Chapter 56: The Growth of an Excellent Sniper!

The season before the holiday on the first of May was still somewhat cool, even more so when the rain was pouring and the sun had already set.

Ye Jian had already stood in the rain for a full half an hour. There was also a chained wolfdog ten centimeters from her, and it was snarling ferociously at her. Its constant howling was able to instill fear into the depths of one’s heart.

“There are times when a sniper has to remain hidden for hours, and sometimes, days. But during that period, you will never know when you might encounter danger! Accepting the fear, getting used to the fear, and defeating the fear is what makes a good sniper.”

Under the heavy downpour, Principal Chen’s steel-like voice broke through the sound of the heavy raindrops. He was using his lifelong experiences to cultivate Ye Jian.

“While awaiting orders for twenty-four hours a day while keeping your presence hidden, you’ll face heavy downpours, lightning, blizzard, and the blazing sun’s rays! By learning to ignore the harsh weather and environment which may affect your mission, only then will your every bullet not go to waste!”

The rain gradually became heavier and heavier, but his words were like the sound of heavy drums which struck Ye Jian’s heart.

To see the rainbow after the storm, one must first be able to withstand its baptism!

Ye Jian stood motionlessly. The wolfdog treated her as an intruder and struggled fiercely and crazily as it barked at her. It was as if it would struggle free at any moment to rush over and bite her!

It’s not that she was not afraid. Rather, there was no turning back even if she was!

If her body were to move a little, the steel needles by her feet would puncture her skin.

As Principal Chen describes it: If you retreat, the blood of your comrades will be spilled!

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Remember, once you pick up a sniper rifle, there is no retreat. The mission must be successful with the target eliminated!

To not have oneself bleed and one’s comrades sacrificed, then one must become stronger!

She stood for an hour in the heavy downpour. Once it was over, Ye Jian could not feel her own legs.

Principal Chen slowly squatted beside Ye Jian with a towel in his hand and kindly looked at the lass whose legs had already given in to the comfortable moist ground. He spoke heavily, one word at a time, “Lass, you chose the road yourself. Only by reaching the finishing point with your own blood and tears can you find your own limit and your peak.”

He placed the towel gently on Ye Jian’s head before giving his guidance, “You will bloom more beautifully than those in the greenhouse as you slowly grow basking under the sun’s rays. Without your parents to protect you, believe me, child, your life will be more wonderful than an average person out there!”

Principal Chen was aware of the matter that happened in the day. After much thought to himself, this additional training session was then included in.

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He was telling Ye Jian that she was different from others! Whatever she achieved were all through her own hands and thus belonged only to her. That was not something which could be replaced by anyone!

Ye Jian, who had finally stopped panting, lifted her head. Her two eyes which were washed by the rain were as bright as mirrors—clear and beautiful without any ugliness in it.

Raising her hand, she wiped off the raindrops on her face and smiled under the attention of the elder, “I will continue forward, not for others, but for myself!”

“Rest assured, I, Ye Jian, have already chosen this path to take. I will not abandon it halfway, nor will I let the difficulties ahead of me knock me down!”

She would arm herself with a sharp sword to hack at the difficulties coming her way, cutting off the thorns to make a broad road for herself!

Principal Chen laughed out loud and praised her a few times before standing up, “Good child, you’re fearless and broad-minded. Ye Ying is definitely no match for you!”

“No, you’re wrong.” Standing up, Ye Jian gently smiled, “She is my opponent. An opponent who can push me forward! I look forward to her expression when the day these hands of mine crush that pride of hers!”

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