Chapter 15- Limit Breaker


KMega6KMegacharacter watched Kieser take two steps forward before an arrow landed into his back. KMega believed he would be just fine if he let him go. He didn’t want to accept the fact that Kieser was dead though. KMega gripped his great sword and pulled it out with one hand, bringing out a chunk of soil from under it. For a moment, the soldiers he turned to thought that they saw a mad demon.


[Notice! The god of war blesses you for your rage.]


It was not uncommon for someone to get a blessing from a god, even permanent buffs to temporary overpowered skills. In the case of the god of war, it’s a combat ability. For a brief fifteen seconds, your stats double. Now, what would happen if someone received this buff twice?

Would their stats quadruple? No, a god’s power only works by the amount of blessed power put in with exponential increase. Each blessing would double his stats, then double the others effectiveness. So, instead of (x*2)2, the equation becomes (x*2*2)2*2, or multiplied by sixteen instead of four.


If KMega received a third blessing, he could one shot even the dragon4dragonspecies king with just a simple attack. However, there’s a cost when you receive a god’s blessing. In the case of the god of war, your stats will be reduced until you can work off your earnings through your deeds.

Most people would normally do this in the battle that they earn their blessing in.

In the case of his first blessing, the act of performing a self sacrifice was the payment for the god, but in case of the second and astronomically more expensive blessing, the case was an advance for a great show.

In ten seconds, a bloodbath began.


Sword Kingdom had a fifty million subscriber base one hour after release. This number easily tripled in a day. In a month, that number reached a quarter billion. Now, three months after it’s release, or nearly two years in game time, a third of a billion people play Sword Kingdom.

Many of these users also have normal lives; work, kids, schooling, and so much more.

To keep up to date, they would watch streams.

The first major war in the game was big news to these people because it was entertainment and could influence their games.

They would watch the streams of the players in the battle, and there was dozens of streamer2streamerstory mechanics from both sides. Far more on the empire’s side though.

However, from the Eastguard kingdom, there was only one person not a mercenary.


KMega’s stream of the war reached an astronomical million plus viewers at the start, and as the battle continued on, that number continued to rise.

By the time Kieser took the arrow in the back, an insane thirty two million people were watching the stream, equalling about one tenth of the client base for Sword Kingdom.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

This relatively unknown streamer would be a second boom for the Sword Kingdom game.

For a brief time, he even became the headlight of the entire VR community.

When KMega regained his senses, he was in a new location with corpses of the dead all around, including a bisected giant.

Only allowed on

At his feet, there was an archer who soiled himself while looking at KMega with fear in his eyes and a choice prop in front of him.

KMega couldn’t even read it, as he took a knee and coughed up blood.


[You’ve pushed your limits past the way mere mortal should. You will continue to lose hp at a rate of 10% a second.]


Before KMega could even think about recovering, his consciousness faded away as he fell face first in the bloody mud.


[Death Counter: 8

Time alive 3 hours, 11 minutes and 09 seconds

Time Elapsed: 3 Hours, 11 Minutes, 9 Seconds

Play Time Lost: 3 hours and 14 seconds

Cause of Death: ?

Due to overexertion, fifteen minutes have been added to your death timer.

Due to dying in a war, ten minutes have been added to your death timer.

You cannot enter the same battle again.

Due to dying after receiving a god’s blessing, two days have been added to your death timer.

The god of war is pleased with your performance, so your time penalty has been reduced to one hour.

Due to dying after receiving a god’s blessing, two weeks have been added to your death timer.

The god of war is pleased with your performance, so your time penalty has been reduced to one hour.

Soulbound artifact ‘drake fang memento’ has been created.

‘Drake fang necklace’ has been removed.

You’ve achieved great achievements in battle.

In the Eastguard kingdom, your name will be praised from now on.

Meet with any senior knight of the kingdom to be ordained as a true knight.]

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