Chapter 55: Are You Afraid? Don’t Worry, Let’s Take Things Slow

Just look at that, Father truly is clever! This way, no one would dare to say anything! Even if that damned lass told everyone, no one would dare to say it in front of her face!

If she had a heart attack, who could afford to bear that responsibility?

The provocation was extremely obvious in Ye Ying’s eyes, to the point where Ye Jian could immediately tell after looking over at her.

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The edge of her lips rose, and with her eyes dark and cold, she walked all the way towards Ye Ying.

Feeling the cold gaze that was aimed directly at her, her heart tightened. All of a sudden, she spotted Ye Jian’s hand moving, and under the huge amount of tension, she shouted, “What do you think you’re doing!”

“What are you being so nervous for? Relax a little.” The entire class thought Ye Jian was about to do something, but all she did was raise her hand and pat Ye Ying’s shoulder gently. “Take more care of your body, and don’t keep getting mad,” Ye Jian spoke.

Huuuu….. So she was not going to hit Ye Ying!

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Ye Ying forcefully suppressed the feeling inside her after realizing she had been played again and smiled, “Thank you so much for your concern. I’ll definitely take good care of myself!”

Ye Jian grinned. What could a delicate person like Ye Ying do against her?

So what if she had parents? They would not be able to block her from her end of the road.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Ye Jian leaned forward and approached Ye Ying’s ear before smirking coldly, “Let’s take it slowly, there’s no need to be in a hurry. We’re only halfway through ninth grade.”

Her voice was so soft that it was barely noticeable, but it instilled fear in Ye Ying like a prey being eyed by a hunter.

The hand that was still on her shoulder felt extremely heavy to the point where the weight made it difficult to breathe!

Watching the frightened Ye Ying as her body shivered slightly, Ye Jian’s smile turned even broader and more dazzling.

Withdrawing her hand, she laughed, “It’s almost time for class to start. Disperse.”

It was so scary that she had wished she really had a heart attack on the spot.

The students were oblivious to the exchange that the sisters had in secret. Seeing that the two were still smiling, none of them gave much thought about it, and they returned to their seats as the bell started ringing.

Teacher Ke entered the classroom and slid her gaze past Ye Ying’s face before walking up to the podium. She looked at everyone gravely from above before speaking, “Class, Student Ye Ying from our class, because of her health…”

With the teacher making a personal statement, Ye Ying’s heart condition was now concluded as a fact.

The next day, even the students from other classes knew about her condition, but only Gao Yiyang came to show his concern, while the rest of the students who wooed her had passed their concerns along to the students from Class 2 whom they knew.

Handsome and tall, he walked into Class 2’s classroom gracefully, and magically silencing the entire noisy class in less than three seconds.

He walked over to where Ye Ying was, and he spoke deeply, “The first day of May is a holiday. I’ll bring you to do a check up. Your face looks rather ruddy, so how can you be having congenital heart disease?”

Such honesty almost made Ye Jian laugh out loud.

He looked eagerly at Ye Ying’s flustered face. “My business has nothing to do with you, so leave!” Ye Ying pressed her lips coldly as she glared at him.

“My uncle is the chairman of the provincial hospital. There’s still eight days left before the holiday on May. Think about it again before giving me an answer.” Receiving the refusal and being asked to leave, the haughty Gao Yiyang held himself back and spoke deeply before leaving.

Chairman of the provincial hospital! Ye Ying’s pupils contracted with shock. So his family had such a powerful connection!

She regretted the tone she had towards him!

Ye Jian watched her little face and chuckled a little, yet at the same time, she felt somewhat annoyed. But finding the scene funny, she chuckled again.

She calmly retracted her gaze and buried her face in her book.

She was looking forward to tonight!

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