Chapter 56

That’s right. Ning Meng Yao had no relation towards her. She could enter and exit Ning Meng Yao’s house freely before was because she hardened her face to do it. What about now?

“If there’s nothing, I hope you can go out of my house, I don’t welcome you.” Ning Meng Yao impatiently spoke.

Ning Meng Yao thought that after the things that happened, Yang Xiu Er would not find trouble for herself again, but who knew that she thought things too simple and was seen as a good person.

“Meng Yao, I know that the things I did before are wrong, I really know my wrongs. Can you forgive me just this once?” Yang Xiu Er begged Ning Meng Yao.

Yang Xiu Er realized that Ning Meng Yao was more skilled than she thought. These past few days, she always pondered that if she could make Ning Meng Yao wholeheartedly treat her, then her success won’t be small and she could even pass a luxurious life.

That was why she came to find Ning Meng Yao, to make Ning Meng Yao forgive her and continue being friends with her.

Looking at Yang Xiu Er with a smile that did not look like a smile, Ning Meng Yao’s eyes carried dissatisfaction and ridicule: “You said you were wrong? What does this has to do with me?”

That was right, didn’t this had no relation to her? It was not like she never gave Yang Xiu Er chances, it was only Yang Xiu Er did not treasure it.

“You are really cruel.”

Ning Meng Yao put the embroidery needle on the cloth and stood to meet Yang Xiu Er’s eyes: “I gave you chances, but you did not know how to cherish them. Yang Xiu Er, don’t think yourself too smart and others too stupid. I will not see you off.”

Such a blatant sent off, would Yang Xiu Er still stay? Of course she would not.

Gritting her teeth as she looked at Nign Meng Yao , Yang Xiu Er roared at Ning Meng Yao: “Ning Meng Yao, I will make you regret!”

She would make Ning Meng Yao regret the things she did to her today.

Ning Meng Yao turned her head and faintly said: “I am waiting.”

Yang Xiu Er went back to her house in a dispirited state. Madam Luo saw her like this and became worried: “Girl, why are you like this? Who bullied you?”

“Mom, I’ve lowered my head and begged Ning Meng Yao, why won’t she forgive me?” Yang Xiu Er’s eyes were filled with confusion, making Madam Luo felt sorry for her.

Reaching out her hand and hugging her daughter, Madam Luo said: “Why are you looking for her again? Haven’t you eaten enough loss?”

“Mom, Ning Meng Yao is very skilled, if I follow her, I will be able to live in luxury.” Just like the current Yang Le Le.

Even though their house did not change, but from the things they wore and sending Yang Zhi to study in the town, their condition could be seen.

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Yang Le Le must had earned much money these days.

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What about her? Yang Xiu Er knew Ning Meng Yao earlier than Yang Le Le but the things she got was not as much as Yang Le Le, Yang Xiu Er even ate loss instead.

Thinking about the pointings, Yang Xiu Er’s eyes were full of hatred and anger.

They were friends, based on what could she be prejudiced? Based on what could she, Ning Meng Yao, treat her this way?

If Ning Meng Yao knew what Yang Xiu Er was thinking, then she would say ‘maiden, you’re thinking too much’.

After Yang Xiu Er came, Ning Meng Yao did not had the heart to do embroidery. She sat in the courtyard and gazed at the vegetables and faintly smiled.

Actually, she had many things she could do, and not put her thoughts on someone else, wasn’t it?

Thinking this, Ning Meng Yao’s thoughts cleared. She stood up and pat the nonexistent dust on her and walked out.

Arriving at Yang house, Ning Meng Yao spoke out her ideas and Yang Zhu who listened nodded his head in agreement: “Alright, I will help you find this person.”

“I will thank Uncle Yang in advance. Can the wage be seventy wen a day without meal?” Ning Meng Yao suggested a reasonable price.

Yang Zhu mulled it over and agreed: “Alright, this is already high enough, I believe a lot of people will come to participate.”


On the second day after the discussion, Yang Zhu brought people over. Ning Meng Yao told her ideas to them. They then knew that she was planning to cover fowl house and courtyard wall. [TL: I don’t quite get the last one but the literal translation is that. If anyone know what is the right translation for盖鸡舍和院墙, please tell me. Thanks. 🙂 ]

TL: Sorry for the sudden break in translation. I got many exams for the whole month and I forgot to tell you guys. Sorry! *bow* As an apology, I will update a chapter every three days until early July starting from next week before I will get busy again.

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