Chapter 16- PTSD

After getting out of his pod, KMega6KMegacharacter rushed to the bathroom and threw up.

Memory of what he did came back to him in a rush. He never lead a massacre like that before. The only thing on his mind at the moment was settling down, as he went over to the sink and splashed water on his face.

In the mirror, all he could see was blood of so many people all over him, and the last image of his game avatar was burned into his mind.

“It’s just a game. Calm down…. It’s just a game.” (KMega)

He kept on repeating that to himself over and over again until he finally stopped shaking.

He was definitely going to take a break from gaming for a few days.


While KMega was gone, the battle continued. In the span of three days, three weeks passed inside the game. The viewers of KMega’s stream weren’t surprised seeing him not come back on. They, or at least some of the viewers knew about the blessing penalties.

Only allowed on

To KMega though, his timer was only two and a half hours long. He was taking a break more to cope with all the death and brutality he had just experienced.

For the three days he wasn’t on, the video streams he uploaded were on the front page of not only the Sword Kingdom site, but also the Green corporation site.

Him being able to accomplish both those things is an almost unheard of achievement.


When KMega looked at his bank account after sorting through all the mail he received, he was astounded by the number.

He paused after a moment to think though.

“It wasn’t worth it.” (KMega)

He closed down the site and then closed his eyes for a moment.

“It’s just a game.” (KMega)

He said to himself, as Kieser’s face flashed through his mind.

His eyes reminded him of his own when he was younger.

It was unusual, but he decided to give his older brother a call.


KMega is the second son of a shipping company’s executive pair.

His older brother was the heir to the business, which left KMega with little.

“Whatup brat, you not calling for money again, are you? You know the deal as always.” (Brother)

KMega took a deep breath out of reflex. He immediately regretted making the call.

“I wanted to check how much I still owed mom and dad.” (KMega)

His brother eyed him suspiciously. If he knew that his brother was the overnight star of Sword Kingdom, then he would have taken advantage of that. Because most of his face was protected by a leather mask, he couldn’t tell that the person’s stream he watched was his brother.


In fact, he would revolt if he knew that he donated two coins to his brother.

That’s how little he cared for him.

“Well, with interest, you still have a total of thirty nine payments lef…” (Brother)

KMega listened to the legal bulls*** that his brother was trying to pull.

The rug will be pulled under instead though.

After putting those numbers into the calculator program, the actual debt was shown, which was even more than they originally agreed upon.

However, he just wanted to check the equation at this point, not the finer numbers.

This will be the last contact between KMega and his IRL family for some time.


With the sudden money KMega recieved, he decided to leave his apartment for something a little bigger. Other than the pod and a few other things, which weren’t too expensive to move, he moved out of his apartment for a cheap fixer upper home.

With several hundred thousand coins in the bank because of the stream donations and the video, he decided to splurge and buy a place that he’s been eyeing for sometime.

It was worth fifteen thousand coins, and another fifteen thousand for renovations The small house had four rooms; a living room, bathroom, kitchen, and a bedroom.

The pod and streamer2streamerstory mechanic setup went into the bedroom, as he will sleep in the living room.

The kitchen had a stove, a fridge, a sink, and a table with a microwave. It also had a few shelves.


The living room only had his bed.

Finally, the bath had a toilet and a walk in shower that was three by three wide, and a sink that you couldn’t wash a baby in.

For the first time since he moved out of his parents house at fifteen, he had takeout.

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He then realized that he turned eighteen today, so he went to the nearby grocery store and bought himself a mini cake. This is the first time in his life that he had cake on his birthday.

As he sat there while thinking about the simple things, he thought about Kieser’s birthday.

He wondered how his relationship with Yirk will be like, and he wondered if Yirk was even alive.

He noticed that this npc treated him more like a son than his family ever did.

He shed a tear while he thought about it as he ate the cake before turning in to get a fresh start in the game.

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