Chapter 54

If the answer they gave her was not something she wanted, then she would not mind help them.

Squinting her eyes, a dangerous glint flashed by. When Ning Meng Yao left, the people watching the show could not help making a path for her.

They only knew now that this girl who looked like she was easy to bully was actually not easy to bully at all.

Since there was no more ruckus, the crowd slowly ceased. Smiling as he sent people away, Yang Huai closed the door and used ice cold gaze to look at Madam Chen and Yang Cui: “Mother, you did not take my words seriously.”

Madam Chen’s body stiffened and stared at her own son: “Son, what do you mean?”

“What do I mean? You think that Ning Meng Yao is a simple orphan?” Studying outside, he saw more than Madam Chen. Ning Meng Yao’s moves and aura was not something ordinary people could match.

Regarding Ning Meng Yao, he had told Madam Chen earlier to not offend her, but Madam Chen did not stop. Before, it was because of the land that she unstoppably made ruckus, making him impatient.

Now it was this matter, he suspected very much that his mother could not hear human language.

Madam Chen’s face turned white as she looked at her son: “But I….. She bullied Cui’er.” The most important thing was that she wanted Yang Huai to help them vent off their anger, who knew that Wang Lai Zi was not useful.

“Mother, you should be glad that nothing happened, if something really happened, then not only you, but also out family will be implicated. And Yang Cui, you restrain yourself. Don’t agitate mother to provoke that woman, she is not someone you can provoke.” Yang Huai coldly looked at Yang Cui. This sister was normally fine, but sometimes she was weird, now something like this happened.

Yang Cui’s face was a moment green and a moment white, unsightly. Yet she did not refute this second older brother. She feared him the most.

Seeing the two of them not speaking, Yang Huai turned and went back to the room.

When night came and his father Yang Song came back, Yang Huai told him about this matter. Yang Song was an honest person, after knowing this matter, he slapped Madam Chen twice. He did not care Madam Chen’s bitter wail and locked her up. He said to let her clear her mind, so she won’t do any dirty things again.

On the second day, Yang Song and Yang Huai carried presents to Ning Meng Yao’s house: “Meng Yao girl, we are really sorry regarding yesterday’s matter. That troublesome wife of mine is being locked up, she will not give you trouble in the future.”

Ning Meng Yao did not speak, only looking at Yang Song. After a long while, she opened her mouth faintly: “It’s best if that is so. If there is a next time, then don’t blame me being merciless. If that time comes, not say you, even if the village head comes, I will not stop. You better remember this.”

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“Yes, yes, yes. I know, the wrong is at us, I hope you will forgive us.” Yang Song immediately nodded his head, his face carried awkwardness and a loss at what to do.

Yang Huai was frowning greatly. He was still standing at the side and not giving his father any face like this, if this was spread, how could he pass off?

“You should retrieve your presents. Yang Huai, my temper is not as good as you think. I will let off once or twice, but not the third.” Once or twice, she could endure, but don’t blame her heart less on the third.

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Yang Huai’s face changed. Seeing Ning Meng Yao’s ice fold gaze, his body stiffened and nodded: “I know. This kind if thing won’t happen again.”

“This way is good. Watch your sister, don’t let her bite others like a mad dog.”


This matter was settled like this, but would Ning Meng Yao be so kind-hearted to let off that pair of mother and daughter like that? Of course not. The people who heard and saw yesterday was many. If Madam Chen and Yang Cui could still live well and good in the village, then she would write her name backwards.

Just as expected, in the short span of two to three days, the matter about what Madam Chen and Yang Cui did spread out throughout the whole White Mountain Village, even neighboring villages knew about it.

Currently, that pair of mother and daughter did not dare go out their house. Once they went out, they would be pointed. It was better to stay at home.

After Ning Meng Yao heard this news, she smiled. This way was good, at least they did not went out to annoy people.

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