you know that cars can’t be parked here?”

“I know. I still wish to park my car there. What can you do?”

Zheng Zeqiao face darkened, as he was really unable to do anything to Cheng Yu.

“Indeed. I am unable to do anything to you. However, I could still fire him,” Zheng Ziqiao pointed at Xiao Si and said.

When Xiao Si heard what Zheng Ziqiao said, his complexion turned pale. He looked at Cheng Yu sorrowfully, hoping that he would be able to keep him here.

“Haha! Don’t need to be scared. I said before, if there were to be any problems, I would stand up for you. From your appearance, I believe that you are not just any employee in the company right?” Cheng Yu looked at Zheng Zeqiao and said complacently.

“Not that bad. Just a project director in the company,” Zheng Zeqiao said loftily. At the age of 25, he was already a director inside such a big company. This was indeed very hard to achieve. Although part of his achievement was due to his father being the Vice President of the Wanmei Group, without his own abilities, he would not be able to achieve what he did.

“It sounds pretty awesome. Alright. Since it’s like that, I will also not be able to do anything to you.” When he heard Cheng Yu’s words, Zheng Zeqiao thought that he would be getting out of here soon.

Cheng Yu took out his phone and called Yang Ruoxue, ”Hello. What’s the matter?” Yang Ruoxue replied on the phone.

“Oh. Your project director wishes to fire one of your security guards. I think that this security guard does his work quite seriously. Will you be able to help me to keep him here?”

“Which director?”

“What’s your name?”

“Zheng Zeqiao.” He knew that Cheng Yu was talking to Yang Ruoxue on the phone, hence he replied honestly.

“A guy whose surname is Zheng. Here. Your boss wants to talk to you.” Cheng Yu passed the phone over to Zheng Zeqiao.

“Ah! Director Yang? Yes, yes, yes. It’s me. Ah? Like this? Ok.” When Zheng Zeqiao picked up the phone, his grandeur had obviously weakened a lot. Although he liked Yang Ruoxue, in front of her, he did not possess any grandeur, as he was completely suppressed by her.

“Alright. Forget about it. In future, be more responsible,” Zheng Zeqiao gave the phone back to Cheng Yu and said to Xiao Si.

“Yes, yes. Thank you Director Zheng. Thank you Mr. Cheng,” Xiao Si said happily.

“Haha. It’s nothing since you were just following my orders. If you ever wish to have a change of jobs, you can always come over to Xinguang Nightclub to find me. I think quite highly of you.” After he finished speaking, Cheng Yu went into his car. A burst of a revving sound could be heard before the car disappeared before everyone’s view.

Xinguang Nightclub? Could it be that he was from the Blood Wolf Gang? Zheng Zeqiao frowned. As he always went out during the night, naturally he would know of the Xinguang Nightclub. He also knew that it was the Blood Wolf Gang’s territory as well.

As Cheng Yu was bored, he went for a drive before returning back home. When he reached home, it was around 3pm. The house was empty and it seemed like the little girl had driven her new car out to flaunt in front of her sisters.

Around 8 pm, inside Qin Canghai’s room at the Xinguang Nightclub…

“Big Brother, we really met someone who is very formidable!” Wu Chang sat on the chair and said. He had an expression of confusion as he did not know what was going on.

“That’s right! When he passed me the pill, I was filled with doubts. I did not expect that you would really be able to restore back to your healthy self within a night. If I did not witness it with my eyes, I would definitely not believe it.” Qin Canghai sat on the chair as he smoked a cigarette.

“Yeah, seriously! Third Brother, you weren’t there. That fellow could even stop bullets. When he waved his hand, he could even cleave a person into two. This kind of situation, you have never experienced before. You will never be able to experience what I experienced with Big Brother for your lifetime. It was very frightening!” Thinking back to the scene, Bao Lang still felt lingering fears to it.

“Aish. At that time, I brought a few of our members together with me. With just two to three punches, I got knocked down by him. At that point, I knew that the other party’s strength was not something we would be able to resist. I didn’t expect that, just after a few days, the situation would turn out to be like that,” Wu Chang said disappointedly.

“Third Brother, he said that you would need to hand over the Nightrose to him. I hope you will listen to him and hand it over. Otherwise, he might really kill you,” Qin Canghai looked at Wu Chang and said.

“I will. Since the situation has already turned out to become like this, we could only submit to him. Besides, it may not be such a bad thing to actually follow such a person,” Wu Chang said after thinking.

“I agreed. Unfortunately, Third Brother will not be able to practice martial arts again.”

“Haha! During the time I spent in the hospital, I have already figured it out. To me, this is not something I will regret.”

“That is good as long as you are able to stick to it. Besides, even though we became his underlings, not just anyone will be able to provoke us. At least we are still the managers in the Blood Wolf Gang.”

*Knock, knock, knock* At this moment, the sound of knocking was heard outside the room.

“Come in!” Qin Canghai said.

“Big Brother, that kid, Jiang Ming, has brought someone here to see you,” Dao Jiu came in facing Qin Canghai and said. He had just returned from the hospital. The injury on his hand had almost recovered.

“Hmph! This kid is pretty audacious! He caused us to become like this and still dares to come and find us. Bring them in!” When he heard the kid, Jiang Ming, is looking for him, Qin Canghai replied gloomily.

A few moments later, Dao Jiu brought Jiang Ming and another boy who looked as young as him in.

