Chapter 78: Goodbye Teacher

Xia Jinyuan raised the testimony in his hand, and his thin lips clenched to show his determination. With a voice deeper than before, he spoke, “I’ll need to make a copy of this testimony. Do not contact the local police department about a missing gun as of yet. Wait for the news from my side.”

In one of Liao Youde’s statements, he mentioned that when he went to the town’s hospital to find Doctor Zhou, his handgun was still with him. But when he was returning to Chunyang Hotel, the gun must have fallen accidentally.

But there was another important point: When An Jiaxin ran over to where they were, she ran into him.

That night, it was Ye Jian who used her vocal skills to play various roles. In other words, she was the one who knocked into Liao Youde.

This lass… It seemed he would have to pay her a visit.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau agreed to Xia Jinyuan’s request, but he would have to quickly deliver his news within the next 24 hours.

After all, that lost handgun contained fifteen live bullets which were a big deal.

After leaving the Municipal Public Security Bureau’s building, Xia Jinyuan started the military jeep and headed for Fu Jun Town.

At a red light intersection, he unintentionally looked at what was across him, and his stern face suddenly exposed a slight smile. He dropped his head and stopped the jeep at a side of the road.

Getting off his jeep for no more than ten minutes, he walked out from a large building carrying a bag before driving back to Fu Jun Town.

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At this moment, Ye Jian was standing inside the teachers’ office. With a slightly cold gaze, she looked at her homeroom teacher until she was done with speaking her bunch of nonsense before smiling shallowly. “Teacher Ke, there’s no need to worry. I may be young, but I know how to act within my competence.”

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“Since I’ve already applied, it means that I’m confident I can pass. You’re my teacher; shouldn’t you have more faith in me?”

Teacher Ke scoffed at Ye Jian’s submission of application form for the competition.

Towards her calm response, Teacher Ke, who deep down wanted to vomit blood, said bluntly, “Physics, chemistry, mathematics, and English; do you think you’re a genius? For applying for them all?! It’s enough for you to lose face in school, but don’t go embarrassing yourself outside!”

To Teacher Ke, Ye Jian was like a fish bone stuck in her throat which she had no way of spitting it out or swallowing it. Facing her every day was nothing but a misery!

“It’s my own face that’ll be embarrassed. What does it have to do with you?” Ye Jian smiled and said. With a calm and graceful expression much better than that of the teacher’s, her sly eyes looked at her teacher. Neither modest nor arrogant—her attitude gave the other teachers in the office a favorable impression.

At first, she just thought that so long as she came in top three for her first entry, the rest of the competition would just be purely for fun. But now that Teacher Ke made things difficult, a shallow smile emerged on Ye Jian’s face as her heart was finally set. Since she was going to take those papers, she might as well do them to her heart’s content!

Embarrassing others, she really liked it a lot.

Teacher Ke threw the application form into the drawer and slammed it shut before saying with a straight face, “You’ve never listened to a teacher’s advice. You’re foolish and conceited. To think you would want to throw your face even outside of school, what else can I say?”

Listening to the way she spoke, the others smiled, “Teacher Ke, if only my students were like yours, daring to rush to the top. If that day really happens, it’ll surely relight my passion for teaching! You ah, should be happy instead.”

“Yes ah, having such a motivated student is a good thing. We teachers must support them. If she really does well, wouldn’t that bring you and the school fame?”

Her colleagues’ words made Teacher Ke wince. If it were any of her other students, she would definitely be happy for them!

Only, this was Ye Jian!

However, she did not know that Ye Jian was one who got stronger after every hit. The harder you made it for her, the more she would want to make it difficult for you instead.

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