Chapter 55

Since there was no one who came to bring her trouble, Ning Meng Yao’s life was turning peaceful. But it would soon be lively because of her land.

Seeing the people who came to her house, a few ere the family of the children that studied to her place. Their families were poor and hearing what others said about Ning Meng Yao wanting to rent off the lands, they all came.

The last twenty miao high quality land was divided among the families and aside from the tax, they need to give Ning Meng Yao thirty percent of their profit every year.

The medium quality land was renter by two families whose situations were a bit hard. Although it was not comparable with high quality land, but it was also good. After paying the tax, they need to submit twenty percent of their profit. The people who came to rent the land were very much satisfied.

High quality land’s and medium quality land’s production rate were not the same.

Ning Meng Yao was not planning to rent out the last five miao lower quality land, but a family from outside said that they did not have any land, so lower quality land was fine. More profit could be gained from it.

Having no other way, Ning Meng Yao could only rent the five miai land.

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Finally everything was fine. After receiving the silvers, the lands were rented out. Since the villagers did not understand about taxes, Yang Zhu accompanied by the whole process and helped Ning Meng Yao to record them down.

After finishing those works and the others left, Ning Meng Yao looked at Yang Zhu: “Uncle Yang, thank you for your help today.”

Yang Zhu shook his head to indicated that it was alright: “What trouble? But girl, what are you planning to do about the land at the base of the mountain and the dry land?” They were thirty five miao left.

Ning Meng Yao told him about her thoughts on it.

“Since you’ve had a plan about it, then I will not say anything. If you need any help, just say to me.” Yang Zhu saw Ning Meng Yak had plans already and smiled.

“Okay, I will do that.”

After saying some more things to Ning Meng Yao, Yang Zhu left while Ning Meng Yao took out a brush, ink, and paper to write. She wrote her plans and some other things.

Spending a whole afternoon, Ning Meng Yao then tidied all the things up. Lastly, she realized that the dry land nearing the east side was useless and it was near a pretty big river.

Regarding why there would be a dry land near a river, it was because the land was too high, moreover, the river was too deep and could not b used for irrigation.

Thinking about this problem, Ning Meng Yao stood up and went to that place. Looking at the rushing water of the river below, she then walked forward and realized that the water flowed even more rushed. Her heart gave to a plan.

Isn’t this place suitable for cultivating fishes?

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After going back from the river, Ning Meng Yao pondered thoroughly and felt that cultivating the fishes there was not a bad decision. She wrote her plans and thoughts on a piece of paper quickly.

Finishing her writings, Ning Meng Yao found out that she was already hungry.

Rubbing her empty like void stomach, Ning Meng Yao went to the kitchen and made a pan fried rice for herself then took her embroidery out to complete it.

Not long after she started embroidering, an uninvited guest came inside who was Yang Xiu Er.

Yang Xiu Er stood by Ning Meng Yao’s side and used a proding gaze to look at herself. That kind as if Ning Meng Yao had done something that could not be said out, something immoral, and caused her to felt repulsive.

“It seems that you have forgotten the words I said to you.” The embroidery movement in Ning Meng Yao’s hands did not stop yet her voice was faint and cold as ice.

Yang Xiu Er’s body slightly stiffened and turned her head to look at Ning Meng Yao, her mouth carried a bitter smile: “Do you really cannot stand me?”

These past few days, Yang Cui had received those kinds of unfriendly treatments that made her heart birthed a wave of frost. Wasn’t she always been like that? Because trying in attempt to get something from Ning Meng Yao, she got a body full of disturbance instead.

The actions of Ning Meng Yao’s hands halted and she raised her head to see Yang Xiu Er who had on a face full of tears. She then ridiculed: “I cannot stand you? May I ask what is the relationship between the two of us?”

Yang Xiu Er was startled. She had thought of what Ning Meng Yao might say, even going as far as forgiving her, but hearing Ning Meng Yao saying this, Yang Xiu Er now knew how naive and idiotic she was.

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