“Hello Uncle Qin, Uncle Bao Lang and Uncle Wu. I am here today because I wish to introduce to a friend to three uncles,” The moment he entered the room, Jiang Ming chuckle and said.

“Is that so? Tell me, what’s the background of your friend?” Qin Canghai looked at the both of them and said indifferently.

Jiang Ming nudged the nearby Xu Yuandong. Xu Yuandong started to get very anxious. All the while, all those people he knew were just some small fries, but these people in front of him right now were genuine syndicate bosses. If he was to say he was not anxious, it would be a lie. Furthermore, he was able to tell that these few bosses didn’t really like Jiang Ming and him.

“I…I am called Xu Yuandong. I am the son of Xu Shaohe, the deputy mayor of Yunhai City,” Xu Yuandong said while shivering. When the nearby Jiang Ming saw Xu Yuandong’s appearance, he despised him in his heart. Outside, he would always boast about how great he was, but now, the moment a few syndicate bosses were in front of him, he was frightened to the point of his legs turning soft.

“Oh? You are the son of Deputy Mayor Xu? Haha! Alright. Both of you, take a seat. Tell me, why are the both of you looking for me?”

When he saw the Qin Canghai had become more polite after he stated his father’s name, Xu Yuandong’s courage slowly returned as he said, ”It’s like this, I have an enemy in school. However, he’s very good at fighting. I am not his opponent in regards to that. I wish to hire the bosses here to help me teach that boy a lesson!”

“Hiring us to teach a student a lesson? This is not what we do. I think it would be better if I were to get you some people. In any case, you are still the son of Deputy Mayor Xu, I must still give you some face.”

“An average person would not be his match. I can give you money. Is $100,000 enough? You will just need to beat him up. That’s all.”

“Haha! Young Master Xu, it’s just 100,000. I don’t even put that amount of money in my eyes. Moreover, it’s impossible for us to undertake that task. I am only able to get you some people, and as for whether you want them or not, it’s up to you.”

“All these people would not be his match! Boss Qin, tell me how much money do you need before you will accept this request? As long as it’s within my budget, I will definitely give it to you.”

“As for how much money you are willing to offer, I am curious as to how you were bullied by him. For you to hate him so much causing you to not even hesitate to pay such a big amount just to have him beaten up,” Qin Canghai smiled and he said.

“Not only did he cripple my hand a while ago, he would also provoke me in school. Most importantly, your Blood Wolf Gang members have been beaten up by him before!”

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The moment Qin Canghai heard the sentence, he was already able to determine who the culprit was. His complexion turned cold as he asked, ”What’s his name?”

When he saw Qin Canghai’s expression, Xu Yuandong was elated. He thought the change of complexion was due to Blood Wolf Gang members being beaten up. Hence he shouted, ”Cheng Yu!”

“Someone!” Qin Canghai faced the door and shouted. Immediately, a dozen of people rushed in.

“Help me to cripple the two of them!” Qin Canghai pointed at Jiang Ming and Xu Yuandong while he spoke.

“Bam!” The both of them fell off from the chair. Jiang Ming was intimidated to the point of him pissing his pants as he yelled, ”Uncle Qin! WHY?!”

“Let me tell you, Young Master Yu is not someone you people can provoke. If you wish to continue living, it would be best for you to be more polite to him the next time you see him. Drag them away and cripple them!”

“Noooooo! Uncle Qin, I will not dare to do it again!”

“Noooooo! Boss Qin, I am wrong! Please don’t cripple me!” Both of them cried while being dragged away.

When Cheng Yu exited his room, it was already night time. Zhao Minglong and his family were sitting inside the living room chatting.

“Xiao Yu, why did you buy such an expensive car for Fangfang?” When she saw Cheng Yu coming out from his room, Cheng Meiyan said discontentedly.

“Haha! All that matters is Fangfang likes it. Why bother thinking about it?”

“That’s right! Cousin dotes on me the most!” Zhao Yunfang grinned.

“Where did you get so much money from? The car you bought earlier costed several millions!” Cheng Meiyang looked at Cheng Yu.

“Haha! I am currently doing some businesses. This amount is nothing to me.”

“Don’t think I don’t know, the deal is currently still in the initial stage. Will there even be money given to you?”

“It’s really the money from deal! I discussed with Yang Ruoxue for another deal. It’s regarding the Longevity Pill. From that, I took some cash from her.” Cheng Yu did not wish to tell her about how he had destroyed one of the gangs and taken over their properties.

“Is it really like this? All you did was signing the contract. She was willing to give you so much money?”

“Of course! It’s not like you don’t know the effect of the Longevity Pill. Just this contract alone, and I would not be able to calculate how much I would be able to profit in the future. If I were to take this and find other companies, it would definitely be more that this amount.”

When she heard what Cheng Yu said, Cheng Meiyan no longer continued. After all, the Longevity Pill was truly mysterious. Such miraculous pills would definitely be snatched no matter where it was. “Since it’s like that, I will not say much. I am just worried that just because of money, you would do something bad. Oh yes, since you were alone at home, you didn’t have dinner yet, right? I have prepared food in the kitchen. You can go and eat it!”

“It’s ok. I still need to go out. When the time comes, I will eat it.”

“It’s late at night. You are not staying at home, but still going out?”

“I am going out to handle some matters. All of you can rest first.” After Cheng Yu finished speaking, he walked out of the house.

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