Chapter 54: Heart Disease

There was still half an hour before the night self-study session, and most of the students were already present as they gathered into groups to discuss an endless topic.

When Ye Jian and An Jiaxin entered the classroom, a few students who had gathered together to discuss the assessment paper immediately asked, “Were you able to do the last question on geometry? The difficulty is insane, there was no way to solve it!”

“Don’t ask me, I didn’t do it!” An Jiaxin placed her school bag down and replied aggressively, “I didn’t know how to do it, so I didn’t solve it! Just that simple!”

“That can’t be, right? Even you couldn’t solve it!”

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“Ye Jian can do it, ask her.” An Jiaxin took out her assessment paper and asked Ye Jian who had yet to reach her own seat, “There’s still half an hour before the night self-study. Explain how you did this question first.”

Her voice had always been so loud that even the students who were making a ruckus could hear her. Everyone stopped and looked at Ye Jian, and a few students already started shouting, “Ye Jian, come, teach us! You’re way more generous than that Ye Ying, woh!”

Every time people consulted with Ye Ying, they would be left hanging because she would either say she was still thinking, or that she did not have time for it!

Ye Jian was different. Ask her and even if she had something to do, she would patiently answer first.

Ye Ying, who was settling her emotions down outside the classroom, heard it by chance, and her expression was drained of color.

The students who said that saw her, and their gazes fleeted with a smile, but they had no intentions of explaining themselves.

What they had said were just facts.

Ye Ying, who returned after taking a leave for half a month, could only put up with it. Pursing up her lips, she sat down before receiving the greetings from several classmates with a smile.

“Thanks for all of your concern. I didn’t think something so small would make me take a leave for half a month.” She laughed with a charming smile on her face and acted as if nothing had happened previously.

Hearing that, Xie Sifeng immediately exclaimed, “What small ah! Your mother said you went to the city and found that there was some problem with your heart! She also said that it was difficult to cure, and you can only live with it! Something about your emotions must be controlled and how exercises like running is a no-no!”

What! Heart disease? So serious that even running is not allowed?!

All the students who heard her were stunned. A few of them could not help but feel their left chest and then look at Ye Ying before feeling a heart full of compassion.

An Jiaxin found it unbelievable and whispered softly as she attempted the question using a mathematical formula, “Is she for real? To only discover her heart disease now?”

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Because she had a mother who worked in the town’s hospital, she had a little medical knowledge.

“Real or fake, what does it matter? It has nothing to do with us. You’re wrong here. You use use this formula first to find the area of the shadow,” Ye Jian spoke with a faint smile. She couldn’t care less about that girl.

Heart problem? Chiii…. have to control her emotions? Does that mean that whoever mentions anything about the “love letter” would surely cause her to have a heart attack?

Using “heart disease” as an excuse was indeed a good shield. Such weighted lies in which no one could obtain proof that she was lying must have been Ye Zifan’s doing.

The students in the class went to give their concerns to her, and after Ye Jian’s corner was done with discussing the papers, they also went to extending their greetings to Ye Ying.

Ye Jian was no exception. She went up, only to see Xie Sifeng guarding Ye Ying like a hen protecting her chicks. “What do you want!” she spoke sharply.

It was not because she was nervous, but because other students who saw Ye Jian coming over already had some idea in their heads.

After how Ye Ying had used to treat her…

“Sifeng, don’t be nervous. She’s my sister, oh.” Ye Ying, whose eyes were cold, stood up and said with a gentle smile, “I’m not afraid, so why should you be?”

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